Report on Community College Springfield Lobby Day

This comes from Elgin Community College Trustee Robert Getz:

Each year, the Trustees from Elgin Community College (ECC) travel to Springfield to participate in the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) Lobby Day. This year’s Lobby Day was April 29, 2014. I was on a Team with fellow Trustee John Duffy and we met with a number of our Legislators.

Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol

We were not able to meet with Representative Reboletti and Senator Duffy as both were unavailable when we were able to be in their offices. We did, however, leave a folder on the items we had for discussion with them and will be in communication with them in the future to keep them abreast of Community College needs from our legislature.

Representative Kay Hatcher will be retiring at the end of this term. She has been very supportive of ECC over the years she has been in office. We had the opportunity to thank her for the support she provided for our Community and students.

Senator Syverson was very interested in learning the differences in the success ratios of various GED programs. We will be reviewing our records at ECC to determine if we might be able to provide a report on the difference between the GED providers.

Senator McConnaughay was concerned with the lack of control over the distribution and recovery of MAP Funding for students. We agreed and set up the communications network with her and the ECC staff to assist in the development of a bill to establish the monetary controls.

An almost empty Illinois House Chamber.

An almost empty Illinois House Chamber.

It was unfortunate that, during our discussion with Senator Oberweis, he was called to a Committee Meeting. Fortunately, we were able to provide him with an abbreviated review of the items of concern to ECC.

As we were leaving, the other two ECC Legislative Teams joined us at the House of Representatives Chamber. We were able to send a message to Representative Crespo on the floor and he came out to meet us at the back of the Chamber. That provided the Trustees from ECC with an opportunity to thank him for assisting in providing the monetary support for the Hanover Park Educational Facility. If you have the opportunity, the groundbreaking will take place at 6704 Barrington Road in Hanover Park, at 11:00am on May 12, 2014. We would love to see you there.

After you’ve read this email, I look forward to your providing me with your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Please reply to or call at 630-777-8574 and provide your thoughts. I would be very happy to provide replies at the first opportunity.

Robert A. Getz
Trustee at Elgin Community College

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Getz’ Board apparently wants him to make sure you know the following:

“These views do not represent those opinions of the Elgin Community College Board of Trustees or that of Elgin Community College. Issues discussed and agreed to by the Board of Trustees, are derived from feedback and input from the total Board of Trustees during the Committee of the Whole process. It is in this forum that Ideas are shared and supported by board consensus and college input provided in the decision making process. The Board of Trustees are committed to transparency relating to college issues involving how we do business. This process of clear, fair, and open discussion contributes greatly to the present and future health of Elgin Community College.”

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