Florida Educator Picked to Head District 300

A statement from Carpentersville District 300 School Board Vice President Joe Stevens:

Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens

The Board of Education is pleased to announce that we have selected and retained the next leader for Community Unit School District 300, replacing Dr. Michael Bregy who will be leaving to join North Shore School District 112 at the end of May.

Mr. Fred Heid comes to us from Jacksonville, Florida, where he is currently the Chief Academic Officer for the Duval County Public School System, which has an student enrollment of 124,000.

Mr. Duval received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of South Florida, and has finished his course work for his PhD from Capella University based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and is currently working on his dissertation, whereupon he will earn his PhD.

Mr. Heid’s current and previous positions held are:

  • Duval County Public Schools – Chief Academic Officer
  • Florida Dept. of Education – Bureau Chief for School Improvement and Accountability
  • Orange County Public Schools – Principal
  • Sarasota County Public Schools – Department Chair/Teacher

Some of the awards that Mr. Heid has received:

  • Booker Middle School Teacher of the Year
  • Sarasota County Overall Teacher of the Year
  • University of Florida – Outstanding Educator
  • Sarasota Magazine – What’s Right in Education
  • Disney Teacher of the Year Nomination

Mr. Heid has signed a three year agreement and will be paid an annual salary of $210,000 and his contract will be posted on the D300 website once it has been formally voted on by the Board of Education anticipated to occur at a special Board Meeting on the evening of May 28.

Mr. Heid will be available to meet with staff, parents and the press after that board meeting at a small reception being held at Westfield Community School to officially welcome him.

Mr. Heid is married to his wife, Patty, and they have one elementary-aged child. They will be moving to the D300 area once housing is secured.

Mr. Heid is fully bilingual and not only fluently speaks Spainish, but also is proficient in reading and writing it as well.

During his many interviews, Mr. Heid stressed that he is first and foremost an educator and instructional leader.

The D300 Board of Education is confident in this selection and look forward to Mr. Heid leading this district.

In addition, the Board of Education is as one voice in wishing Dr. Michael Bregy well in his new position, and thanking him for his many years of service to D300 schools.


Florida Educator Picked to Head District 300 — 9 Comments

  1. No one considered that Dr. Bregy’s experience is in one of the bottom five states for academic achievement in the US ?

  2. I look forward to meeting him in person, but do find it interesting that he has no private sector experience.

    I’m of the opinion that a well rounded administrator should have both private and public experience.

  3. The Florida Retirement System pension accrual rate is 1.60 – 1.68% (.0160 – .0168) which is 30 – 37% lower than the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) of Illinois accrual rate which is 2.20% (.0220).

    The basic starting pension formula is (years of service x accrual rate) x a percentage of final average salary.

    Final avg salary in FL is avg of last 5 years.

    Final avg salary in IL is 75% of avg of last 4 yrs.

    The TRS accrual rate was lower before Illinois General Assembly benefit hiking legislation.

    He can transfer at least 10 years of service from FL to IL TRS.

    FL legislature is considering changing their final average salary calculation for new employees to be the entire career vs last 5 years.

    No talk of anything like that in IL.

    First Electric reports he’s 43 & was earning $128K – $158K in 2012.

    That’s real young for a Superintendent especially for a district the size of District 300.

    Plus he’s from out of state so has to learn how Illinois education works.

    Plus he’s moving to a new school district so needs to learn how it works.

    That’s a lot.

    Teacher salaries are much higher in IL than FL, not sure about administrator salaries.

    Kind of unusual he’s been at 4 different employers (3 different schools & the FL Dept of ED) at his age.

    Teacher unions are much more powerful in IL than FL.

    His Spanish bilingual can only help.

    Good luck.

    The salary of $210K makes one think.

    People in public education often are against any competition under the pretext that a company should not profit from a child’s education.

    But they seem perfectly fine with making a lot of money based on a child’s education.

    Double standard.

  4. Is this another price we have to pay because we do not have the will to demand English only?

    There are more people in China who speak English than we have in the U.S.

  5. 150 years after the Civil War, the South gets revenge by flooding the North with Carpetbaggers, looking to cash in on ridiculous Public Sector pay up North.

    We’ll even pay for his health care, when he goes into shock over his first Property Tax bill he receives, when compared to his old Florida offering.

    Yea Heid, the windfall has to come from somewhere.

    There really is no money tree that Illinois teachers seem to think exists and lured you up here with during your interview.

    But did they tell you the system is broke and the folks that really pay the bills here, have no intention of making good on these overpromised pensions?

  6. $210k, plus pension, + benefits, + expenses, etc.

    I am tired of hearing government is not a business from other elected officials.

    Most of the people in government are NOT voted on by citizen voters.

    The elected board members are doing this for the children?

    We all need to work together to build a reasonable measuring system that “grades” the results of our educators, esp. administration and support.

    Each board of any government entity should take this on this year and start somewhere.

  7. The only “grade” which matters is money.

    When The People get vouchers and may vote with their money the systems will get efficient and effective FAST!

    Jindal is experimenting with this and may pave the way for best practices nationwide.

    Walker showed us how to break unions.

    Perry is destroying federal control of states.

    There is hope.

    Take heart!

  8. Jack Roeser of Champion News on the Joe Walsh show said only a very small percentage of District 300 graduates that attend the local community colleges are able to do so without remedial education.

    Remedial education is college classes that students must take but they don’t receive college credit.

    Because the college thinks the students should already have the knowledge by the time they enroll in college.

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