Three Apply for County Ethics Commission

And the three are

  • Diana Daniel, Crystal Lake
  • Tamara Demodica, Woodstock
  • Paul Serwatka, Lakewood

All three are connected to the Republican Party.

Daniel is the wife of Mark Daniel, who was the Establishment candidate for Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.  She accompanied her husband to all of the party events I can remember.

Demodica was an appointed GOP Precinct Committeeman in Greenwood 1.  She was identified as a McHenry County Blog commenter by McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.  (See Using Own Money Lou Bianchi Nearing Identification of Commenter “Fukoku”.)

Serwatka was just elected Republican Precinct Committeeman in a Lakewood precinct, Grafton 21.  Subsequently he was elected to head the Grafton Township Republican Central Committee.  He was on the reformers’ side of the fight during the primary election.


Three Apply for County Ethics Commission — 26 Comments

  1. That must be a misprint Cal…….

    Fukoku wants to be on the Ethics Commission ?

    That’s kinda funny……..

  2. Seriously? Ok….

    1. Status Quo RINO (or Chicago Democrat) establishment; No THANK YOU.

    2. An incognito lying accuser; NO THANK YOU.

    3. Someone who wants his county and country back. YES.

    Now, who chooses this person to be on the ethics committee?

    If 1 or 2 is chosen, we need to seriously question their ethics, and vote them out next time around.

    Enough is enough.

    We are taxed enough, have enough unethical shenanigans in this county, and it’s about time it changes.

  3. Still asleep. It eludes me right now, but…What is that saying about anyone who runs for political office has a serious personality disorder?

  4. After Mr. Bianchi outed Fukuku, it’s presence suddenly disappeared from commenting on the blog.

    That says it all.

    I know nothing about Mrs. Daniels, and how ethical she would be.

    I am absolutely supporting Paul Serwatka for the Ethics position.

    He will be great in this position. Go Paul Go!

  5. Cindy, you have the right to your opinion, but geez you are against ANY type of government.

    If you are still asleep maybe you should wait until you have a clear mind to comment.

    Go Paul !!!!!!!!!!

  6. voter?

    why is it you always have something snarky to say to me?

    Your first sentence is fine.

    The second sentence is typical you.

    Why do you have to always go to the kindergarten retorts?

    You having an opinion and you telling me what I should do are totally incompatible.

    You seem to like to be judgmental.

    A little respect for your elders would go a long way.

  7. they all seem too politically connected to make fair and ethical decisions.

    We need a common citizen not people that are ingrained.

  8. Cindy it is the way you are taking ME.

    I did not mean that negatively.

  9. Yeah right, voter. …”Cindy go back to your trailer…maybe you should live in the foot hills of Kentucky”…

    I’m sure it is me that is wrong, here.

    I’m shocked that you are not on the ethics commitee.

  10. OMG! You got your information from Don the retired used car salesmen.

    Fining a homeowner $2,000 for planting a tree??? That is hilarious and can only come from Don the used car salesmen, which we call him the community idiot. He sits in his garage and waits for anyone to walk by, than runs out like he is getting his mail, and tells whoever will listen to his weird stories.

    Don’t take my word for it; go to his Facebook @ “Sailor Don’s Nutritional Shack” and see for yourself what a clown he is.

    I read your comment before you had it removed, and there are no homeowners, just one that alleged Embezzlement for years against the Board Members, and that is our community idiot.

    If you want the facts, ask me, a homeowner for 20 years and a former board member. Oak Star has done an excellent job for 12 years, and two of those years under the new Board Members control. They wanted Oak Star out of the way, because Oak Star would not go for their shenanigans.

    Our community has gone to the birds as everyone is moving out as we are becoming a rental community, even our new elected president and vice president don’t live here, as our property value goes down the toilet.

  11. Oak Star has not done an excellent job for 12 years….

    There are many people that wanted them out.

    The Demodicas were in charge of 2 Townhome subdivisions in Crystal Lake and Board members from both subdivisions terminated their contract…

  12. Bob Demodica is a former police officer and a Nygren Friend….

    When homeowners were passing out petitions to have the Demodicas removed, Sheriffs Officers conveniently showed up in the neighborhood to tell people they couldn’t pass out petitions.

    In fact, one officer told a neighbor that they would be arrested for trespass to property.

    Since, when did it become illegal to ask people to sign petitions?

    There was ultimately a community election to bring in a new board and the Demodicas were unseated from the Board and removed as the Property Management Company…

  13. There was not just one person that alleged embezzlement, there were several….

  14. Tamara Demodica Linkedin

    “Bianchi’s attorneys traced the IP and devices to Oak Star Property Management. Oak Star is owned by Robert DeModica and Tamara DeModica is listed as an administrative contact. Tamara served on the Committee to Elect Andrew Zinke; was paid by his campaign at least $7,450 (total paid to her personally and to her firm TEC Communications Consulting) in 2013 for campaign communications; and is listed multiple times on Zinke’s election website and in Zinke’s press releases as a contact person for the campaign”

    If it turns out to be true that “FUKOKU” the nut, is really Tamara Demodica, she has put on a catastrophically embarrassing side show attraction for the Nygren and Zinke Circus. And, one could argue that she helped with Andy Zinkes defeat in the race for Sheriff.

    Tamra’s linkedin page–> She has some very interesting connections to McHenry County

    Mercy Health System “VERY INTERESTING”
    March 2010 – Present (4 years 3 months)Illinois

    January 2001 – Present (13 years 5 months)
    (Open)1 organization
    (Open)2 honors and awards
    Director of Public Relations

    1994 – 2000 (6 years)
    Chicago BlackhawksPublic Relations

    Chicago Blackhawks
    February 1998 – March 1999 (1 year 2 months)Greater Chicago Area
    Sports Public Relations

    January 1997 – January 1998 (1 year 1 month)Greater Chicago Area
    News Production
    Director of Communications
    McDowell International Relations
    November 1992 – February 1993 (4 months)Moscow, Russian Federation; Riga, Latvia; St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
    Worked with Russian Military on communications projects to improve American and Russian Federation Relations.
    Honors & Awards

    Named Top Young Business Person In McHenry County
    Northwest Herald

    May 2005
    Independent Practitioner Expert
    Public Relations Society of America. After the ZInke campaign fiasco, I don’t think she demonstrated that she is an expert. Though, she is just another side show attraction for the Nygren and Zinke Circus..

    September 2012 – Present
    NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee
    Public Relations/Marketing Communications/Graphic Design

    September 2012 – Present
    Greenwood Precinct 1 – McHenry County****************** Does she live in the precinct she represents? Just asking.
    September 2012 – Present
    Greenwood Township Plan

  15. We are a small community and I am well informed of what happens where I live, and none of that happened and you cannot convince me from the truth.

    I can go back and forth with you, but I have a life outside of this place.

    You take care……..

  16. It is a small world after all, I know what you guys are talking about.

    My husbands Aunt and Uncle lived there and moved out a few years ago because they wanted to get out because the place went to the sh!!!ts. They complained that place had change hands for the worst and it was not the same.

    I don’t know the in depth reasons, but I will ask my husband to give them a call and ask.

  17. Whatsa matter Karen, something got your tongue?

    Sure hope that salesman is listening…

    Lawsuits against current board members? Sure hope so….

  18. Serwatka is the only sane choice …….

    Mrs. D had some kinda breakdown at the convention when her husband got, very deservedly, tossed on his rear ….did she already have personal checks printed up with his title “McHenry County Republican Chairman”?????

    In the dictionary, they should run her photo under the word ‘hysterical.”

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