Boater Licensing Bill Takes on Water

Boat cabin cruiser on Chain of Lakes

State Senators Julie Morrison’s and Pam Althoff’s bill to license boaters (Senate Bill 3433) is barely floating after an Illinois House vote this morning.

With sixty votes required for passage, the proposal saw only 48 supporters.

House sponsors have the right to put bills on what is called “postponed consideration,” if they do not receive enough to pass.

That is what House sponsor Kelly Burke did.  Bills need to receive at least 47 votes in order to qualify for this treatment.

Although a roll call is taken, since 1993, only the Speaker has access to it.

State Reps. David McSweeney and Mike Tryon let it be known that they voted against the measure.  
Rep. Barb Wheeler spoke against the bill.  When I talked to her she said she thought all local legislators voted against the proposal.

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