Cross Collaborates with Franks

Tom Cross, running for State Treasurer.

Tom Cross

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

State Rep., but, more importantly, Republican candidate for State Treasurer Tom Cross has collaborated with Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks in a (Springfield) State Journal-Register column on “a bi-partisan budget.”

Perhaps Cross does not realize that McHenry County Republicans have put up a candidate opposing Franks this year.

His name is Steve Reick, just in case Cross doesn’t know.  His web site is here.

Cross and Reick are on the same ticket.


Cross Collaborates with Franks — 8 Comments

  1. All well and good but the budget needs to be worked on NOW!

    What do you suggest?

    That Cross tell Franks “my way or the highway” thus kicking the can down the road even further?

    He’s not marrying Franks, he’s trying to work with the other side.

    Tell us what, if anything, Cross could accomplish regarding the budget before November by cozying up to a Republican candidate who, sadly, stands the snowball’s chance in hell of unseating Franks.

  2. **Perhaps Cross does not realize that McHenry County Republicans have put up a candidate opposing Franks this year.**

    Or, perhaps, Cross and Franks are willing to work together on an issue that is bigger than one state rep race.

    Of course, I’d also point out that the Cross/Franks editorial didn’t actually propose a budget, or any ideas on where to cut $2 billion.

  3. This is yet another example of how INEPT politically the Republican Leaders in Illinois really are.

  4. Re: Dave: Or maybe Cross is cloning what Pam Althoff does when she holds Townhalls with Franks and rides to parades with Franks.

    Or maybe Cross heard what Barb Wheeler stated at a Woodstock meeting – “Jack Franks is more Republican than most Republicans in Springfield”.

    Cross, Althoff, and Wheeler should quit hiding behind the elephant and openly run as donkeys!

  5. I am definitely supporting Steve Reick this time but, Barb Wheeler may have a point.

    Tom Cross has received more money in political donations from Planned Parenthood and Personal PAC than franks has; at least that was the case when I ran in 2010.

    A fact which made me, and still makes me, very uncomfortable with then “Republican Leader” Cross.

  6. Not only is Cross an idiot, but Franks looks ill.

    Look at that picture.

    Is Jack Franks OK?

    I feel sorry for him.

  7. @John “O’Nuff-Already’ – You lost, just as Reick will, because Republicans in McHenry County, even if they run unopposed, set a slate of issues involving Gods, Guns, and Anti-Gay.

    Additionally, Folks don’t care if Cross took money from Planned Parenthood, which by the ways spends less than 5% of their total budget every year on abortions and instead spends money on counseling, consultations, and contraception, which actually decreases the number of abortions every year.

    Funny, because you would think Republicans would be fore that.

    Yet, time and time again, folks like Reick pander to this 1970’s issues.

    It’s over – focus on the economy, and a jobs plan that doesn’t involve jettisoning millions of kids into poverty with slave-wages of less that seven dollars.

    And @skeptic, I’m sure Franks isn’t green, especially considering Reick raised less than $8 grand this year from only 8 people.

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