Parent of Soldiers Finds Fault with Harrison Memorial Day Petitioning

The following came from a parent of soldiers who attended the Crystal Lake Memorial Day Service in Crystal Lake:

I attended the Crystal Lake’s Memorial Day Parade and very moving ceremony at the cemetery.

As a friend and I were leaving the cemetery we were stopped, just yards from the cemetery, by a woman asking for petition signatures to get Jim Harrison’s name on the ballot for sheriff.

Joe Alger spoke at Crystal Lake's Memorial Day Ceremony.

Joe Alger spoke at Crystal Lake’s Memorial Day Ceremony.

We declined, but she insisted that a person could vote for anyone they wanted and signing her petition just would help get her candidate on the ballot.

I don’t know if the logic of this escaped her, but it certainly didn’t escape us and seemed to be an obvious attempt to get signatures she probably would not have otherwise obtained.

Someone leaving the cemetery asked if perhaps she could move further away from the site since her position so nearby was offensive and disrespectful on Memorial Day.

She declined saying she had permission to be there.

Permission or not, her location and actions were outrageous.

I called the City Manager’s office the following morning and was told this campaign worker did NOT have permission from the city to be there.

Even if she had obtained permission, her campaigning on Memorial Day was shameful.

When this campaign worker was asked a second time if she could move away from the cemetery her reply was, “it isn’t a holy day.”

I have two sons serving our country; one is in Afghanistan for a second tour of duty.

He has lost friends to this war and to him, to his battalion, and to the families of these Fallen Heroes it IS a holy day!

Memorial Day was a highly inappropriate time for campaigning and her location just yards from sacred ground was particularly offensive.

A Memorial Day ceremony is only a few steps removed from a funeral for people who had lost loved ones and friends to war; it may not have been a religious holy day, but holy nonetheless!

To paraphrase the ceremony’s speaker, Joe Alger,

“We are free, we have the right to practice our religion or not, to criticize government, to burn a flag, to protest at military funerals, and hold up outlandish signs. We have these freedoms, right or wrong, because of the sacrifices made by the men and women we honor today.”

Campaigning outside a ceremony honoring the sacrifices of the very people who fought for her right to campaign at all was extremely disrespectful and lacking in human decency.


Parent of Soldiers Finds Fault with Harrison Memorial Day Petitioning — 49 Comments

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Harrison supporters were at every cemetery in Mchenry county, on the day of a funeral, to get signatures……..

    They sound very rude and disrespectful.

    I guess he couldn’t be in any of the parades, so he had to weasel himself in somehow.

    An apology should be made, but I’m sure he’ll say he didn’t know about it…..

    Right !!!!

  2. Permission, personal integrity; has nothing to do with supporters of whomever.

    Vast amounts of people are truly ignorant and rude in this day.

    I too would call for an apology from the candidate.

    Doesn’t make supporters any less disrespectful; but it’s a start to educating folks that truly are oblivious.

  3. The very definition of a holy day throughout every religion and every epoch was the ceremony, the symbols and the attitude of those attending.

    I make the argument a day paid for with blood, celebrated on holy ground with the remains of those who shed the blood, in areas with monuments to all who have lived as examples to those who live today with people attending who have a quiet and prayerful attitude is a Holy Day.

    Harrison is as damaged by his followers as Prim is damaged by his.

    Without a modicum of respect for others or history I promise you the public will have no respect for you. Both sides need to gain control of their campaigns and followers.

    This behavior at Memorial Day events is reprehensible and frames Harrison as a disingenuous, disrespectful know nothing with no idea who the people of McHenry County are or what they desire.

  4. Don’t say that you didn’t know about it Mr. Harrison because everyone is signed up for an area.

    I would DEMAND an apology from both parties.

    What type of people are sent out.

    How disrespectful !!!!

    Prims people would NEVER do that.

  5. Priest, well spoken.

    See HT is quick to fire from the hip again…

    Perhaps Harrison had no idea one of his industrious workers elected to solicit signatures on Memorial Day and at such a demure and sacred event–personally,

    I’d like to hear from Harrison before I go castigating and damning the man.

    But that’s just me…

  6. Figured it wouldn’t take long for voter to, once again, usurp a thread that has nothing to do with Prim and glamorize Prim at the expense of others…again…

  7. This behavior from does not surprise me.

    Also at the parade in Johnsburg.

    Harrison has offered to pay for getting signatures.

    They are VERTY PUSHY.

    At an expo they were harassing people.


  8. If you don’t like what I write then don’t read it.

    Mr. Harrison is responsible for people who are working for him so don’t make excuses for him.

    It was a terrible thing for that person to do.


    I also am not glamorizing Prim ,I know his campaign people would never do such a thing.

    Also Happy Trails said what they thought so I wouldn’t criticize the person.

    Really? you think you are playing games but not really.

  9. See, you don’t have to look very far to see that Nygren antics would still be alive in McHenry County if his long time pal Harrison got elected.

    This disgraceful move by rhe Harrison team is terrible.

    Again, Mr Prim would not allow this to happen under his watch.

    Mr. Prim for next McHenry County Sheriff

  10. This behavior has played out right here on this blog’s comment section about six months ago.

    Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorson made a comment that Harrison obviously did not like. So what did Harrison do??

    Harrison offered to give Councilman Thorson a “Free Karate Lesson.”

    (Harrison is into the Marital Arts.)

    Seems like Harrison is a worse bully than Nygren. At least Nygren was able to fool some of the people some of the time…

    Harrison, cannot fool any of the people, ANY of the time!

    Harrison is finished… Jim if you want to see what class looks like, attend a Bill Prim organizational meeting.

    This story has just made my stomach turn. Via my constitutionally protected ‘opinion,’ Jim Harrison is a political thug worse than Nygren.

    Good Day! God bless all those who gave all!

  11. Clearly, this is a time for celebrating and remembering the veterans of war.

    Further, they made the sacrifice so we could live our lives in a free Country that protects everyones rights…

    However, Jim Harrison not only was this disrespectful, but offensive to all who reserve this time for our veterans…

    Whatsa matter Jim, having a difficult time getting the number of required signatures for your petitions?…

    Remember, actions speak louder than words.

    If Jim and his entourage think it is ok to be disrespectful to our veterans, what does that say about how respectful he will be to others?…

    Hmmmm Just asking…

  12. Remember this article when Harrison is trying to get signatures during the Milk Day Parade.

    I hope the people voice their opinion when asked to sign his petition.

    You know he will be in the parade and I will be the first to Boo him as his car goes by.

    I wonder if this article is in the Daily Herald as it should be.

    Let the citizens know how he really is.

    We should also be told WHO this person was.

    I’m waiting to hear his ” attorney” answer.

  13. Just like Andy, Jim Harrison does not need any assistance destroying his campaign. No, he and his entourage can do it for him…. lol….

    Hey, Jim you should have taken an ethics class for that degree of yours….

    Gosh, at least ethics 101.

    Or is it, in one ear and out the other?…lol..

    No apologies here, just couldn’t resist…

    Ok, get ready McHenry County, time to welcome Mr Bill Prim and Proper..

    You won’t see any f-bombs or middle fingers from the Prim camp…

    Now, now, Jim don’t be getting and ideas for a political victory.

    After all, Bill prim is the one that will be basking in the sun, that shines no brightly in the winners circle.

    Hey Jim, they offer night classes…..

    It’s never too late to learn…

    However, some do say that you can’t teach and old dog new tricks…

  14. Voter, if Harrison is responsible for every action of those working for him, I would assume that logic works for Prim too?

    Then how do you remedy the allegations of abuse and corruption with the Des Plaines PD while he was a Commander?

    Can’t play that argument on one side…doesn’t quite fit does it?

  15. Really?

    And, who sent those people there?

    They do work for the Harrison camp…

    Quit trying to justify and make excuses for what happened.

    There is no excuse for trying to campaign for signatures, during a Memorial for veterans.

    Their actions were offensive, hurtful and demonstrated a clear disregard for the veterans and their families.

    The actions of the people from the Harrison camp will go down in the McHenry County history books as one of the most memorable events of the Harrison campaign…

    Thus, far we have not heard an apology from Harrison.

    Oh sorry, he is digging that big fat hole of his right next to Andy Zinke’s big fat hole…

    Hey Jim, need some excavators call Andy Zinke…

  16. Old news, Really?

    Those were only allegations and were unfounded and he did not even work in the same unit. Again old news.

    Duncan, you are so so right in all you have said.

    I guess Really? doesn’t get it he just likes attacking me about Prim but I am sure glad others think
    the way I do about Prim.

    Andy you are also right on.

    I remember that article.

    Prim honors all of our vets and all the citizens of McHenry County.

  17. You “REALLY” need to consult with “FUKOKU” on slander 101…

    Yep, the allegations were unfounded and “REALLY” is talking about them as if they were true…

    Hey “REALLY”, you and “FUKOKU THE CUCKOO” could share attorneys..

    I remember the day, “FUKOKU THE CUCKOOS” husband stood on my front lawn trying to tell me that Bianchi was corrupt, but Nygren was not….

    Everyone knows, that Bianchi was railroaded.

    As for Nygren, more of the truth will soon revealed to the public…

  18. Really, Do you really want to get me started right now?

    Ok, lets start with “Responsibility”.

    Why would Jim Harrison donate thousands, and thousands of dollars to Gary Pack, then same year turn around and receive more than $1.2 million dollars of outside case referrals from Pack to Harrison ?

    And can anyone guess what a majority of these cases involved ?

  19. Hey, when it rains it pours.. “REALLY”

    Listen to “The Facts State”

    To be revealed at a McHenry County Theatre near you… “REALLY”

  20. Well, I’m not sure about the Crystal Lake Memorial Day event, but Harrison posted on his Facebook that his supporters were out collecting signatures at the JOHNSBURG memorial day event.

    According to him, “[one should] Never miss an opportunity to collect a few petition signatures.”

    Check out the screenshot of it here:

  21. Wow, this is a new low in politics.

    Who would even THINK about collecting signatures at a Memorial Day remembrance?

  22. Harrison said he was going ” To raise the bar”.

    I think his Bar just fell.

    I feel bad for the families who attended the ceremony and had to endure this outrageous act.

    You are right Gwen, this IS a new low.

  23. Just a couple of comments here. “Memorial Day” is not to honor veterans… its to honor those brave men and women who served our country with honor and distinction; ultimately, paying the ultimate price.

    However, as a veteran I find it offensive to politic at events such as this. I have spoken to a lot of veterans about this subject. Nothing ticks me off more then when a politician rolls in placating to us when they need us.

    The truth is veterans, retired or otherwise, are involved in our communities for the most part and we WANT to be involved. However, on a day when we honor those who have given their lives so that America can be free is not a time to circulate Mr. Harrison. You would have done better just to show up and say thank you.

    This is my opinion based on the thousands of people I have interacted with over the past couple years as well as speaking to the many vets I know in and around McHenry County and frankly, the United States.

    Just a few pictures to make sure everyone knows what Memorial day is really all about.

    Thanks for listening.

    Andrew Gasser

  24. The Harrison people approached me at two different events.

    Both times the person was pushy & rude after I politely declined to sign.

    Looks like this us their tactics.

    Must be getting a lot of refusals.

    I have gotten signatures & been asked to sign many times – never have I witnessed this behavior.

    And yes, it does reflect on the candidate & what he’ll be like – you only have to look at the president, his staff, followers, volunteers & people such as Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, etc etc etc – to
    see what type of sheriff Harrison will be. We don’t need any more bullies in this county in higher office. A NEW day is coming.

  25. Under comment by “Andy”, was it a Freudian slip when he said Harrison was into “Marital arts”; or did he mean “martial arts”?

  26. Thank you for posting those pictures Andrew.

    No words are needed when you look at them.

  27. If a person thinks about this…… Mr. Harrison has answered this article.

    By NOT addressing this he HAS answered and by not answering it, it speaks
    a thousand words.

  28. Didn’t Accurate reader have Harrison’s answer?

    According to him, “[one should] Never miss an opportunity to collect a few petition signatures.”

    From Harrison’s facebook.

  29. LOL anonymous! Good Catch!

    My spell check misspelled my correct spell!!

    Mrs. Harrison appears to be a lovely person, I would not make any negative comment towards her.

    So there are no misunderstandings, Jim Harrison basically told Councilman Thorsen that he would like to kick his butt and he would do it free of charge… of course to save the tax payers the money.

    Harrison kind of reminds me of “Sir Pumpkin Long Shanks!” You all remember him don’t you? I hear he is giving free lessons on how to obtain petition signatures by force and intimidation. His office is in the Boone County Jail house.

    I was almost going to take a good hard look at Mr. Harrison’s campaign, now I am disgusted by his antics and lack of moral judgement.

    Jim, why don’t you do what all the other long term office holders did? Go down to the nursing home, not the cemetery!

  30. Maybe Harrison supporters were looking for names to use during voting?

  31. Connecting – Absolutely.

    He will take these names and addresses and they will all be contacted for the vote.

  32. I saw something that is really disturbing.

    A friend of mine told me to go to Harrison for Sheriff site and then follow him on his Facebook.

    Wow, how dare him posting all those pictures of his groupies in the Memorial Day parade and all his talk about how he is so in to the parade etc.

    Then we find out about the person collecting signatures by the Memorial Ceremony.

    Talk about being 2 faced.

    How can we believe him about what he says?

  33. Really quote ” I’d like to hear from Harrison before I go castigating and damning the man ”

    Have you heard enough ?

    Facebook page…….

  34. Mr. Harrison, If that “Free Karate Lesson” offer still stands, please let me know…

    I’d be interested…

  35. I saw 2 of his people at the farmers market in Woodstock last weekend.

    They weren’t stopping anyone, just waiting for people to approach them.

  36. Politicking just outside the grounds of a cemetery on Memorial Day?

    You know, I sometimes get phone calls from telemarketers despite being on the “DO NOT CALL” list.

    I try to be cordial and ask them to not call again, sort of like asking the person collecting signatures to move further away from the cemetery.

    I have had non-profit organizations and political callers “educate” me on the facts of the “DO NOT CALL” list – that non-profits and political campaigns are not required to honor the “DO NOT CALL” list.

    I then educate them on the fact that, by telling me that they have “PERMISSION” to disregard my request I will disregard whatever they would like me to do; whether that would be to make a donation or to support a particular ballot measure or political candidate.

    Just because one has permission to do something does not make it right.

  37. You are right about one thing.

    They are His people.

    You have to be responsible for the location you send your people.

    If Harrison sends his people to a Memorial Day ceremony than shame on Mr. Harrison and if he just tells his people to go where ever they want then that is irresponsible on Harrison’s part.

    If he can’t effectively run a campaign without offending people on such an important day and educating his volunteers then how can he run the Sheriff’s department.

    Is he going to say ” i didn’t know about that” is he going to let people do what ever they want.

    I don’t know but this is an example of poor leadership.

  38. Harrison was never a real candidate anyway.

    It is pretty obvious that if Andy had won the primary, Harrison would have bowed out.

    Now he’s left with this debacle. The problem is Jim’s ego. He now thinks, “hey, maybe I could win this thing.”

    If you know anything about McHenry County, you know about the piles of money Jim made while “in bed” with Gary Pack.

    We all mistakes, but just like Andy, it is obvious that Jim is not going to admit it.

    Be a man, post your apology.

    We have seen enough “babies” in this race.

  39. Thank you CP for the background information about Harrison.

    I have read other things and am not happy with what I have read about Harrison.

    If (and I doubt it)Harrison gets all those signatures to run then I know the public will find out more about his past shenanigans.

    I don’t about his past and I am forming my opinion of him by what He himself says and what he does.

    Not good.

    I’ve always been a big supporter of Prim because I know him and what he stands for and that is why ” Prim for McHenry County Sheriff all the way”

  40. For those of you looking for my response to this issue, please go to my website at and read my response.

    For some reason I am unable to get my response posted on the McHenry County Blog.

  41. We have seen your response and are responding to it.

    Please be aware that the people on this blog DO read the Herald.

    You did not respond to any of the peoples concerns over this outrageous act of disrespect UNTIL it was written in the Herald.

    You have in the past commented on this blog and your comment just went through so You apparently must be doing something wrong when trying to enter it.

    Sorry Mr. Harrison but I don’t believe you.

  42. Jim?

    Most of what I have read on your site, so far, has sounded quite reasonable. (Although, I still feel you are wrong in this argument. It’s about integrity, not legality. If you don’t get that – you don’t get that.)

    What I find unreasonable at the moment, is that your whole site is in reverse type.

    Old eyes cannot read reverse type.

    Why do people keep insisting this is the “new” hip way to go?

    Where is the click-able link to read your site in a normal view?

  43. Read that whole thing..

    Hitting the nail on the head – this guy is in love with himself.

    cindy – We need very experienced cop as a sheriff NOT a guy that takes off like everything is a courtroom.

    There is an office full of lawyers in that courthouse to do that and they are already on the county payroll.

  44. I tend to agree with you, nail.

    I don’t trust any lawyer as far as I can throw them.

    It’s the old joke about…a vicious tiger, a poisonous snake and a lawyer are coming at you.

    You only have two bullets.

    You shoot the lawyer twice…

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