Sheriff Seeks Aid in Finding Lost Boy, But Provides No Photo

The following came from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office:

Seeks info regarding- 10 yr old boy, 4ft 6in, 80 lbs, may go by name: Kyle, lives/ recently in Port Barrington area

The Sheriff’s Office is seeking the publics assistance in gathering information regarding a boy who is known as Kyle or goes by the nickname Kyle.

This boy is described as about 4 foot 6 in, around 80 lbs, and about 10 years old.

He may live in the area or was recently scene in the Village of Port Barrington around 5 PM today.

Police are also looking to locate a yellow boys bike that may be with Kyle.

Deputies are looking to speak to anyone who can tell us anything about this boy, possible relatives, his whereabouts, etc.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 815-338-2144.


Sheriff Seeks Aid in Finding Lost Boy, But Provides No Photo — 11 Comments

  1. So where is a description of the child?

    People could have already seen him.

  2. It does seem strange that the Sheriff’s Department would not to try to maximize the success of interested citizens.

  3. The FBI usually gets involved in missing child cases.

    Where are they dn why are they not demanding more information?

    Many hours have passed since his disappearance and they still do not have a photograph…

  4. I didn’t see any Amber alert but I did see one for the missing dog.

    I do hope they find the dog but really.

  5. The McHenry County Sheriff’s Dept. is running on Empty.

    Who is running the place?

    Is Nygren still on vacation in Florida?

    Is Zinke still on vacation in Missouri?

    Is Miller still going to the Loop to “represent” the S/O at depositions?

    Can’t MCSD figure out how to put out a Missing Child notice?

    No helpful information?

    No photo?

    Will the State or the Feds have to come in and take over?

    Should the County Board and the County Clerk declare the Office of the Sheriff vacant?

    And cut the pay off immediately?

  6. Gus has great questions but no one is offering any answers.

    This is terrible and like always the Sheriff’s department gives NO answers.

    How can we make these people accountable? November can’t come soon enough.

  7. I live over by the Barrington area, actually I am like one town over.

    The police came over to my neighborhood going door to door to let people know what had happened and that the boy is missing.

    I over heard one officer say that a man had started to follow Kyle and the boy mysteriously disappeared.

    But, the cop that had came to talk to us, said how they didn’t know anything except for his first name and what he was wearing that day (green shirt with basketball shorts and a yellow bike).

    If anything, the kids that were with him which I am assuming were his friends, should know something about him and should be telling the police or their parents so they can notify the police and they will some sort of lead or else get out a yearbook if he really is missing and then you can atleast have his full name.

    Also, if the boy is missing, how do the parents not know?

    I mean, even if he were staying with his friends that day, their parents should have known and called it in and given the police some sort of information.

    I just think this whole thing doesn’t add up because SOMEONE should have some sort of information for this boy.

    Whether its the parents or the friends’ parents.

    What I think is that, maybe this boy’s friends’ decided to make the whole thing up, but now they’re in too deep and can’t back out now because its getting out of hand.

    It’s not a usual Amber Alert where they know the full name of the child and the hair color and all the other stuff.

    Nobody knows anything, and that just doesn’t make any sense.

  8. Once again mchenry county does not demonstrate the ability to handle anything bigger than a parking ticket where is Beth Rogers.

    Guess u have to be famous in order to get a relentless and ongoing search

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