Paul Vallas Contributes 1.1% to Charity

Pat Quinn’s choice for Lt. Governor Paul Vallas released his income tax return for 2013.

The Association Press did a story on it and reported that Vallas contributed $2,988 to charity.

His income, as I total the figures, was $264,384.

Doing the division yields 1.13% donated to charitable organizations.


Paul Vallas Contributes 1.1% to Charity — 4 Comments

  1. Just a quick reminder to all these ‘public servants’ and everyone else on the Public Sector dole.

    IRS Publication 17 clearly explains income to be declared including Bribes, Illegal Activities and Stolen Property.

    Even when say your filling your personal car at a County pump, you have to declare the value as income.

    Bribes, Theft, it all has to be included on Line 21.

  2. Amount of monetary donations to tax deductible registered charities are not a method I would agree on to measure an individual’s generosity.

    I believe true generosity is not made known, is not quantifiable, and certainly isn’t related to quid pro quo public donations.

    How can we be judgmental of this man, or anyone else?

    Who can say what he does for others’ benefit, at his own expense or risk, when no one is around to witness acts of kindness?

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