Twenty-Five Gay Marriages First Week in McHenry County

Harvard's Milk Day Parade featured an entry from PFlag, the Parents and Friends of

Harvard’s Milk Day Parade featured an entry from PFLAG, the Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

The McHenry County Clerk’s Office informs us that there were twelve conversions from civil unions and thirteen new same sex-marriages during the first week in which they were legal.


Twenty-Five Gay Marriages First Week in McHenry County — 41 Comments

  1. Why do I have to know this?

    I don’t parade around and tell people what I do.

  2. Yes, God did make them but keep reading the Bible and see what God says.

  3. Be interesting to see of their “marriage survival” rate is better than heteros.

    Frankly, most of us messed that whole thing up royally; and more than once for most of us!

  4. I am for traditional marriage.

    I have been a strong opponent to gay marriage.

    I think it’s bad for society and frankly, in the long run, it will be unfortunately harmful to those individuals who have a “gay marriage”.

    That being said, I don’t care about this “story” anymore.

    Ok, they wone this part of the “cultural war.”

    Big deal.

    Let them live their lives and let us live our lives.

    Please, gay community, leave our Churches alone.

    Don’t FORCE your ideology on our Faith.

    I’m happy you’re happy.

    Now, let’s solve the fiscal crisis that is dooming our state – the crisis that the Democrats have created and augmented into a monster that will decimate us all.

  5. It’s funny because the biggest argument that religious people have against same sex marriage is that it infringes on their religious rights, but really when you read the text of the bill that was passed, it says nothing about churches having to marry same sex couples.

    So, you really, it is just uneducated, discriminative biggots who believe their rights are being infringed on when really, they’re are not.

    And @voter, if God were so worried about the gays, why would his only son never mention that homosexuality was a sin?

    It also says in Leviticus if you eat pork you are going to hell.

  6. CLM

    You don’t understand.

    Keep waisting YOUR money paying for the church’s vacations and private island resorts.

    We spend our money helping good causes.

    We won’t bother with your church because we don’t want anything to do with where the money goes.

    You can’t buy your final destination even if they make you believe that.

  7. Fair Play… News flash …

    God isn’t worried about anything.

    He gave us free will,so you can either believe what He says and be obedient to His Word or you can do what you want and see what happens.

    For your second question…..

    His son did say that homosexuality was a sin but it can be forgiven.

  8. @Voter – You are a rhetorical mess – first you say, “Yes, God did make [gays] but keep reading the Bible and see what God says.”

    Then you say, “God isn’t worried about anything…you can either believe what He says and be obedient to His Word or you can do what you want and see what happens.”

    Real high brow stuff, voter.

    So God, a divine being, made everything, but you somehow thinks he hates part of his creation when his doctrine really is about love…

    That doesn’t resonate the least bit contradictory to you…

    And, in response to your response to my rhetorical question, no, Jesus did not mention homosexuality as a sin.

    There is nothing in the gospels mentioning homosexuality, so you would think that in the “Good News,” there would be something… anything.

    But if you disagree, please provide the passage you believe supports your argument.

  9. Let me make this perfectly clear……

    I have NEVER said or implied that God hates any part of His creation nor have I ever said or implied that I felt that way.

    I apologize for the wording of God made gays.

    God made man in His own image but God did not make a person gay.

    As far as your other scripture questions I will answer later as I have to leave for an appointment.

    I do disagree but respect your questions.

  10. Fair Play go to


    I think you will get some of your answers there.

  11. Arresting ministers and priests for “hate speech” when they teach biblical/church doctrine is the next step.

    It’s already happening in England and Canada.

    Fair Play and others, your reassurance is pleasant but it flies in the face of reality.

    The organized gay activists HATE Christian Churches.

  12. Remember we are talking about ” Gay Marriages”

    They want special rights because of their behavior.

    They are working hard to change moral,social and political opinion to be in line with what they want.

    They want others opinion to change and conform to their ideology and behavior.

    They can do what they want but they should not be given special rights.

  13. The photo is all about the new Orwellian speak.

    Everyone must repeat, “bad is good”.

  14. Fair Play, regarding your point, that I am going to summarize.

    If homosexuality is not in the Gospels, identified as a sin then it is not a sin.

    My two pieces that tie directly into the Gospel are Mathew 19: 4-6.

    Summarized, a man and wife will leave their family and the two will become one flesh.

    It does not say a man and a man, wife and wife, or person and person.

    Seems pretty clear.

    Also Christ blessed a heterosexual wedding at Canan.

    Finally, you can not pick out only the Gospel.

    The entire book(s) of the Bible set-up Christianity.

    Leaving out the other accepted books of the Bible belittles the Gospel(s) of Christ. 1 Corinthians 6:9 is very clear…

  15. Brent, how do you come up with Jesus blessing a heterosexual wedding at Canan?

    Please tell me the scripture and verse where it says that.

  16. I think this conversation is going pretty good. We agree to disagree and people are taking other peoples views into consideration.

    I think I’ll go onto other things but all in all not bad.

  17. Duncan is just shocked that people can have a civil conversation without mentioning game shows or concession stand products.

    But really though, voter, if you had a gay or lesbian daughter, would you seriously tell them that God doesn’t love them and they were looked at as innately sinful.

    The point I brought up about the gospels is that Paul, John, Mark, Matthew and Lyne had the closest time table to when Jesus was alive and their scriptures were written, yet, Jesus doesn’t extol homosexuality in their writings, instead choosing to preach a doctrine of tolerance.

  18. Sheesh, voter.

    He was there!

    So it was blessed!

    Good grief you are always full of righteous indignation about everything!

    Why do you have to start a fight with everyone?

  19. God loves everyone and everyone is a sinner.

    God sent His son to die for our sins,so we can be forgiven and have a relationship with the Father.

    I have many gay friends and gay friends at my church but they all know that I don’t approve of their choice of lifestyle.

    I still love them.

    Sin is sin and the same whether we are gay or if I take a pen from the bank.

    So if I had a son or daughter that was gay in no way would I tell them God doesn’t love them !

    God wants us to obey Him but we don’t and that is why we need Jesus.God loves us unconditionally.

    He just wants us to listen.

    When Jesus came He had a mission.He did not come to abolish the old testament, He came to fulfill the Old Testament.

    I think you have been reading me wrong or I have been explaining myself wrong and if I have I apologize.

    The Gospels are all about Love .

    I hope I have made myself a little clearer.

  20. Gee Cindy don’t try and ruin a good conversation.

    I don’t think anyone is fighting.

    So Cindy who were the two people at the wedding that got married?

    Why do you assume they were gay?

    Also lets keep the conversation going on a good note.

    Cindy you seem to want to cause trouble.

    No one but you are causing trouble.

  21. Lets not bring Duncan into this. I respect her decision not to get into this discussion.

    Also I have never disagreed with anything she has said.

    She does have truth and knowledge about other topics.

    Also Cindy it is unfortunate that you always want to disrupt a good conversation and be trouble.

    So if you can not contribute something of worth please let other people talk.

  22. voter

    You are not the monitor nor the all powerful Oz. I really take umbrage at your telling others to pipe down.

    You constantly belittle others with your harangues.

    Your condescending attitude is wearing very thin.

    You are quick with the name calling childish prattle yet believe you are above everyone else.

    Your projective identification is showing.

    You show absolutely no respect for others opinions; yet try to be the head cheer leader.

    Get over yourself.

  23. See again Cindy you try to ruin a good conversation and try to get people off track by attacking another.

    If you would like to stay in the conversation then answer my question to you. You are upset because you can’t.

    So who were the two people that got married and Jesus blessed and how do you know they were gay?

    It is a honest question and you should know the answer because of what you said. So………..

  24. FairPlay, Have I explained myself a little better?

    We can agree to disagree if that is the case.

  25. Heterosexual, dummy!

    Reading comprehension not a strong point? (I am talking to a complete nincompoop.)

    You are a condescending hypocrite!

    Who appointed you the supreme monitor to tell others they cannot be in a conversation?

  26. Wow Missy, You sure get mad over someone who makes a mistake and forgets their glasses and in turn reads the word wrong.

    My reading comprehension is fine.

    Nincompoop, now now little lady you should not use such harsh language. l.o.l.

    Read the comments from top to bottom.

    Nice conversation going. no one arguing and THEN here she comes disrupting everything…………

  27. Incredible.

    Voter, I’d rather take the conversation to Starbucks over coffee because Cindy is so terse, crass, and unChristian, it’s probably pointless to try have a constructive dialogue here.

  28. Fair Play, thanks for getting back and you are right it is rather pointless to have a constructive dialogue here about any views of Christian belief.

    It is a shame.

    We’ll pray for Cindy.

    At least we are blessed with the saving Grace we live by and that is through our Savior Jesus Christ.

  29. Voter – Regarding a specific passage where it says Christ blessed the wedding. \

    Many of the documents that I have reviewed have mentioned this wedding as blessed.

    Given the time period this was a heterosexual wedding and Christ’s presences blesses this marriage.

    Furthermore, homosexuality is pointed out as being a sin and distasteful act before God.

    I do accept that salvation is through a relationship with Christ for those who pass before the Father.

    I do believe homosexuality is a sin.

    I know I sin and repent of my sins.

    I am not worthy of the salvation bought for me on the Cross.

    It is by grace alone.

  30. My church, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has the following synopsis on gay marriage:

    God gave marriage as a picture of the relationship between Christ and His bride the Church (Eph.5:32).

    Homosexual behavior is prohibited in the Old and New Testaments (Lev. 18:22, 24; 20:13; 1 Cor.6:9–20; 1 Tim. 1:10) as contrary to the Creator’s design (Rom. 1:26–27).

    The LCMS affirms that such behavior is “intrinsically sinful” and that, “on the basis of Scripture, marriage [is] the lifelong union of one man and one woman (Gen. 2:2-24; Matt. 19:5-6)” (2004 Res. 3-05A).

    It has also urged its members “to give a public witness from Scripture against the social acceptance and legal recognition of homosexual ‘marriage’” (2004 Res. 3-05A).

    At the same time, the Synod firmly believes that “the redeeming love of Christ, which rescues humanity from sin, death, and the power of Satan, is offered to all through repentance and faith in Christ, regardless of the nature of their sinfulness” (1992 Res. 3-12A), The Synod developed a Law/Gospel ministry plan for use in ministry to those who are troubled by homosexual desires, Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families

  31. Brent, I totally agree with the blessing of the wedding.

    I read your word wrong.

    Sorry I thought you said He blessed a homosexual wedding,again sorry for misreading it

    This was a beautiful comment you made and you are 100 100 100% correct.

    You explained everything as it is stated in scripture.

    Thank you for taking time to write back.

  32. Amen

    and Cindy we all will pray for you.

    Do not be mad at what voter has said.

    She is saying what the Bible said.

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