Could the Feds Do More to Clean Up the Illinois Corruption Problem?

Would Derrick Smith have been deterred from taking a bribe if he had known he would serve time in state prison, if convicted?

Would Derrick Smith have been deterred from taking a bribe if he had known he would serve time in state prison, if convicted?

Considering that local State’s Attorneys seem to be hamstrung when they go after fellow officeholders, perhaps my title is too harsh.

After all, throughout my lifetime, it has been pretty much the U.S. Attorney’s Office and newspapers that have gone after corruption.

(I’m remembering the exposure of Cook County Assessor P.J. Cullerton’s favoritism by Chicago Today.  The rumor mill had it that Cullerton got so disturbed that he walked into the Tribune Tower, saying, “Nice building you have here.”  Shortly thereafter, the Tribune-owned Chicago Today backed off.  In this case, as you will see if you read the linked paper by Thomas Gradel, former Chicago Alderman Richard Simpson and Tom Kelly, a Republican Cook County Sheriff, Joe Woods, was also involved in the investigation.  So was the BGA.)

When the U.S. Attorney convicts a crook, he/she goes to a Federal prison.

The favorite one for Illinois politicians is near Wisconsin Dells.  (The family’s kids can hang out at the water parks while the wife/husband visits.)

But, that’s the problem.

Incarceration in what local pols call “Club Fed” is not as big a threat as getting put in what Illinois euphemistically call “correctional facilities.”

Any reasonably bright Illinois politician knows that going to state prison is not something to be looked forward to.

Fortunately for the crooks, it is rare for the Cook County or any other state’s attorney to prosecute local or state politicians.  (Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez has done more than her predecessors, but her efforts can be compared to dipping one’s toes in the water.  What would happen if she really waded in?  She probably wouldn’t get re-elected.)

If the Feds would begin trading local Federal politician prisoners for Illinois state prisoners, a deterrent effect might develop.

This is not as absurd a suggestion as one might think.

The Illinois Department of Corrections has Federal prisoners and the Federal system has state prisoners, traded for various reasons.

Such trading isn’t done for deterrent purposes, however.

Another approach that might succeed would be for the Illinois Attorney General to go after governmental corruption.

Not much chance of that happening as long as the Attorney General’s father is House Speaker Mike Madigan, however.


Could the Feds Do More to Clean Up the Illinois Corruption Problem? — 73 Comments

  1. Absolutely, They can start by cleaning up their own offices…

  2. Build a big chart outlining all of the foolish behaviors that public officials find and the causes and get a copy to each person.

  3. The Feds should have been in McHenry County many years ago….

    So many, have lost so much because of corruption….

    Time for the Feds to get a broom and start sweeping.

  4. I was just wondering, if the U.S. Attorney’s Office is going after corruption, who is checking them out?

  5. Bet you are Doreen.

    You better stick with the basics, you still need to learn how to count…

  6. Hey Agent Craig, you best get your broom and start sweeping…lol…

    Whatssa matter you can’t handle it?

    We would all love to hear your excuses…Well??????????

    Oh sorry, your busy fighting other cases that have no merit….

  7. Hey FBI Agent Craig, where is that poor excuse for a supervisor of yours Casey Salerno, Selano, or is it Salami?

    Whatever his last name is, he is a “MEATHEAD”

    According to Wikipedia the definition of a meathead is: –> He is a dull, stupid person; someone who is lazy, disrespectful and/or whose beliefs and philosophies clash with another. A large, muscular, stupid male, especially an athlete. A jock. A brute.

    Wikipedia Example: Casey was a hulking meathead who, when he wasn’t playing football, was either hunting, fishing or getting drunk and rowdy in some topless bar. Their definition Casey not mine…lol… Just saying.

    Hey “MEATHEAD” go pickup a broom and start cleaning the FBI office..

    It’s very dirty over there..

    Whatsa matter you like over buttered popcorn too?

    Sure hope they have some extra strength cleansers, Casey, because when they clean house they need to get rid of you….

    Hey Casey, should I tell everyone about the guy who travelled over state lines with the intent to kill someone and their entire family and you refused to do anything about it, even after they confessed?

    Does the 1995 Federal Domestic Violence Law ring a bell?

    Oh forgot, you can’t hear or read, just go sweep…

  8. Calling all citizens of McHenry County, if you have any complaints about FBI Agents Craig or Casey…

    Please let us know…..

    Hey Craig and Casey, social media has changed your lives forever….

  9. Hey Agents Craig and “Meathead” mess up any investigations lately?

    Accidentally or otherwise?

    Just asking…

    Just wondering, who trained you? Hmmmmm…

    Those FBI Agents Craig and “Meathead” are so fast when they do their jobs, that a turtle just passed them right on by….

    The Justice Department might want to rethink the way they train their FBI agents.

  10. Ken, that chart would have to be pretty big!

    I think it would end up being as big as War & Peace.

  11. I don’t think a broom would do it.

    Maybe a Zamboni with bristles .

  12. You are correct “voter”

    The mess they have created is “GINORMOUS”

  13. “DuckDuckGoose777”

    You have no credibility and no one cares what you have heard…

  14. Sorry Ducky you have no credibility and as Duncan has said who cares what you have heard……..

    Also, there is a difference between a person knowing all about corruption and being involved in corruption and a person who has been directly effected by corruption.

    Ducky know what you are talking about before you start hitting those computer keys.

  15. I disagree that my proposal should be big.

    A two sided trifold is needed.

    But I argue a two sided trifold is needed for many important issues that require will and backbone-developing land, politics of dollar, politics of technology, does of aging well under mind body spirit and on and on.

  16. Could it be that “CC” equals collusion and corruption?

    NO reference to Craig and Casey of course.

    Just saying….

    However, collusion and corruption does exist in McHenry County and probably Rockford for that matter.

    Sure hope those boys at the FBI office are busy sweeping up their acts.

    That office is so dirty, they will need a high powered machines to get to the bottom of all of the dirt… then the real cleaning begins…

  17. Now, now Craig and Casey we don’t want to be witness to anymore of your temper tantrums, it’s just is not pretty..

    Right about now, there a lot of piss…d off people because of the way you have run things over there in Rockford.

    Gosh, I wonder why that is?

    You boys, have a lot of explaining to do…

    You might want to start with your inaction regarding 2 police officers caught on a stores video surveillance system stalking one of our residents…

    The proof is in the video and Craig and Casey did nothing about it..

    They have many, many friends in McHenry County…

    Are you friends with Zinke too?..

    That explains your love of popcorn…

    Sure hope your’e not into those famous Tv shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Because, I have been told that those Tv shows when paired with that famous popcorn is highly addictive….

    Just saying.

  18. The turtle went that a way, he’s got a walking start and a very slow pace.

    Craig and Casey are still lagging really far behind…

    And, to think our tax paying dollars pay for the salaries of Craig and Casey…

    Hey guys, how about if you just submit your resignations.

    After all, we wouldn’t want our hard earned tax dollars to go to waist on you two saps….

  19. FBI Agents Craig and Casey, visit Whitey Bulger lately?

    Just asking.

  20. Ya know, I once had a conversation with two corrupt FBI agents.

    I’m not naming names of course, or any City or State for that matter.

    But a detective verified that yes indeedy, they are corrupt.


    what do you know?

    They love popcorn and they love those Tv shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Gosh, sounds so familiar… Hmmmmm…

    Calling the Justice Department, you are clearly lacking in any skills for rounding up those corrupt FBI agents…

    Believe me, they would make wonderful cell buddies for Whitey Bulger…

    He might even offer them protection, for a fee of course…

    Maybe, they could offer Whitey some popcorn…

  21. Had enough, Craig and Casey?

    This is just the beginning.

    Sure hope you are up for a round of depositions…

    My guess is that you are going to regret some decisions you have made..

    The people of Illinois will have some very good reasons to be really upset with the both of you…

    Where is the Justice Department when you really need them? Such a couple of charming saps the both of you are…

    Maybe, next time you decide to throw a temper tantrum in front of one of your hired moles, you will think twice..

    Besides, your’e darn right ugly when you get mad…

    Besides, I bet I can yell louder than the both of you….

    When Jack goes tumbling down that hill will that pail full of……, the people of Illinois will demand an explanation.

    It appears, that the both of you are in a heap of trouble……lol…

    Now I have some advice, don’t lie during those depositions, because either way you are both

    Now, Now, don’t be losing any sleep it’s not going to make your situation any better…

    So many, have been looking forward to this day, for a very long time…

  22. Duncan,I think you may have just gotten someones attention.

    Do ya think? l.o.l.

    Sooner or later,” They all come tumbling down”

  23. I once had a conversation with a detective about a few corrupt FBI agents.

    Just saying…

    Those boys will be held accountable, as it is just a matter of time..

    Yes indeedy.

  24. Duncan, you spend your ENTIRE life here!

    Are you one of those people that has their face in front of their computer 24/7 that wears diapers because you can’t leave your computer?

  25. Looks like you are the one, Ducky,that is up until 12:16 A.M. reading the blog.

    Duncan at least has something to say and you babble or should I say,


  26. Doreen don’t think you are not getting your answer about who Craig and Casey are.

    Sometimes people direct their comments to people who know who they are.

    The comments are not always directed to everyone and everyone does not have to know the particulars of what they write to someone else.

  27. That is too funny ducky, two thumbs up!

    I knew Mr. Diapers was going to answer my question with a nasty comment, I just wanted to make a point Voter, and I made my point.

  28. Doreen the only point you made was that you are clueless even when it comes to learning how to count.

    Further, you serve no purpose.. NO PURPOSE!

    Apparently, Ducky is worried, he is pacing the floors in the middle of the night trying to figure out the next stupid comment…

    Ducky, Harrison will lose, and the McHenry County Sheriffs office will be returned to the people….

    So go duck your head in some water, where you belong…

    And, when you finally come up for some air, duck again, because Regime is going to be finished….

  29. Look in the sky!

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, It’s Duncan with a five day load in his diaper dropping more of his crap!

    Poor Duncan didn’t get a chance to change his diaper… AAAAAAWWWWWW!

  30. you are going from a duck to an ass

    you are also educating the readers how uneducated you are

  31. Agreed Voter…

    Ducky is part of the Regime, and they have no more power in our county government..

    They are bitter.

    Depositions in Rockford.

    Boy oh boy, do I feel sorry for them.

  32. I serve no purpose?

    You are right about that as I have no intentions here like you do Mr. Diapers.

    Your intentions are to criticize everything and everyone because you are a grumpy nasty old frat.

    Hopefully your sidekick would change your diapers more often, and you wouldn’t be like this.

  33. That’s right Doreen, you serve no purpose…

    You do act like a child.

    The story was about Illinois and corruption, for which you clearly are not capable of commenting on.

    No, you would prefer to attack me.

    Voter is right you are very naive.

    Can’t wait for those depositions to be finished…

  34. The next article should be Clean up Corruption in McHenry County.

    Which is on its way but did you happen to know that Harrison was invited to the Jefferson Day dinner given by the McHenry County Democratic Party?He went.

    Hmmm he certainly has every right to attend. He SAYS he is Independent but I’m basing my opinion on when he asked people to donate to the Democratic party previously, he wanted to run first as a Republican,> I have a feeling that he is hiding behind the old switch-a-rou game.

    I may be wrong about what I think but, not………

    Anyone who has had past involvement with Nygren/Zinke thank you

  35. ATTACK YOU, No, it’s called a counterattack Mr. Diapers.

    You have been pounding on me for a long time and I had it with your nasty remarks.

    And I did not make a comment here, I asked a simple question to your comment, and instead of answering my question, again you replied with a grumpy nasty remark.

    You are a grumpy nasty old fart that criticizes everything and everyone.

  36. Go up to your answer Doreen.

    You were trying to set up Duncan and you even said it.

    So what is your beef.

    YOU said you wanted to just make a point so you were not really asking a question.You just wanted to start trouble.

    YOU did attack Duncan.

    I think you are still mad that Zinke lost.

  37. Yes the old bat is upset Zinke lost, as reflected in her comments.

    Not productive..

    She is a very sore loser, that’s for sure…

    Oh yes Harrison is playing the switch-a rou-game.

    One more reason, he should never be trusted. End, the corruption game and say note more to the antics of Jim Harrison and vote for Bill Prim…..

  38. She also can not comment on any subject because it is obvious that she
    may live in McHenry County but she knows nothing about it.

    Google her name and you get all the things she has said and you make the determination if she is contributing to any conversation.


  39. Hey Craig and Meathead, messing up any investigations today, or yesterday or the day before?..

    Just remember, the public knows about the 2 of you….

    Corruption in McHenry County, no more..

    It’s just a matter of time before certain Agents will be held accountable through the legal system.

    Not naming names of course…

    A certain corrupt Federal judge that you both know will be answering some very serious questions, very soon…

    Yes indeedy!

    Please do everyone a favor and realize you are not above anyone.

    And, you thought you were invincible.


  40. Here we go again with Mr. Diapers and his sidekick.

    Strike One: I have already said that I was glad that Zinke lost.

    Strike Two: Set up or not to make a point, Mr. Diapers still answered my question with a grumpy nasty remark.

    Strike Three: I have said many times that I do not know everything that is going on, but I am learning, and I don’t like it.

    Three strikes, your out boys.

  41. Doreen, I’m glad that you are trying to learn about everything on this blog.

    Many posts, I don’t even understand what’s going on !

    We all learn from reading, but unfortunately, there is only so much you can put on a blog without getting taken to court.

    I suggest you go to as many public county meetings, parades, fundraisers, meet and greets, as you can, and by meeting different people, you can find out their stories. ( in person ).

    McHenry County has so much going on, and not unlike every other county, it’s not very good !

  42. Doreen. like I have said many times you add no value to this discussion.

    You clearly, don’t know what has been happening in our county for years and if you do, you are in very deep denial…

  43. I don’t understand what this “here we go again” is in response to with the snide retort.

    Isn’t this the same Doreen that was thrilled to have gone out to lunch with so many of her friends from work and early voted for Zinke?

    What is the point of your post?

  44. She is only a distraction, and not a very good one.

    It appears, that the only thing she has achieved on this blog it to act as a nuisance.

    She is a Zinke supporter and that says so much about Doreen.

    Well, except for the fact that she doesn’t know how to count…lol..

    Personally, I don’t want to get into all of her inequities.

    She has embarrassed herself enough…

  45. Federal Correction Institution (FCI), 350 Elk Ave, Oxford, WI.

    Within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

    Pekin & Greenville, IL are also medium security Federal prisons.

    Would be nice to house as many Federal Illinois inmates in IL as possible to keep the Federal money here.

    Wonder if IL has a net gain or loss of Federal inmates.

    Meaning do we export more Federal criminals to out of state prisons than we import.

    Several media outlets have done stories about Club Fed Oxford over the year, including the Chicago Reader.

  46. If anyone would like to know Herb Hogberg is now in charge of the Rockford, Illinois, FBI office…

    Hey, Herb what happened to Craig and “Meathead?’

    Herb, are you there to sweep?

    That office is known to be “VERY DIRTY”

    The fine folks of McHenry County want to know if you plan to clean up that office.


    What happened to that famous Federal Judge that was caught inn a wire, accepting kicks backs and bribes?

    Everyone, really wants to know Herb.

    In fact, not only do they want an answer from you Herb, the people of Illinois have the right to know…

    Please provide and answer in an expeditious manner, which is a lot more than I can say about Craig and Casey’s investigations.

    Remember, that turtle past them right on by, because they are so…… slow.

    Gosh, Herb, you might want to think about inspiring your agents to work faster.

    Just saying…

  47. There are certain individuals that have court cases in play..

    Depositions in Rockford.

    Just incase you need to subpoena the employment files for some FBI agents:

    All subpoenas can be sent to:

    Tynesia Bowe she is a Human Resources Supervisor.

    Please forward all correspondence to

    Tynesia Bowe % Chicago FBI
    2111 W. Roosevelt Road.
    Chicago, Illinois. 60608

    Get this, you don’t have to go through the Department of Justice…


    Not you Herb!

  48. Hey Herb, I bet you never thought your job would be so much fun, did you now?

    Sure hope the FBI gives you more than one vacation this year, because you are going to need it…

    Potentially, the FBI could be totally embarrassed by the information that will soon be revealed at a McHenry County Theatre near you…lol…..

    I have waited decades for this to happen…

    Believe me the movie goers in McHenry County are going to be glued to their screens…

    Your agents really should have gone to maid school as I have never seen a dirtier office.

    Hey, Craig and “Meathead” helped create the mess, make sure you also give them a broom.

    Happy sweeping boys!

  49. Hey Herb, next time your Federal Attorney and your agents decide to get mad at one of your moles, you will think twice about it…

    You really should have been more respectful of your hired spy…

    Hey Herb, whats happening man?

    Everyone in Illinois, wants to know.

    Let me tell you, The Rockford FBI Agents have really p….ssed off a lot of people in the process of supposedly doing their jobs…

    One can only guess, that once the people of Illinois find out what has happened to their hard earned tax dollars, that there are going to refunds until most illinoisans retire…

    Really, like that idea Herb…..

    Now, now, Herb, don’t be losing any sleep….

    If you happened to find yourself up in the middle of the night pacing the floors, go sweep.

    Have a great day Herb!

  50. “JUST FOR YOU HERBY” Let me tell you, the FBI is going to regret the day they ever messed with me, their hired moles and the people of the State of Illinois…lol…. You really should have been nicer to your mole Herb……


    The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. The First Amendment has been interpreted by the Court as applying to the entire federal government. Furthermore, the Court has interpreted, the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as protecting the rights in the First Amendment from interference by state governments. See U.S. Const. amend. XIV.

    Hey Herby, you may want to consult with that sorry excuse of an Attorney.

  51. Hey Herby, I hear there is lots of over buttered popcorn on the floor of the Rockford FBI office.

    Whatsa matter, you just happen to have an overflow of over buttered popcorn?

    Why are we not surprised?

    Sure hope you have a substantial supply of brooms over there, to clean up that dirty office…

    It’s gonna be ok Herby, because the people of Illinois are going to demand answers….

    Theres a new movie coming out it will be called “The Mole and the Intimidators”

    Whatsa matter Herby, you don’t like depositions or the name of my new movie?

    Get use to it Herby.

  52. Or should I say, The Mole and the Regime’s Intimidators?”

    Hmmmmm Now that sounds better….

    Or, “The Regime’s Intimidators Try to get the Mole?”

    Either way, it’s not looking pretty for the Regime or some really bad players from the FBI….

    So whats happening man?

    Poor Herby…..

    I don’t like train rides, they can be down right scary when the Regime just happens to be on the same train…..

    Yep, much easier to travel in a car these days..

    You know exactly what I am talking about Herbie…..

    Those boys from the Nygren and Zinke Circus are a bunch of bullies and it is your job to rein them in.

    No Excuses….

  53. Hey Herby, how about this title for the movie “The Mole and the Enforcers”

    If you are really lucky, you may just get the starring role.

    However, your mole would do a much better job, because the mole can tell the truth and really won’t have to put any effort into acting.

    We all know some of the boys from the Rockford FBI office do not need acting lessons, no they are really good actors…

    They can convince some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people, all of the time….

  54. Hey Nygren, McHenry County knows what you have been up to.

    How’s the weather in Florida?

    The Regimes enforces are doing your dirty work these days?..

    You tell those big fat wimps to go back to work and in their spare time they better be looking for new jobs.

    If that is how they are going to behave, the tax payers don’t want them working for the county…

    Gosh Keith Baby, you have done an extraordinary job training those bullies..

    You should be man enough to show up for court proceedings on your own, and instead, you are sending those wimps to do your job….

    Get back here Keith and start doing the job the tax payers have paid you to do…

  55. Why have you have abandoned office Keith?

    You should be at the Sheriffs office doing your job, not living in Florida.

    The tax payers are paying your salary, when you are not even doing the job you have been paid to do.

  56. Nygren, you big fat wimp, it’s just a matter of time before you have to pay for the consequences of your actions..

    Enjoy, your time in Florida, because it’s not going to last long…

    The truth will be told Keith, and you won’t be allowed to bully or intimidate one more person in our county…

    Those poor saps that call themselves Psychologists or Psychiatrists working for you, will also be held accountable for their indiscretions.

    Remember Keith, the boys from Greylord thought they were invisible. NOT!

  57. Our tax dollars are paying Keith Nygrens salary, when he is living in Florida.

    The people should demand that the monies paid for Nygren’s salary be returned to the tax payers..

  58. Hey Herby, Nygren is in Florida….

    Hey Herby, what about those guys that held our business owners at gun point, was there an investigation? Did you talk to them? What exactly, did you do to investigate and get to the truth? Or, did you just let them run some of our tax paying business owners out of town? Or, should we be asking “MEATHEAD” Casey and FBI agent Craig what they did to address those situations. From what I can tell, you and your office kept the information from the people. WHY?

    Believe me, Herby, you will be required to provide answers to the people of Illinois. We the people, we the tax payers, provide your salary… FBI agents, work for the people, the people do not work for the FBI…. Come on Herby come out of your cave and start providing answers to the people of Illinois. Hmmmmm… Let’s see, will you show everyone you are a coward by staying in your cave and by not providing answers? Or will you be professional and respectful and provide answers to the people of Illinois, that they have the right to hear and that they deserve to hear?.. By the way, no one wants to hear your excuses, they want to hear the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth… Herby, will you be a coward or a man? You decide…

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