Christina Myers Joins Paul Schimpf for Attorney General Campaign

The Campaign Manager for Republican Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf, Christie Strunga, has announced the appointment of Christina Myers.  Her announcement email is below:

I hope everyone’s week is well underway and off to a great start!  I have some exciting news to share…

Christina Meyer

Christina Myers

Christina Myers has joined the Schimpf for Illinois Campaign, as our Communications Director.  Christina has a background in both politics and law, which is a great asset to Paul’s campaign!Furthermore, Christina’s political experience extends from the grassroots level, to Capitol Hill.  Christina is a team player, full of enthusiasm and ready to work with us towards getting Paul’s message out and earning big VICTORY in November!

As you all know, it will be a strong grassroots effort that wins Paul’s race.

That being said, earned media will be crucial.  Please share any helpful media-related information, relating to your respective markets, directly with Christina.


Christina Myers Joins Paul Schimpf for Attorney General Campaign — 3 Comments

  1. I sure am for Paul but he is going to have a strong media coverage and public awareness.

    Lisa Madigan has her father and he is one strong political force.

  2. Voter- you have an incredible ability to see the deep roots of the story and bring it forward for the rest of us lowly hobbits.

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