Three Anti-Rauner Sun-Times Columns in Two Days — 14 Comments

  1. Let’s look at each candidates choice for Lt. Governor.

    Bruce Rauner’s choice for Lt. Governor is a female minority, Evelyn Sanguinetti.

    Pat Quinn’s choice for Lt. Governor is a white male, Paul Vallas.

    The big problem in Illinois government is not lack of diversity.

    It’s an inability to manage money.

  2. Uh, Mark, clearly you are a bit misinformed,

    “Vallas had previously directed the budget arm of the Illinois State Legislature and served as budget director for Daley.”

    The problem with Illinois voters is they have opinions before doing a simple google search.

    Vallas is more qualified to deal with budgetary woes than Evelyn Sanguinetti who is basically the equivalent to Sarah Palin having served on the PTA before and has basically NO political experience.

  3. Wow Frank.

    Flaming liberal much?

    Nothing Mark said was “misinformed”.

    Simple facts are what he stated.

    It’s not that liberals know so much – it’s that they know so much that is wrong.

  4. Mark made excellent point, fact based.

    The dissenting commenter tried to make an emotionally targeted ad hominem attack to divert from the point.

    If one’s assumption is that the State of Illinois is in horrible financial trouble, the fact that Vallas has been a participant in getting Illinois finances where they are today is a black mark which more than negates any positive impact which might accompany his relatively longer political experience.

  5. So, you are hiring a new manager for a baseball team.

    One has never played baseball.

    The other was a assistant manager for many years on a losing team.

    Who do you choose?

  6. Frank, I would definitely try the new guy.

    The chance for improvement is based on that theory.

  7. The Governor has a much greater role than the Lt. Governor in managing money.

    Rauner can manage money better than Quinn.

    The Lt. Governor budget is small.

    Political experience has driven the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago into a financial crisis.

    Any baseball team with the finances of the State of Illinois or the City of Chicago would be bankrupt.

  8. Baseball teams’ players and managers behave rationally toward a common good..

    This good and rational behavior is enforced through competition — many other managers would covet that position so mediocrity cannot thrive– and of course there are bad consequences like firing and cessation of salary for poor performance.

    The analog does not exist in politics because there are no consequences for poor performance, there is no clean logical pathway for ‘hiring’ righteous management talent into a position gone empty, and the common goal of team’s wellbeing is absent.

    In politics the individual does for himself at the expense of others and exempts himself from sharing the fate of ‘the team’.

    And quite the opposite of a good baseball manager, breeding divisiveness is encouraged and can be very profitable to the political individual in power.

  9. Cindy, deep to you is a swimming pool.

    @Sharon – The analogy was meant for comparing Vallas and Sanguinetti as prospective Lt. Gov picks, not an overarching comparison of how politics is like a baseball team.

    Regardless, there are consequences for poor performance – Eric Cantor’s elimination as a primary pick for the Republican party is a great example.

    There certainly are ‘hiring’ qualifications for prospective political appointees or candidates – As Mike Tryon quite eloquently illustrated by snubbing the cry of Cal Skinner attempting to tap Tonya Franklin as a 2012 post primary nominee.

    And to your point that politicians will ‘do for themselves at the expense of others,’ what do you call logrolling?

    Though, I do agree with you on one point – breeding divisiveness can be profitable – however in my opinion, only temporarily.

  10. In libtardland (Illinois), it’s always A-OK for minority racists to spout agitprop.

    It’s never a 2-way street.

    The ‘Hitlerization’ is about to begin, folks ….hang on to your pantaloons!

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