Effingham County Ahead of McHenry County in Transparency

Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski, the driving force behind Open the Books, was in Effingham recently promoting transparency.

According to the Effingham Daily News, the Effingham County Board came in for praise:

Andrzejewski recognized the Effingham County Board as a unit for promising to create an online database of every penny the county spends.

The McHenry County Board has not done so yet.

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Effingham County Ahead of McHenry County in Transparency — 4 Comments

  1. Tranparency in McHenry County should be a mission for all of us to keep pressing local governments to “open the books.”

    After all, it’s our money, isn’t it?

  2. McHenry County Board Members
    Michele Aavang (District 6).
    Yvonne Barnes (District 1).
    Nick Chirikos (District 1).
    Sue Draffkorn (District 4).
    Diane Evertsen (District 6).
    Joseph Gottemoller (District 3).
    John Hammerand (District 4).
    Jim Heisler (District 2).
    Chairwoman Tina Hill (District 5).
    John Jung, Jr. (District 5).
    Ken Koehler (District 2).
    Donna Kurtz (District 2).
    Bob Martens, Sr. (District 4).
    Mary McCann (District 6).
    Mary McClellan (District 3).
    Anna May Miller (District 1).
    Bob Novak (District 1).
    Nick Provenzano (District 3).
    Sandy Salgado (District 4).
    Carolyn Schofield (District 2).
    Ersel Schuster (District 6).
    Michael Skala (District 5).
    Michael Walkup (District 3).
    Paula Yensen (District 5).

    Effingham County Board Members.
    Lloyd Foster (District A).
    Jim Niemann (District B).
    Karen Luchtefeld (District C).
    David Campbell (District D).
    Mike Depoister (District E).
    Jeff Simpson (District F).
    Doug McCain (District G).
    Rob Arnold (District H).
    Joe Thoele (District I).

  3. Mark: You may want to add that Effingham County has just over 34,000 in population and covers 480 square miles while McHenry County has over 300,000 in population and covers 610 square miles.

    Median household income in McHenry County is listed at $64,826,and $39,379 for Effingham county.

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