Community College Whistle Blower on Ghost Employee State Rep. Gains Reinstatement

Who knew that state representatives in other states were double dippers?

Central Alabama Com College signI didn’t until I heard that Central Alabama Community College employee Edward Lane lost his job because he blew the whistle on a no-show state representative sucking money out of a program called Community Intensive Training for Youth.

Suzanne Schmitz got over $177,000 for a community relations job from 2003-6. She’ll have to repay the money.

She was sentenced to prison for up to 30 months in a Federal case last fall. Schmitz is a Democrat.

After Lane testified in Federal Court against the ghost payroller, the junior college’s president, Steve Franks, fired Lane.

According to the Birmingham News,

“the federal investigation of the two-year college system in Alabama…has produced more than a dozen guilty pleas, convictions and indictments from people with two-year college ties, including current and former legislators.”

You can read the decision here.

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