Little Townships’ GOP Fight Sputters On

The Republican organization of the smallest townships in McHenry County was the only one to have contention.

The night the group reorganized, those previously in control, except for Brian Sager, did not attend.

Nominated without opposition and elected by secret ballot were

  • Michael McCleary – Chairman
  • Lori White – Vice Chairman
  • Rachel Smith – Secretary
  • Mark Shepherd – Treasurer

Subsequently, those now in the minority met.

Now the former Chairman Mike Symk, before the March primary election an appointed Precinct Committeeman in Marengo Township, now the elected Committeeman in Riley Township, has written a letter to McCleary with copies to fellow Committeemen in the NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee.

You can read it below:

Splinter 6-13-14 p1Splinter 6-13-14 p2



Little Townships’ GOP Fight Sputters On — 7 Comments

  1. Michael Symk And other choose not to attend the meeting to pick new board for the NorWest group.

    That was there right not to attend.

    Unlawful and forceful means?

    Every thing has been legit, The State Republican Party and there Lawyers Said we followed the proper way to do things.

    No one forced him to stay home.

    In 2 years that Mr Symk was in charge they never pass any bylaws for the group, Less that 3 months the bylaws are in the final stages of being complete and have been reviewed by the group of NorWest committeemen.

    If Symk version of the bylaws were so great why didn’t he ever get them voted on in the 24 months he was in charge?

    I feel this is no more than sour grapes from Michael Symk.

    If he doesn’t want to represent Riley Township in the NorWest group Then step down and we will find some one that will.

    It is time to move on.

    If he wants to be in charge then in less than 2 years he SHOULD attend the meeting put his name on the ballet and see if he gets enough votes to take over. Have a nice day!! 🙂

  2. In the few years since i was appointed precinct committeeman for Chemung 4 at about the Same time Smyk was appointed in Marengo……..we only had mention of by-laws……

    I believe attended every meeting,at no time did I ever see any copies of any by-laws……..

    How Smyk got to be in charge of this committee is a mystery to me…fact I never saw Lockhart or Gummerson at any of these meetings…

    the first time I saw them was when they appeared at the March Meeting to protest the elections of new officers……….

  3. Thanks to the leadership of Mike McCleary and Sandra Salgado, we were able to form the Norwest Township.

    Finally, the ‘under 10’ townships have a seat at the table with the rest of the McHenry County townships.

    Both Mike McCleary and Sandra Salgado spoke with and gained guidance from the Illinois GOP legal staff before our election was held.

    The election of the Norwest officers was also acknowledged by former McHenry County GOP Chairman, Mike Tryon as being a legal election.

    The splinter group of Smyk, Gummerson, Lockhart and Klasen have been informed as such.

    They are continuing to try and provide a distraction from our candidates and their elections.

    They are continuing to try and initiate a divide within the McHenry County Republican Party.

    Smyk has used intimidation tactics himself, by sending out emails saying our election is not legal, trying to dissuade precinct committeeman from attending our special meeting when our election was held.

    This sour grapes over accusations that our election wasn’t legal and that he wasn’t able to join the by-laws committee is juvenile.

    Where is your proof that our election was not legal?

    Mark is right, in two years, Smyk, you can run for Chairman of the Norwest or the McHenry County Republican party for that matter.

    Right now we need to be working on getting Steve Reick elected along with our other fellow Republicans.

  4. Great job to the new Norwest leaders!

    Mike Smyk is a perfect example of an adult acting like a child.

    If I do not get my way I will not play…well Mike Smyk take your toys and inept history as the unlawful former leader of the Norwest and GO HOME!

    Then again, that is what you are doing…so…carry on.

    Pam and Glenda and Mark and Gerry…tell your puppet to cut the strings and be his own “man”.

  5. Kudos to everyone in the Norwest group for coming together.

    You are helping to lead the way in bylaws and organizing for November.

    The state and county is behind the rightfully elected leadership.


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