Don Leist Plays in Peoria

Peoria city sealFormer McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney and Affirmative Action/Legal Affairs Officer for McHnery County Sheriff Keith Nygren got a much better job in Peoria.

He is due to start as City Counsel next week.

And at a big raise.

When McHenry County Blog last looked at the salaries of McHenry County employees, Leist had received $86,515 in salary, plus fringe benefits to being his total compensation to $103,802.25.

The City of Peoria is going to pay Leist $140,000

Je will also get house hunting expenses of $1,000, relocation expenses up to $3,500 and temporary housing up to $10,000, the latter two contingent on his “remaining employed” for “24 consecutive months.”

There will also be fringe benefits.

Leist is required to live inside the city limits.

The Affirmative Action/Legal Affairs Officer became an issue in the Republican Primary campaign for Sheriff.

Bill Prim made it clear that the Department did not need an Affirmative Affairs Officer (which had been mandated for a period of time by a Court order, which has now expired).

He also made it clear that the State’s Attorney would be provided legal advice, if he were elected.


Don Leist Plays in Peoria — 5 Comments

  1. He is receiving a 36K increase in salary.

    That is the highest increase that I have ever seen.

    Typically, when someone is hired they can depend on an 8%-10% increase .

    He received an increase of 37% .

    That is absolutely “HUGE’ ….

    Having worked in Staffing & Recruiting, the new salary for Liest should be questioned by the people of Peoria..

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