Roskam Comments on Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

A press release from Congressman Peter Roskam:

Roskam Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL) today released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court announced its ruling on the Obamacare HHS mandate:

Peter Roskam

Peter Roskam

“Today, the Supreme Court upheld one of the core principles our nation was founded upon, religious freedom.

“The federal government and the heavy-handed mandates within Obamacare cannot and should not violate the deeply held religious beliefs of these family-owned and operated businesses.

“After the government has granted exemptions from this very mandate for 100 million employees for commercial and political reasons, it is only appropriate that they should do so for those with objections based on their faith.

“I am hopeful this ruling will help protect the rights of Tyndale House Publishers in Carol Stream, Wheaton College in Wheaton, and others organizations I represent as they practice the free exercise of their religious beliefs.”


Roskam Comments on Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision — 2 Comments

  1. sad thing it won 5-4; showing of things to come if one of the 5 leave the SC and Obama puts one of his leftist partners in.

  2. You know what would be a liberal wet dream?

    Hillary wins, Ginsburg steps down, and Obama is confirmed a Justice!

    Or Alito dies from a heart attack, and Obama appoints Paul Watford, former clerk to Ginsburg!

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