Cary Village Board Meeting Packed

Thanks to a friend of McHenry County Blog for the following photos from the Cary Village Board meeting:

The parking lot was packed.

The parking lot was packed.

The group Cary Matters packed the Cary Village Board meeting Tuesday night.

A view of the crowd.

A view of the crowd.

It was standing room only.

Another crowd shot.

Another crowd shot.

About 125 people came to express their dissatisfaction with a decision to allow low-income housing on First Street.

This man wore a button.

Jim Cosler wore a button and looks as if he was handing out leaflets.

Of those who spoke before I received these photos, all were opposed to the development.

Some people couldn't even get in the room.

Some people couldn’t even get in the room.

Not all the people could get in the meeting room.

My article from earlier today can be found here.


Cary Village Board Meeting Packed — 3 Comments

  1. I was there!

    This was just crazy!

    I really do not understand the mayor.

    We elected you Mark Kownick because you said Bruce Kaplan would sell Cary to the highest bidder.

    You said that a realtor would be bad for Cary… and we believed you.

    Now you are doing exactly what you said Bruce would do.

    Mark, you are destroying Cary.

    We moved from Oak Park to Cary to escape the rules, the regulations, and the problems there.

    We thought Cary was the right place to move. We have a metra station and good schools.

    This is our worst nightmare coming true.

    We need to stop this.

    Thank God for Karen Lukasik and Jeff Kraus for voting no.

    Seriously – what are you thinking?

    Bruce Parker
    Cary Resident

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