Water Hazard Under Algonquin Bypass Bridge

A friend of McHenry County Blog reports there was about an inch of water under the new Algonquin bypass bridge during one of the recent big rainstorms.

Alg by-pass bridge fall 2013Is this an engineering failure by the Illinois Department of Transportation?

With a creek right next door to Algonquin Road is is beyond belief that adequate drainage has not been designed.

People can figure on their cars planing on the accumulated water, I guess.


Water Hazard Under Algonquin Bypass Bridge — 6 Comments

  1. You mean the highly paid union workers from IDOT did not take into account drainage after doing a multi million dollar project?

    This will allow the overpaid union workers to get more time in to repair the problem.

  2. Did the photographer bother to get out of their car to see if garbage and construction debris(from all the ongoing construction on that stretch of road) washed down by the torrential storms in the last week clogged the drain grates under the overpass?

    Looking forward to a reasoned and well thought out answer.

  3. Tinkerbelle – I assume you are referring to the engineers that inspected the area, made their decisions based on their findings and designed the job based on knowledge, site findings, engineering design guidelines, past history on similar projects and just common sense.

    Did you know parts of the Fox River have overflowed in the past?
    NOW WHO DESIGNED THAT? Could there have been a mistake made….. that does happen doesn’t it!

  4. Cal- I suggest you direct your attention to the distinct shadows in the photo, the dry pavement in the foreground, and the lack of any precipitation impinging upon the camera lens, or obscuring the view through the windshield.

    You were saying something about a downpour?

    Always good to draw conclusions without a shred of evidence.

  5. Hey tinkerbell, engineers and architects designed the project, not one of them being in a union.

    Stop blaming unions for all the ills in our society, it only shows you are less than intellectual and would rather blame others who actually retain some rights as employees because you don’t benefit from those rights.

    I have never been in a union but wish I was as I have watched “job creators” strip us hard corporate employees of everything that matters over the last 30 years.

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