Zane Seipler Comments on Suit Settlement

    Zane Seipler campaigning for the Republican nomination for Sheriff against incumbent Keith Nygren in 2010.

Zane Seipler campaigning for the Republican nomination for Sheriff against incumbent Keith Nygren in 2010.

The following was received from former Deputy Sheriff and 2010 GOP Primary candidate against Keith Nygren:

Since very few “news” entities have asked for my side of the settlement story I have drafted this statement that the McHenry County Blog was willing to post.

Earlier this month I entered into a settlement agreement that amounts to a Quid Pro Quo resolution to the Federal lawsuit I filed in 2008.

As many of you know a Federal Judge wrote an opinion that stated I gave perjurious testimony during an evidentiary hearing regarding the internet posting of evidence that highlighted McHenry County deputies and their involvement in incidents that many people would categorize as crimes.

I did not give perjurious testimony.

The Judge heard evidence presented by both sides’ attorneys and under the “Preponderance of the Evidence” standard which is the prerequisite in this type of civil hearing, the Judge authored an opinion.

The Preponderance of the Evidence standard is well below the threshold of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” which is used for criminal cases.

James Sotos, who represented McHenry County.

James Sotos, who represented McHenry County.

McHenry County, having unlimited resources, was able to hire a superior law firm to handle this case.

I, unfortunately, was at a disadvantage from the beginning of this endeavor, as I have very little, if any resources, capable of competing in such an arena.

Mistakes were made leading up to and during the evidentiary hearing that led the Judge to his conclusion.

The Judge was asked by the County’s attorney to authorize a criminal investigation into my statements.

Frederick Kapala

Judge Frederick Kapala

The Judge denied that request and instead levied a heavy fine.

It was my deepest desire that a criminal investigation would have taken place because I would have been able to present all the evidence I have acquired over the years and entered it into evidence as part of my defense.

I also would have been tried by a jury of my peers.

I did not have the resources to appeal the Judge’s ruling.

The next step of the process was to argue why the case should continue to trial.

The County’s attorney was going to ask that the case be dismissed until I could pay the fine.

If the Judge ruled in favor of the County the case would be dismissed or held in some state of judicial limbo until I could pay the fine.

Why did the County decide to settle?

The other possibility was that the Judge would send the case to trial and I would pay the fine later.

The County’s attorneys did not want to take that chance that this case would go to trial and the evidence would be made public.

I did not want to chance another disastrous outcome as I did in the evidentiary hearing.

An arrangement was made that alleviated me of all financial responsibilities and the County made an arrangement that alleviated them of any guilt.

Quid Pro Quo

Outgoing Sheriff Keith Nygren claims this Quid Pro Quo settlement agreement is some kind of victory and vindication to my allegations of racial profiling and officer misconduct.

The fact of the matter is the County’s attorneys did not want this case going to trial because they would lose.

That is why the County and Keith Nygren made a deal with me that not only alleviated a $240,000 fine but vacated the ruling all together.

The County also agreed to let me keep $26,000 in unemployment benefits.

The County agreed to change my employment status from “terminated” to “resigned” and provide me with a letter of recommendation in accordance with County procedure.

Here are the costs of Outgoing Sheriff Nygren’s alleged victory over Zane Seipler.

  • $100,000 to the County in lawyer fees plus adjustment on insurance premiums [deductible is now $250,000 per case].
  • Unknown hourly wages for all the deputies and commanders who were deposed.
  • Unknown travel expenses.
  • Total breakdown in the administrative system of deputy oppression.
  • National recognition of Nygren’s mismanaged administration by the Chicago Tribune.
  • The catalyst for a grass roots political uprising against a system of corruption that Outgoing Sheriff Keith Nygren was a fundamental part of creating.
  • Scott Milliman

    Scott Milliman

    $276,000 in back pay and unemployment payments.

  • $240,000 that will never find its way back to the taxpayers.
  • The catalyst for Deputy Scott Millman’s ongoing lawsuit that highlights criminal activities far worse than racial profiling.
  • Continuous scrutiny by the County Board and the community into Keith Nygren’s grandiose claims of success and accomplishment.

Outgoing Sheriff Nygren did not win anything.

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

He was able to use taxpayer resources to thwart a civil trial that would have completely destroyed his legacy and the careers of a handful of his administrators.

There is no victory for Outgoing Sheriff Keith Nygren.

His handpicked successor, Deputy Zinke lost the election.

His political allies have jumped off the Nygren bandwagon and have rightly begun supporting a good man, Republican Candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim.

Before long Outgoing Sheriff Nygren will be a distant memory of a time in McHenry County when people were afraid to challenge a bully and stand up to Good Ole Boy politics.

I am proud that I had a hand in ushering Nygren and his regime out of power.


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  1. Statement by Zane Seipler:

    “I, unfortunately, was at a disadvantage from the beginning of this endeavor, as I have very little, if any resources, capable of competing in such an arena.”

    How about the truth, there was NO undisputable evidences to support your allegations. If there was, you could have started a collection to finance your bogus cause, but nobody believed you, not even the loud mouths here.

    The truth eventually prevails, and in this situation, it has.

  2. The truth will prevail,maybe not at this time. He was at a BIG disadvantage. Why was the Sheriff’s department allowed to hire a Superior law firm?

    This of course was at the tax payers expense. The Sheriff’s department sure did have unlimited resources.

    It’s called the tax payers. Who allowed this.

    Zane told the truth.

    It’s the little guy who tells the truth that gets hurt.

    They get caught up in the financial game and have to use their own money and the County has the money to keep going and going until a person has no choice in the matter.

  3. “Paul Revere” You are clearly a regime supporter.

    Your statements are nothing more than an attempt to cover the truth and invalidate the facts. There is corruption in McHenry County.

    I believe, that the Sheriffs Department made a deal because they had some things that they did not want the public to know.

    Zane, was just one of people that understands and has witnessed the inner workings of the corruption game.

    I believe he, like many, was retaliated against because he just didn’t want to be a player…

    It’s not over yet!

  4. I think Duncan McHenry is Zane’s wife.

    The way Duncan defends Zane.

    The way Duncan likes Prim, but hates Zinke and The Sheriff.

    The way Duncan is always on here… (Does Rose have a job?)

    And if she doesn’t have a job, it would make sense why she constantly references day time game shows all the time.

  5. I don’t know much about the Zeipler/Nygren feud.

    I am involved in McHenry County politics and I know these facts:

    1) Nygren is a political hack and thug of an individual. Virtually everyone now knows this and they can’t stand the oaf.

    2) Al Jourdan in his tenure as Party Chairman had complete power in McHenry county and he was an astute manager.

    But, toward the end of his tenure he made some of the biggest idiot decisions: among them were the support of Mike Brown and Keith Nygren.

    Our political party continues to suffer from Jourdan’s foolishness.

    Nygren has led the party into the ground with an iron fist and the grandstanding Franks is now our local rep.

    Nygren and Franks continue to be democratic buddys.

  6. Skeptic you are right about Nygren and Franks.

    That is why ANYONE in present and past associations to Nygren have to go.

    One would be Jim Harrison who is running as an independent but supports and is a democrat.

    He is from the Gary Pack/Nygren days and he is not qualified to be Sheriff.

    We have another choice and that is Bill Prim who can wipe away this old regime and bring honor and respect to the Sheriff’s department.

  7. Fair – You reveal yourself as a fool.

    Many of the things Duncan writes about happened long before Seipler even lived in this county.

    Overseas in the service and would not even know about.

    His wife did not live here either and would not know.

    They were not even married yet.

    You are just a new name for the idiot Fukuko

  8. “Fair Play” You are paranoid.

    What difference does it make?

    The problem you have with me is that I have done nothing but reveal the truth about McHenry County Politics.

    Now go get a life you serve no useful purpose.

  9. First of all Fair Play you should really consider changing your name to Full of Poop.

    You don’t like Duncan because of what she says and is the truth.

    You can’t handle truth or anyone else who represents the truth.

  10. Perhaps some of the readers could fill in on the Gary Pack issue.

    Newer readers may not know about how his office was run and his reputation.

  11. America,

    Well over a year now we have witnessed numerous allegations by both factions in their struggle for power in the Republican Party.

    Looking from outside into the window of the heart of the Republican Party, it is hard for us outsiders to determine the truth of that famous widely-used word, “corruption” of which side of the factions are the true corrupters.

    It may very well be that both sides of the factions are corrupted and this may be all about the struggle for the new Chairman of the Board.

    It is our obligation as a whole as a people of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and whomever we may be to rebuild a new government structure in our County.

    Not only do we owe it to ourselves, but we owe it to our children and their children to end any kind of corruption in our County.

    We can all start the rebuilding process by electing Independent candidate Jim Harrison as our next Sheriff, who is for ALL the people of McHenry County.

    Jim Harrison will bring with him a new and fresh leadership to this County and has no strings attached to either side of the widely expressed Regimes.

    Jim Harrison as Sheriff will offer ALL the people of McHenry County a fair-balance-unbiased clean government that will bring their land back to being our land to the people of McHenry County.

    The New Beginning: Vote Jim Harrison for Sheriff of McHenry County.

  12. Harrison has yet to produce the land records.

    Both, Gary Pack and Nygren were part of that deal…

    The Regime lost on their political witch hunt of Bianchi and then they lost when Prim was elected as the republican candidate for Sheriff…

    The boys from the Harrison, Pack and Nygren days are not as powerful as they once thought they were.

    They are nothing but a bunch of bad losers who never thought anyone would get rid of the regime….

  13. What!!!!!!!!!!

    Paul Revere are you kidding when you say that Jim Harrison is an Independent.

    Harrison was going to run as a Republican with Prim and Zinke.Then he decided he would not win with them so he bowed out.

    He IS a democrat but knew he couldn’t win as a democrat so he changed and ran Independent. Mister flip-flop.

    He asked the people to donate money on behalf of him and his wife to the Democratic party and he has gone only to democratic events.

    What does that tell you.

    That is running on whatever party he has a chance to win at.Wouldn’t you say that is a little deceptive to the citizens.

    New and fresh leadership….

    No he will continue and bring back the old ways of Nygren.

    Remember he was Nygrens attorney and involved in the old regime ways.

    Please you must have been brain washed and know nothing about the past.

    No strings attached.

    NO the only one that has to strings attached is Prim.

    Lets not forget that Harrison is an attorney and has no qualifications as Prim has to be Sheriff.

    JamesK I’ll get back to you about some articles you can read.

  14. Paul RE….. lets get back to the question of who is most qualified.

    Harrison being connected to Nygren and the old regime is only one negative.

    Now go to Bill Prims web site and go to Harrisons website. Compare the two in their background and qualifications and who is supporting them. Easy to see that HArrison can not compare to Prim.

    It’s in black and white.

    I took criminal law 101 and that would be like telling Harrison I was qualified to defend a person in court.

    My gosh any attorney would be laughing and rightfully so because criminal law 101 is nothing.

    Harrison saying he had so much law-enforcement experience 25 years ago and for less than 8 years is just as laughable.

  15. Paul Revere said –> “Jim Harrison will bring with him a new and fresh leadership to this County and has no strings attached to either side of the widely expressed Regimes”

    You are truly laughable… Hee, hee hee….lol…lol…lol…lol…lol….

    How is it that you are able to get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror?????

    Usually, people who have no remorse about their own behavior can look at themselves in the mirror and have no regret about their actions.

    Gosh that sounds familiar.

    Remembe, the famous Zinke finger and the fact that he shut down Cals Blog?

    Someone, really needs to knock you off of that pedestal of yours.

    Gosh, maybe your horse will do it for you.

    While you are at it please humble your, you know what along the way.

    Hey Paul, where are the land records Harrison was supposed to provide to the people of McHenry County? Better tell Harrison to man up and provide the records.

    Let’s see Pack is doing really well in Florida as an Attorney..

    How many homes does he have and what is their value?

    To be seen soon at a McHenry County theatre near you.

  16. James K, Search engine type:

    Lawyer’s Growing Tab Raises Eyebrows Chicago Tribune June 23, 1998

    Foes Lambaste Pack For Using Outside Lawyer’s Chicago Tribune Jan.20,2000

    Billing Mistake Adds Turmoil To County Primary Chicago Tribune Mar. 1,2000

  17. James K.if you read the article from the Chicago Tribune ” Lawyers Growing tab Raises Eyebrows notice how Jim Harrison was being paid out of the County’s insurance loss fund and Harrison usually was not identified by name in the payments.

    My question would be why would anyone hide payments and not put down who was benefiting and receiving those payments.

    So no one would know.

    Nice deal that Gary Pack had schemed up.

    Charge whatever you want and no one will know?

    Didn’t last long because they were caught.

    Kind of goes along with the other article of Harrison over charging and having to give back over $16,000.

    So with Harrisons lack of qualifications for being the Sheriff and these news reports don’t make me want to trust Harrison.

  18. Maybe Harrison wants to bring back Gary Pack to be his Undersheriff…..

    The Dynamic Duo……. they seemed to work well together for 12 yrs……..

    Zinke is too hot to handle

  19. All readers, please pull up the articles that Happy Trails offered.

    Very educational.

    Learn about these people.
    The State Attorney’s Office is full of lawyers to represent the Sheriff’s Office and county board, etc.

    That is one of it’s functions.

    Hiring outside lawyers should be minimal not a constant.

    Harrison may have won cases for the county, but the same could and should have been done by the salaried State Attorney’s.

    The monies paid to Harrison could have been saved.

    This smells.

    Happy please offer the info on other articles in the future.

    Do not let anyone miss it.If dig further you find out even more.

    Pack was a terrible SA.

  20. Now you are getting it JamesK.

    These were only a few of the articles that speak of the Pack/Nygren/Harrison days.

    Harrison was hired by Pack and was Nygrens attorney.

    Answers the question as to why Nygren didn’t want Bianchi as States Attorney.

    Who do you think fired Harrison?

    Bianchi is a honorable man and a great States attorney and thank God is representing McHenry County and Pack is out. (that is another story,maybe we should post the article on that which was found.

  21. Also check out

    also there is any article in the Chicago Tribune

  22. Question …..If Harrison was on the up and up ( which he probably will say ) why did he work for Pack for 12 yrs.?

    I’m sure he knew what was going on……if he didn’t, he’s pretty naive.

    Team Prim..The Right Man At The Right Time…..

    Where’s Silvia Jones when you need her ?

  23. Here is some really interesting information from Wikipedia–>

    A kickback is a form of negotiated bribery in which a commission is paid to the bribe-taker as a quid pro quo for services rendered. Generally speaking, the remuneration (money, goods, or services handed over) is negotiated ahead of time. The kickback varies from other kinds of bribes in that there is implied collusion between agents of the two parties, rather than one party extorting the bribe from the other.[1] The purpose of the kickback is usually to encourage the other party to cooperate in the illegal scheme.[2]

    The term “kickback” comes from colloquial English language, and describes the way a recipient of illegal gain “kicks back” a portion of it to another person for that persons’s assistance in obtaining it.[3]Kickbacks are one of the most common forms of government corruption.[3] In some cases, the kickback takes the form of a “cut of the action,” and can be so well known as to be common knowledge.

  24. Voter……

    Sylvia Jones interviewed Bill Prim and Zinke for Channel 7 news…maybe she should ask Harrison about his association with Nygren and Pack.

    It’s all public information.

    Harrison says he wants transparency……..well, now is the time for transparency !

  25. Sorry Zane, this has turned into a Harrison blog, but of all people, you should understand.

    You were just another victim of Nygren…….as was Scott Milliman.


  26. Since the Sheriff’s department runs the sale of Foreclosure property and has knowledge of what is for sale etc.

    Maybe since Zinke is there until November he can give people the inside scoop and they can work something out . l.o.l. talk about a nice kickback before he leaves.

  27. Good idea Happy, maybe channel 7 could ask about his Special 12 years with Pack/Nygren days and then ask about a land deal.

    Transparency now that’s new for Harrison since he hasn’t addressed the question.

    Give an answer Harrison and people won’t ask the question anymore. Really simple if you have nothing to hide.

  28. Harrison worked for Pack/Nygren at the same time he sold his property to McHenry County.

    (nothing wrong with that)but at that time what was the fair market value of his property and how much profit did he make?

    It sounds to me like inside trading and a conflict of interest.

    Maybe Harrison did nothing wrong.

    There is also nothing wrong with making a profit.

    Making a profit of a great,great amount is rather suspicious.

    Would that be the reason Harrison won’t answer a simple question> I don’t know.

    No one is saying Harrison did anything illegal it is just a question.

    It does however raise an eyebrow…….someone has property to sell,works for Pack,is Nygrens attorney so you are in the inter circle of things and then the County conveniently buys your property.

    Hmmmmmm that is all I’m saying.

  29. would that be the same as inside trading?

    I don’t know?

    Any answers to that?

  30. If he shared his profits with Nygren and Pack that would be called a kickback…

    So Jim, where are the land records?

    So far, you have not responded to questions or provided those records.

    Hey Jim, everyone wants to see the records….

  31. America,

    The Propagandist Team (Prim) brought forth articles by the Chicago Tribune dated back as far as 16-years ago in a futile attempt to harm the reputation of Jim Harrison.

    I encourage everyone to go and read the article from the Chicago Tribune “Lawyers Growing tab Raises Eyebrows” and read the article entirely.

    In this article, you will discover the failed mention description of only some of the many of Jim Harrison’s true qualifications.

    Quotation remarks:

    Harrison actually has saved the county money

    “I dare anyone to find a good lawyer (Harrison) who will do this work for less than $100 an hour,”

    Harrison persuaded the Illinois Supreme Court to dismiss two lawsuits against the county

    “The county could have been out more money than it spent in legal fees, if those decisions had gone the other way”

    We need somebody (Harrison!)

    The New Beginning: Vote Jim Harrison for Sheriff of McHenry County.

  32. “Paul Revere’ You stupid fool.

    That’s right you can fool some of the people some of the some, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    “AMERICA” where do those shenanigans come from?

    Harrison does not represent new beginnings.

    Voting for Harrison would be like asking the people of McHenry County to step back into the dark ages…

    You go ahead and continue to wear that monkey suit of your “Paul” and go finish your bananas…

    You crazy ape.

  33. The articles were brought out to find the correlation between Harrison, Nygren , and Pack….

    James wanted to know….

    Yes, they were dated back many years, but even the county was questioning his pay.

    Did you read ALL the articles? ( Billing mistake adds turmoil to county primary ).

    Facts are facts and Harrison is only interested in facts.

    He’s a LAWYER….

    We are not talking about some article made-up by bloggers, we are only showing public, factual documents.

    I am sorry that you only brought out only a few good lines in that article, but that is because their ONLY WERE a FEW lines……

    AND they were said by PACK……

    Sorry, I don’t buy it.

  34. “Paul Revere” If you hadn’t noticed, it is the 4th of July weekend.

    Don’t you have some fireworks or something to go watch?..

    Whatsa matter your family didn’t like the smell of bananas or horse manure so they kicked you out of the party? Can’t blame them, no one likes a party pooper……

    You better find a different cologne on one of your adventures.

    Your circle of friends and family is getting smaller and smaller…

    All it takes, is one whiff of you and everyone runs for the hills….

    Now go back to your jungle and join the regime for more bananas and horse sh..t in that smelly monkey suit of yours.

    You will do everyone a favor if you just disappear…

  35. Happy Trails has really good information.

    The people of McHenry County should be listening to what he has to say.

    I believe the only difference between the old Harrison and the new Harrison is his degree.

    That is all.

    That does not make him qualified to run the Sheriffs Department…

  36. “Duncan Mchenry” If you hadn’t noticed, it is the 4th of July weekend.

    Don’t you have some fireworks or something to go watch?..

    Whatsa matter your family didn’t like the smell of bananas or horse manure so they kicked you out of the party?

    Can’t blame them, no one likes a party pooper……

    You better find a different cologne on one of your adventures.

    Your circle of friends and family is getting smaller and smaller…

    All it takes, is one whiff of you and everyone runs for the hills….

    Now go back to your jungle and join the regime for more bananas and horse sh..t in that smelly monkey suit of yours.

    You will do everyone a favor if you just disappear…

  37. Paul Revere no one is trying to hurt Harrisons reputation.

    Those are articles and they state the facts. People read them and make their own decisions.

    Harrison didn’t save any money to the County.

    His work could have been done within the States Attorneys office.

    So WHY did they feel they needed a SPECIAL attorney?

    Wow and you believe a statement made by,of all people, Gary Pack.

  38. Paul,Paul,Paul why are you attacking Duncan and others.

    Name calling is done because you can’t defend the truth.

    I have a feeling Duncan will see all the fireworks she can handle at some point in time and it won’t be sitting in a lawn chair in a park.

    How can anyone sway the opinion of over 9,000 hardcore Harrison supporters.

    All those signatures,over 9,000, will certainly come out and vote for their man.

    Vote Bill Prim

  39. Voter, voter, voter, I simply post and copied your friend’s attack against ME, and only made one change, the name from Paul Revere to Duncan Mchenry.

    Please reread the post on 07/05/2014 at 7:29 pm by Duncan Mchenry.

    In the future, “Please” pay attention or get new reading glasses. Thank you.

  40. I don’t need glasses.

    You deserve what Duncan dished out she didn’t deserve what you copied.

  41. Duncan,Duncan,Duncan



    Please go to bed!

    Nighty Nighty all

  42. lol, Paul. Also, I must note …”Name calling is done because you can’t defend the truth.”… Isn’t that what voter is most famous for? Bazinga says it all. Really folks!

  43. Everyone, go out and enjoy the parade today.

    Support Bill Prim for the next Sheriff of McHenry County !!!!!!!!!!!!

    See ya there.

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