Comments from McHenry County Right to Carry Group on Target’s Announcement

A statement from Mickey Schuch, President, McHenry County Right To Carry Association:

Mickey Schuck

Mickey Schuck

In regards to the statement issued by Target Corporation this week asking patrons to not bring firearms to the
stores, we respect the right of any person or organization to impose restrictions on their property, but wish to point out some facts that are not so obvious to some.

First, we do not condone or recommend visiting a public place like a superstore while carrying a long gun on your back.

The only purpose of this is sensationalizing ones’ position on gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Most of the pictures I have seen show these folks carrying guns completely unloaded, which negates any point of having it in ones possession except to say “look what I can do.”

This behavior goes against the very nature of common sense and good citizenship. Just because something is legal does not mean you should do it, this is why you don’t see me at the karaoke bar holding the microphone.

This behavior is abrasive and injurious to our cause.

Do not misunderstand as we are wholly in favor of open and concealed carry.

If you sincere in your convictions we support you.

The struggle these past 30 plus years to regain legal ground to carry firearms was and is to allow what nature has provided all of us at birth, the right to defend our life from predation and violence.

It is not to play soldier and show shoppers at the local market the cool rifle we bought.

There is nothing to gain from offending someone who disagrees by slapping them in the face with poor tact.

Target in Crystal Lake.

Target in Crystal Lake.

One of the opponents of open carry said,” a mom should be able to shop in safety with her kids, without guns in the store.”

I agree with most of this statement.

As a parent I can honestly say I would do anything within my power to protect and preserve the lives of my loved ones.

I have never met a parent who would say otherwise about their own family.

That said it is troubling that a percentage of the public feels that a cute little sticker of a pistol with a line through it will vanquish a criminal before he or she can commit their act.

We have volumes of laws prohibiting all manner of evil, but these laws are broken by a fringe sect of our society and all too often.

If they were unbreakable we would not need police forces.

Personally I have many friends in the law enforcement community and while I would trust my safety to anyone of them, I do not have the luxury of having one or two of them with me and my family at all times, nor do you.

Therein is the problem.

There are in this world dark hearted monsters who choose to live outside of the laws and customs set forth by civilized society.

It is impossible to deny this fact and doing so is exactly how these predators of men prefer you to think. Ultimately every man and woman is responsible for his or her own safety and that of their family.

This is why we are advocates for quality training and the development of awareness, as this will circumvent most violence before it starts.

Law abiding citizens are not the problem here, but rather part of the solution. We need to continue to respect the rights and practices of others while promoting the causes we believe in.

Lastly in any emergency we always teach leaving it up to the professionals. Call the police or fire service if and when you can.

Sometimes that option is not available and that is why we exist (McHenry County Right To Carry Association).

We all have the right to live full lives and to not have them cut short by unprovoked violence against us, but again it is your responsibility to see to it.

Carrying a firearm for self-protection is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

If you are not willing to dedicate time and energy to learning proper and safe practices and also the laws, leave the gun at home.

This particular constitutionally protected right is directly harnessed to a commensurate burden of responsibility.

As I’ve stated before, it is my deepest wish that we all live to be old men and women, never to be visited by violence, never having to raise a hand to another, but if that day ever comes and evil pays a visit to my family I will not mourn that I was unprepared.

It is our duty to provide protection from the wolves. It is your free choice to honor that duty.


Comments from McHenry County Right to Carry Group on Target’s Announcement — 7 Comments

  1. This is an exceptional explanation of concealed carry rights and purpose.

    I don’t own a gun, use a gun, and probably never will, but admire and respect those who are properly trained and motivated to use a gun judiciously.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be boycotting Target from here on out ….

    Hope they go BK!

  3. As of today, it appears that Target’s press release on this issue is not on its website –

    As I recall from recent “news”, Target wants to prohibit the open carry of firearms, even where legal. This will not keep me from shopping at Target.

    I don’t want to see some idiot walking around Target with a deer rifle, shotgun or AR-15.

  4. Nicely written, Mickey.

    Those open carry clowns have done more to set back understanding/tolerance of 2nd amendment rights than Michael Bloomberg.

    They are idiots!


    Ain’t gonna happen and shouldn’t (Target BK).

    Read their statement, respect their point of view.

    They have NOT banned weapons, but rather have ASKED folks not to carry openly in their store.

    Yes, their request can be interpreted to not carry ANY weapons, concealed or otherwise, but since they stop short of demanding or outright banning of weapons, their intent is clear.

    Simply: Idiots Keep Out!

    I support that and I also support the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry.

    The reason it’s called CONCEALED carry is because it’s supposed to be concealed.

    Some people are fearful of guns and always will be.

    That fear is not necessarily irrational.

    It is what it is.

    Get your CCW permit and carry concealed to your hearts content in Target.

    Just be cool and don’t display it.

    If you feel you have to display it wherever you go, perhaps you don’t need a CCW permit but would be better off with a penis enhancement

  5. Great article.

    As we all want the freedom of our own rights as we believe………we must remember the rights of others as they believe and their freedom to do so.

    I believe in the right to carry but not the right to open carry.

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