Mary McClellan’s Campaign Contributions

Things are a bit slow, so today I’ll let you know who contributed to McHenry County Board member Mary McClellan’s successful campaign for McHenry County Clerk during the first quarter of this year, that is, right before the primary election:

Here are the ones over $150:

Mary McClellan

Mary McClellan

  • $1,500 – Construction and General Laborers, Burr Ridge
  • $1,500 – International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, Countryside
  • $1,000 – Alliance Contractors, Inc. Woodstock
  • $1,000 – McHenry County Building Trades, Crystal Lake
  • $1,000 – Service Employees International Union, Chicago
  • $500 – Intren, Union
  • $300 – International Electrical Workers, Darian
  • $300 – Stephan McClellan, Covington, GA
  • $250 – Kelly Haffner, McHenry
  • $250 – Mike Lesperance, Lakemoor

McClellan had $1,450 in contributions under $150.

There were $5,238 on in-kind contributions:

  • $5,000 – Dan Olsen, Holiday Hills, for computer services
  • $238 – Debby Franks, Marengo, for promotional items communication
The "Double Dipping" side of Mary McClellan's final mailing.

The “Double Dipping” side of Mary McClellan’s final mailing.

McClellan also loaned her campaign $5,000.

She started the year with a bit less than $1,800 and raised $14,050.

McClellan spent $16,593.46 on her campaign after January 1st.

Major expenditures were

  • Lincolnshire’s Pioneer Strategies LLC for two mailings. One cost $5,852.08; the other $3,362.80.
  • $3,597 was spent on yard signs.  They came from A.G.E. Graphics in Hocking, Ohio.
  • $629 of palm cards were printed by Dr. Dons in Glendale, Arizona.
The final tally for McHenry County Clerk in the GOP primary was

The final tally for McHenry County Clerk in the GOP primary was 56.5% to 43.5%.

McClellan defeated fellow District 3 County Board member Nick Provenzano, receiving over 56% of the Republican primary vote.   Her margin of victory was 3,625 votes.


Mary McClellan’s Campaign Contributions — 16 Comments

  1. $238 – Debby Franks, Marengo, for promotional items communication

    Is that Jack franks’ wife Debbie?

    How quaint – the Democrat State Rep’s wife giving aid and comfort to the Republican County Clerk nominee.

    Is this an example of what I have heard referred to as, “The McHenry County Combine?”

  2. Good to see that Local 150 will still have a stooge voice in local politics.

  3. Why are you picking on Mary?

    What about Provenzano’s contributions?

    No union money to him?

    I give this story 4 yawns

  4. “…How quaint – the Democrat State Rep’s wife giving aid and comfort to the Republican County Clerk nominee…”

    Mr. O’Neill- you may be surprised to learn that some Americans do not view party divisions in the same fashion that Sunni and Shia Muslims view each other’s beliefs.

  5. I supported Mary McClellan last election.

    I’m sorry I did.

    How does any Republican have a political affiliation with a democratic sham like Franks?

    Any Republican who aligns himself with Franks is either (1) a dolt who doesn’t realize they’re being fooled and played like a fiddle OR (2) They’re a democrat.

    Sadly, I think McClellan is #2.

    She’s no fool.

  6. Lil Debby Franks ….how sweet.

    And how very kind of her to provide in-kind to another Rhino.

  7. Just the same as Jim Harrison saying he is an Independent when he is a Democrat.

    He wants to run as a Republican in the beginning.Changes his mind and decides he won’t win running as a Democrat so he flip flops to run as a Independent. (Remember he asked people to support and give money to the democratic party in his name)

  8. Another deceiver……Mary McClellan running as a Republican but is a

    Jim Harrison running as a Independent but is a


    Tells you a lot about the Democrats.

    They only have a chance to win if they say they are Republican.

    No wonder things are a mess.

  9. We have enjoyed honest elections being conducted in McHenry County.

    Read that in the past tense.

    Better crank out poll watchers for elections during the next four years!!

    Prediction: McClellan will be a useful tool for the Madigan machine.

  10. The union contributions are very troubling – Burr Ridge?

    SEIU Chicago? Local 150? Every single polling place needs to be watched VERY closely.

    I was a poll watcher in 2010 and there were poll watchers there that were union from Chicago!

  11. Alarming that Mary McClellan will be bought and paid for by Jack Franks and the unions.

  12. Both Nick Provenzano and Mary McClellan were both excellent and qualified candidates with experienced in how an important function of the county administration works.

    And, as elected Mary McClellan will continue the outstanding job Cathy Schultz has done.

    I must say that I am puzzled by many of your comments when integrity and fairness are more important than simple political affiliation.

    As a matter of fact I would be more concern so see a dye in the wool political operative running the County Clerk’s office rather than a person who can see both side of issues.

    Does it matter who contributed to this none-political function of our government.

    Hey, how about it, why don’t you become an election judge and be part of the process rather than …..


    Directs the County department responsible for issuing licenses, maintaining vital statistics, registration of voters and conducting elections.

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities.

    Responsible for the office that issues County licenses (marriage, motel, liquor, bingo), maintains records and issues certificates of Vital Statistics (birth death, marriage), computes tax extensions and maintains accurate County maps.

    Responsible for the registration of voters and the filing of documents from candidates for Campaign Disclosure Statements and Statements of Economic Interest.

    Responsible for overseeing preparation of County-wide elections including ballots and election supplies.

    Responsible for the hiring, training and certification of election judges.

    Responsible for arranging for employees to tabulate votes and the election night procedures.

    Supervises the preparation of the departmental budget, projecting expenditures and monitoring budget expense.

    Adopts policies and procedures for the County Clerk’s Office operations.

    Reports department activities to the County Board as required.

    Meets with government agency representatives, County Department Heads and the general public as needed.

    Supervisory Responsibilities. Directly manages the Chief Deputy County Clerk who supervises regular employees in the department and 700 to 800 election judges and 50 to 70 employees for tabulating votes.

    Is responsible for the overall direction, co-ordination, and evaluation of this unit.

    Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the County’s policies and applicable laws.

    Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.


    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each primary duty satisfactorily.

    The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

    Education and/or Experience. As may be required.

    Language Skills.

    Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations.

    Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.

    Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers and the general public.

    Mathematical Skills.

    Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area, circumference, and volume. Ability to apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry.

    Reasoning Ability.

    Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.

    Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.

  13. Hey ‘Cautious Voter’ do you live in a dreamy world of make-believe?????

    …..’honest elections in McHenry Co.” ….Geeessshhhh

    Are you Ms. Schultz, our County Clerk, or one of her minions?

  14. “Flat Earth”:

    You sound like you adore being thought of as reasonable and rational.

    Though you make rational arguments to desire to have an effective administrator, your loquacious comment reveals really that you are a democrat.

    The reality is, anyone interested in “reaching across the aisle” is a democrat wanting republican support.

    Democrats NEVER reach across the aisle.

    That term is code as was your drivel that you actually believe to be a fair minded argument.

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