Bill Prim Primary Campaign Contributions

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

I’m behind on reporting campaign contributions for Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim.

From January 1st through March 31st, losing candidate Andy Zinke raised $38,625.

This article will lay out what Prim raised during the quarter in which he won the GOP Primary Election.

  • $5,000 – Bulk Lift International, Carpentersville
  • $5,000 – Domek Group, Inc., Crystal Lake
  • $5,000 – Cheryl Rabine, Johnsburg
  • $5,000 – Richard Uihlein, Lake Forest
  • $2,000 – Thomas Merryman, Woodstock
  • $1,100 – Jerome Majewski, Crystal Lake
  • $1,030 – Paul Serwatka, Lakewood
  • $1,000 – Bull Valley Asset Management LLC, Woodstock
  • $1,000 – Robert Gray, Prairie Grove
  • $1,000 – Jeffrey Ladd, Woodstock
  • $1,000 – John Roeser, Barrington
  • $1,000 – Mickey Schuch, Woodstock
  • $1,000 – Citizens to Elect Lou Bianchi, Crystal Lake
  • $891.14 – Skinner Campaign Fund (in-kind, postage and printing)
  • $750 – Law Offices of Robert T. Hanlon, Woodstock
  • $500 – Joe Franzone, Richmond
  • $500 – Designs By Maida, Inc., Rolling Meadows
  • $500 – Heartland Solutions Group, Lake Barrington
  • $350 – Eileen Marhoefer, Crystal Lake
  • $300 – Robert Borchert, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Joseph and Mary Alger, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Duane Benn, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Diane Evertsen, Harvard
  • $250 -Intren, Union
  • $250 – Dale Lewis, Woodstock
  • $250 – David Manner, Johnsburg
  • $250 – Coley Myers, Algonquin
  • $250 – Taxpayers for Andrew Gasser, Fox River Grove
  • $250 -Todd Wilke, Harvard
  • $200 – Michael Smith, Lakewood

In addition, there was a $5,000 loans from Jerome Majewski.


Bill Prim Primary Campaign Contributions — 18 Comments

  1. Huh… so Cal was not just actively promoting Prim on this blog, but he also was a big campaign contributor?


    That, you know, would probably be something that should be disclosed.

    There are reasons that reporters are not supposed to make campaign contributions.

    Of course, Cal isn’t exactly a reporter.

    Not that there were any questions about your biases in that race…

  2. Did you also in-kind all the free advertising you gave him on this blog?

  3. And here come the Harriaon supporters or should I say supporter

    da da da da !!!!!!!!

    Looks like a lot were from citizens who are smart enough to know what an asset Prim will be.

    So Dave why don’t you list all the supporters Harrison has.

    Wouldn’t take long.(you can skip his family members)

    Also you and dentbla can list all the government workers who support Harrison and sponsor events and all the citizens who sponsor events for Harrison.

    Shouldn’t take very long.

    These supporters believe in Prim. Gee they didn’t even have to get paid $2 bucks a signature to get on a ballot.

  4. I’m not a Harrison supporter.

    I can’t stand either candidate.

    Good try though.

  5. Hey Dave. Cal can promote whomever he wants…

    Harrison is old baggage and has direct connections to Nygren and Pack…

    It’s time for them to sweep up the popcorn and leave town…

  6. **Cal can promote whomever he wants**

    Yes, I’m well aware of this, and didn’t say or imply otherwise.

    Again, good try.

  7. Voter, why are you picking on me?

    Is your name on this list of donors?

    Also, you should proof read before you post.

    We the people elected Bill Prim to be our next sheriff! It bothers me to see all the Zinke (old regime politicians) supporters beating their chests.

    We the people need to continue cleaning house!

  8. **We the people elected Bill Prim to be our next sheriff**

    Actually, no, you didn’t.

    You elected Bill Prim to be the Republican candidate for Sheriff.

  9. Good point Dave, thanks for correcting me.

    I would say that it will be very hard for the republican candidate to lose in this county…but I also thought it would be impossible for Zinke to totally blow the opportunity that was handed to him.

  10. It’s no secret, Harrison does have some Democrats supporting him.

    And some Republicans.

    And some Libertarians.

    And some Greens.

    And some people who never joined any party.

    May be that explains why he is an independent?

    So he can put the people’s business ahead of politics.

    Let’s get both the guys up on a stage debating and ask them.

    I got lots of questions for both.

  11. Sorry Joe, You are not able to ask any questions yourself……I thought that was the case between Prim and Zinke…..not so, they had preplanned questions.

    Harrison is a Democrat through and through. Also he has NO experience ( I know…7 yrs. 6 mos.) with the Sheriff’s Dept…….also, Nygren- Pack association.

    Harrison is a lawyer who will dance around the truth anyway…he will probably think he’s in court.

    As a lawyer, he would be great…a Sheriff, NO….

    My first question would be “Why didn’t you run as a Democrat ?”, but I already know why………because you can’t win as a Democrat…..

    Second question “Why did you want to run as a Republican with Prim and Zinke…and then back out?”

    You could have been FOR the people in both instances….

    I don’t buy it………….

  12. Happy Trails-

    You are right!

    None of my questions were chosen at in the P and Z debate.

    And I was the only one who wanted details from both of them.

    The answer is more debates, lot’s of them.

    One in every township, a live interview with both candidates by the editors and reporters from the NW Herald and let’s hold Harrison to his promise to debate on the Joe Walsh Radio Show too. The more we all know the better!

  13. Harrison only wants uncontrolled debates to feed his litigator ego.

    Harrison the trained debater, the honcho lawyer.

    Vote Prim

  14. Happy Trails I’m glad you brought up Harrison “dancing around the truth”

    Here is one example of ” a dance with Harrison”

    Harrison stated in his Resume that in 1989 and I am quoting Harrison:

    ” In 1989 My career as a Deputy Sheriff came to a close when injuries I sustained in a squad car accident changed the direction of my life”

    Who is kidding who here….Harrison did have an accident and had a workman’s compensation case.

    Everyone does this but all a workman’s comp case is you get money while you are unable to work and then you decide on a settlement and you can go back to work.

    One does not have anything to do with the other.When you are better you go back to work.
    Harrison makes it sound like his career was ended but then how come he went right into law school in a short period of time and graduated from law school just 2 years later.

    He stated himself “During my recuperation I resigned in order to attend law school.

    If Harrison was so dedicated to the Sheriff’s department why not go back.

    There are many many jobs he could have done and since he continued in his karate and got a black belt his injury couldn’t have been that life changing.

    See how Harrison likes to dance around the truth.He tells part of the truth but not all of the truth. hmmmmmmmm

    If I were Prim I wouldn’t even consider debating Harrison because it is evident that Harrison wouldn’t be debating for the good of the citizens of McHenry County.

    It would be filled with half truth answers.

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