Dem Party Chairman Solicited Petition Passers for Harrison

The following email made it to my inbox.

It is from Mike Bisset, the Democratic Party Chairman in McHenry County.

The Democrats are running no one for countywide office, just as the Democrats ran no one against Dave McSweeney two years ago.

Nevertheless, Mike Madigan’s minions and money were inserted into McSweeney opponent Dee Beaubien’s campaign.

It appears that local Democrats have been helping Jim Harrison.

Dear [first name]

Mike Bissett

Mike Bissett

Jim Harrison is the Independent candidate for Sheriff who is planning to run against Bill Prim, the tea party candidate. We don’t have a Democrat running in this race, but Harrison is a far better choice, if you consider both his experience and his temperament.

The Democratic Party, as an organization, doesn’t help non-Democratic candidates, but Harrison has asked me to let our members know he still needs help this weekend and Monday morning gathering signatures. A few hours of your time could make a difference. He must submit his signatures Monday afternoon.

Anyone who has not circulated petitions for Democratic candidates this year is eligible to circulate petitions for Harrison. If you are interested in helping him, you can contact him at 815-575-4001, or by email at

If you want to find out more about his qualifications before you make any commitment, his website is


Mike Bissett

= = = = =
Bissett is McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen’s husband.


Dem Party Chairman Solicited Petition Passers for Harrison — 21 Comments

  1. Surprise, surprise …….. how much of his own $$ will Harrison dump down the toilet w/ his misbegotten cam-pain?

  2. Last time I checked, Prim never purported himself to be the “tea party candidate.”

    From the looks of his support, it seems to range from all corners of the political spectrum…just spewing the truth.

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill

  3. JH is a Democrat. But he knows running as one in this county would end his chances to be sheriff very quickly. So he ran as an “independent”.

    But I remember when he was very dependent on his buddy Pack to funnel him $2.8 million of taxpayer money.

    JH is just another Pack-Nygren-Zinke clone.

    A vote for that unexperienced blabber mouth is a vote for more of the same wasting of taxpayer dollars.

    JH, Bissett, Yensen, and all the other Obama loving a-holes can move to Cook county, or even better to another country.

  4. Someone once told me ” Lawyers are like Magicians, always something up their sleve”

  5. If Democrats are not supposed to support anyone but a Democrat, why are they supporting Harrison ? Once a Democrat, always a Democrat.

    Anything to win………nice going Harrison…….did you ask the Republicans for help too ? Harrison has more experience and a better temperament…you got to be kidding !!!!!

    What will a flip flopping lawyer do next ?

    What won’t he do to win ?

  6. Bazinga, I’m sure there will be more things coming out of his sleeve…..stay tuned…you can RUN ( for sheriff ), but you can’t hide…… your shenanigans

  7. So much to learn about Jim Harrison. He is a complete lair from the get go.

    He thinks the people of McHenry County are stupid but guess what Jimbo we are not !!!How much money did you make while working for the Nygren/Zinke regime?

    Did you ever give a kick back in money to Nygren/Zinke in your wheeling and dealings.

    I wouldn’t trust you as far as I can throw you. You thought you had a plan going but it is going to slap you in the face at the end of this.

    You are still doing this strictly for free advertisement for your law office.

    Sorry sap you are. Shame on you Jim Harrison.

  8. The person I was referring to when I said “Jimbo” is Harrison not
    Jimbo the blogger.

  9. So did the Democratic Party Chairmen, Mike Bissett get any kick backs from this letter?

    Just asking since Harrison paid people 2 bucks a signature.

  10. Yensen and Bissett as endorsers…

    Run far, far away from that candidate.

    Not because of their party affiliation… because of their character affiliation.

  11. To clarify my last post:

    I did not mean that Mike Bissett was getting any kick backs from Harrison.

    I was referring to Harrison paying people the $2.00 for signatures.

    I was wondering if Harrison was offering the people who went out for the democratic party the same $2.00 per signatures.

    Just wanted to clear up any confusions about my question.

  12. Bill Prim is the one.

    We do not need another democrat in any office.

  13. I’m paraphrasing James Carville paraphrasing Buckley, but you have two goals in an election: to get your guy elected and, if you can’t get your guy in, to make sure their guy doesn’t get elected.

    The local Dems are apparently wise enough to understand this.

  14. Two things:

    1. Are they allowed to do that? I would imagine so.

    2. It makes sense that they’d do that. He is running against a Republican.

  15. The point of being an independent is to be independent.

    Jim has said he will work with anyone who wants to help improve the Sheriff’s Office, regardless of party or ideology.

    Let’s get the debates started.

    The sooner Mr. Prim can expose Harrison as being willing to work with Democrats, and other non-Republicans, to help make the Sheriff’s Office better and explain why that is a bad thing the better!

  16. Cal posted the invite again so you can back track and see what it says.

    It’s going to be a great night at the fund raiser.

    See everyone there.

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