Another Way Around a Higher Minimum Wage

Thanks to Say Anything Blog you have the photo below of a way to get a draft beer in Minnesota at Target Field.

Min Wage Self-Serve Beer
I know there are vending machines from which beer can be obtained in Europe, but this is the first report I have encountered in the United States.

One pays at a central location and then uses a card to activate the beer dispensary.

If the Chicago City Council raises the minimum wage to $13 an hour, look for these machines at sports arenas and fields in the city.

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See the article, “Panera Ready for $10 Minimum Wage.”


Another Way Around a Higher Minimum Wage — 7 Comments

  1. The businessman never loses if the rules are consistent.

    Who cares what mandated taxes or wages or insurance there are because the prices will just go up plus profit?

    Unfortunately for the Illinois legislators there are states which border ours which allow businesses based there to save a significant amount of money and keep lower prices than Illinois businesses.

    Don’t these legislators remember making the run to Wisconsin bars when they still had a drinking age of 18 while we were at 21?

    These laws must be national or businesses who can will move out of this state compounding an already horrible economy.

    Or they will automate and the Chinese manufacturers of these machines will win.

  2. Look for self serve machines at fast food businesses as well.

    Libs, be careful what you wish for!

  3. Did you know that it would cost Walmart shoppers 1¢ per item in the store to pay for a wage increase that would get all Walmart employees off welfare.

  4. Interesting statement ‘Fair Play’. How many Walmart employees are on welfare? I mean, where is your information coming from?

  5. I believe the company that makes those machines is from Crystal Lake.

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