Human Trafficking Coalition of Northern Illinois Meeting July 23rd

Patriots United featured human trafficking at its annual breakfast this spring.



A working group gathered earlier this year.

The second meeting will be held July 23rd at the Office of Administer Justice.

It is located at 1750 Grandstand Place #15, Elgin. (847-844-1100)

The meeting is scheduled for 3.


Human Trafficking Coalition of Northern Illinois Meeting July 23rd — 8 Comments

  1. Oh, great, yet another opportunity for evangelical fundies to preach to you about the evils of pornography under a false pretext.

  2. You know Mark McGuire you are one sick person.

    I hop one day you will not have to experience that scripture.

  3. I sort of agree with Mark.

    What sort of psychopath would support human trafficking?

    That is a group of sordid and evil monsters.

    But what is a group of over-privileged suburbanites “discussing” that evil going to do about those evil monsters?

    This is just grandstanding to make themselves feel good.

    Democrats do this all the time; but I hate it when conservatives do it.

    It’s nothing more than a PR stunt.

  4. You have to wonder if human trafficking just got worse with the influx of illegals down at the border.

  5. Well if republicans care about human trafficking they should give Obama the money for lawyers and judges for the immigrant children at our borders.

    Instead they want to put them on a plane back to where they will be child prostitutes, thugs and more.

  6. The primary purpose of a national government is to establish and protect national borders which is the beginning of protecting any nation’s integrity.

    The current federal government has shown itself willing and capable of ignoring its primary duty and the humans in place actively break their oaths of office on a regular basis.

    The result is human tragedy of a scale not seen outside of third world dictatorships.

    The “save the children” argument for anything in this nation is a proven red herring and designed to pull at the heart strings of the very best of us all.

    It is a shallow evil ploy to tear our eyes from the horrors of the predations of out of control school administrators, public unions, militarized police, controlled state media, oppressive religious fundamentalists, domestic governmental spying, etc…

    In the human trafficking realm the current “crisis” is 100% manufactured by a negligent malicious national government who loathes even the idea of free citizens with rights.

    This is easily prove able by observing the actions of the Justice Department(selective enforcement) and the entire Federal Government(AWOL in their foundational duty to their Citizens).

    There is no party affiliate which is innocent or more guilty.

    There is deep long standing negligence in both parties.

    In a sane nation The People would stop incessantly allowing the political class to divide and conquer but making The People aware has a near zero historical success rate.

    Activating The People against this corruption of governmental purpose takes courage.

    If biting off the tiny part of this corruption which results in human trafficking is the only courage some may muster I applaud their effort, misguided though it may be in attacking the result rather than the causal agents.

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