Jack Franks Fuels Campaign with Chicago Money

Missed during May was Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks invitation to a Downtown Chicago fundraiser.

Jack Frank's invitation to his June 25th fundraiser at Moe's Cantina.

Jack Frank’s invitation to his June 25th fundraiser at Moe’s Cantina.

Headliners for the June 25th West Kinzie Street fundraiser at Moe’s Cantina were

  • Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White
  • Chicago Alderman Ed Burke
  • Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

The price range is clearly above what those in his McHenry County District would be expected to contribute:

The minimum suggested contribution is $500 for Jack Franks' fundraiser.

The minimum suggested contribution is $500 for Jack Franks’ fundraiser. The maximum is $5,000.

Readers probably don’t have $500 to spare, so seeing the invitation a bit late probably won’t do any harm to Franks’ fundraising efforts.


Jack Franks Fuels Campaign with Chicago Money — 10 Comments

  1. Madigan wants McHenry County..his tenicles are here already through Tammy Duckworth and Jack Franks………….

    if Illinois is to survive, we as a county have to stop Franks and the Madigan machine…………

  2. Another reason to vote for Steve Reick.

    A true representative of the people of McHenry County D63.

  3. Bill. your comment is a good idea but Chicago even has tried to get Madigan out.

    A lot of people in the city hate Madigan but he is too powerful.

    If Madigan is for Franks you would be spinning your wheels.

    With Madigans backing, Franks isn’t going anywhere.

    If you could find a way to get them both out you would the peoples hero.

  4. My question would have been ” What are they honoring him for?”

    Vote for Steve !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I believe Mr. Matteson is correct and I suspect that Madigan/Franks’ agenda involves the initiative for both the County chair to be elected at large as well as to reduce the number of county board members.

    Less members are easier to buy and control…

  6. Thanks, but I’ll just duplicate the experience, by hitting a few ‘Buy Here, Pay here’ used car lots on Pulaski.

  7. Until Reick learns a little humility and quits treating volunteers like they are his employees, he is going to be hard to get elected.

    Steve needs to understand he is running for public office.

    To get elected is an honor.

    Jack can out spend Steve on any day but Steve can win with a “boots on the ground” campaign.

    He needs Republican committeemen to work for him with enthusiasm – not just to beat Franks but to be true representative for the people.

    We need a representative instead of the self-serving attitude of Franks who has only one message: “I have never voted for a tax increase” but fails to state he has never found another revenue source he cannot vote for!!

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