Barb Wheeler Wants School Board Members Elected at High Turnout Elections

A press release from State Rep. Barbara Wheeler:

Rep. Wheeler Signs On as Chief Co-Sponsor of Bill to Change Dates for School Board Elections

The judges at the Crystal Lake Park District's Main Beach House were lonely during lunch hour.

Two sets of judges at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach House were lonely during this spring off-year election lunch hour.

CRYSTAL LAKE…..While members of local boards of education are responsible for setting tax rates that comprise the lion’s share of property tax bills, the elections for these individuals occur at times when voter turnout is the lowest.

State Representative Barb Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) hopes to change that with legislation she decided to co-sponsor this week.

House Bill 2926 would change the dates for elections for local and county school board members from the spring elections in odd-numbered years to the general (fall) elections in even numbered years, the same time when large races like President of the United States and Governor take place.

“School board members make significant decisions regarding taxpayer dollars at the local level,” said Wheeler.

“Unfortunately, most people do not know much about their elected school board members and do not even vote in the elections where these people are chosen.”

According to Wheeler, the election code and school code would both be amended to reflect the date changes for school board elections.

“This is common sense legislation that would move these important races to ballots where more people are tuned into the political process,” said Wheeler.


Barb Wheeler Wants School Board Members Elected at High Turnout Elections — 14 Comments

  1. “Unfortunately, most people do not know much about their elected school board members and do not even vote in the elections where these people are chosen.”
    This is sadly the truest statement ever and that’s exactly what the long standing board members want. They thrive on their power and think they are above the law. Time to vote the long standing members out. While we do that there should be term limits for them too.

  2. Barb Wheeler needs a hobby, talk about a complete waste of time.

    If voting for people during a “low turn” out period is wrong, then lets only vote for all items during the Presidential Election cycle.

    I hate it when politians try to “outsmart” me or “do things for my own good.”

    Barb needs to find a hobby or legislation that actual matters.

    I have a few ideas for Barb.

    Term limits, pension reform, and JOB GROWTH…

  3. Actually Barb is on to something.

    Let’s confine elections to every other year – period.

    Might make for a long ballot but it would reduce the costs.

    All offices subject to primary would be run in the spring and the November ballot would include school board, municipal and every four years, townships.

    Just imagine, all of those political operatives may actually have to get a real job in the off-election year!

  4. This is a GREAT idea !!!!

    So great, in fact, the school board members will be infuriated with it.

    They have it scheduled on off elections PRECISELY BECAUSE of the low turn out.

    Thanks, Ms. Wheeler.

    THIS is leadership in which our representative LEADS us as John Q. Public maintains power of the individual vote.

    The other reps….why haven’t you thought of this?

  5. This is a great idea, more loonies turn out in the municipal elections anyway and this would lead to more pro school candidates getting greater exposure.

    Fear drives Tea Baggers and the silent majority will show up and protect the future of our country so people that don’t even have kids in the districts the serve in, people that are no nothing candidates, or people who are only out for their own exposure can’t sink schools condequently property values Bc no one will want to move here if schools aren’t adequately funded.

    Bravo Barb!

  6. Barb Wheeler needs to find a hobby and remove herself from politics.

    Hey Barb, maybe Andy Zinke can find you a job.

    Or better yet, you can grab a shovel and help Andy repair all of holes he dug for himself.

    He might even have an oversized bowl of that famous over buttered popcorn, waiting for you when your’e done…

  7. Duncan, I follow this blog pretty closely.

    There are some real nutballs on it; there are some legitimate thinkers.

    Most are guys like Thorsen or Craver who follow it but rarely comment for fear of reaction.

    You have bridged the gap.

    I agree with you on occasion, disagree with you on others.

    On this issue you show yourself to be an unadulterated IDIOT.

    I am now convinced you are nothing but a partisan anti-Nygren HACK who has at best 2 neurologic synapses to come up with a cogent idea.

    Nygren is a hack too, but you take your hatred TOO FAR.

    I don’t know who you are: but I do know this.

    You are a hateful, useless idiot.

    You are a politico who criticizes but you don’t have a philosophy that you are willing to actually stand UP TO.

    You hate; you don’t support.

    I have no use for you.

    Today, Duncan, you proved to live up to your name. DUNCe.

    I no longer will agree with you, even when I do.

    I will consider such an incidence just a coincidence.

    Sorry, dude.

    You live by HATE.

  8. “Skeptic” when you have lived in the middle of the corruption game, like myself and others than you can judge.

    You are the real “DUNCE” who don’t want to admit that corruption exists in our community, right under the noses of the tax payers.

    You apparently are a a follower of the REGIME…

    Frankly, I don’t care what your opinion of me is.

    Yes, Barb Wheeler should find a hobby.

    In my opinion. Barb wheeler is not part of the solution.

    Remember, she supported Zinke.

    That say’s it all.

  9. Hope you are well, Skeptic….

    I am here smiling…wondering if you mean Craver and I are nutballs Or legit…..either way it’s okay..

  10. Low voter turnout favors special interests.

    In the case of school boards public unions are the special interest and they are smart enough to protect their interests by coming out huge in these off years to vote their people onto the boards.

    Barb is trying to protect the idiot citizens who can’t be bothered to vote in every election from themselves.

    It is a very well intentioned sentiment with solid political reasons which is doomed to failure in Springfield because powerful interests who are well funded with taxpayer dollars will fight this, and win.

    If this gets on a ballot as a referendum public unions will seek out dancing monkeys and other weak sticks who haven’t got a clue how the political game is played and twist them against this dangerous idea to the PTB(powers that be).

    Barb is in the game and swinging hard with solid tries.

    Too bad the game is rigged.


    Nicely done.

    Likely to be fruitless because the poo flinging hatred has never stopped but nicely done nonetheless.

  11. In the meantime concerned citizens – if you can find them- should pack the school board meetings.

    A bad day for them is when parents & taxpayers show up at every meeting demanding they answer to the taxpayers.

    Then get some non union candidate to run.

  12. Barbara Wheeler is giving it all she’s got to get recognition as a newbie State Representative.

    Perhaps the point she should be covering is how to generate voter turn out in every election.

    Or how to educate voters on the school board’s responsibilities to the tax payer.

  13. Barb Wheeler once supported Andy Zinke in his failed campaign for sheriff.

    That will never be forgiven.

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