Park District Real Estate Tax Comparisons

I know it is mid-summer and I forgot to show the comparisons between what McHenry County’s five park districts billed property taxpayers last year and this year.

The Huntley Park District Building.

The Huntley Park District Building.

The word “extension” below is the amount that was billed taxpayers.  Because the tax year is one year behind the calendar year, the 2012 extension is for bills paid in 2013.

The 2013 extension is what was paid this year.

 2012 Extension  2013 Extension  % Change
Park Districts
Barrington Hills $52,392 $46,877 -10.53% McH Co only
Cary $4,319,294 $4,311,122 0.00%
Crystal Lake $6,609,886 $6,817,130 3.14%
Huntley $4,147,501 $3,886,349 -6.30% McH Co only
Marengo $493,115 $479,803 -2.70%
Paul Myers

Paul Myers

Larry Wheeler

Larry Wheeler

Filing for the April 2015 election is December 15-22, 2014.  The first day for passing petitions is September 23th.

In Crystal Lake, the terms of Larry Wheeler, Debbie Gallagher and Paul Myers are up.

Myers led the fight to stabilize the Park District levy in 2012. (I did not go to the 2013 meeting, which led to the 2014 tax increase.)


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  1. Dump the Park Districts!

    If the taxpayers of a municipality or township want a park, build it into the cost the municipality or township – not a separate government entity!

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