Power Plant Opponents Call for Political Action

An email from Oakwood Hills power plant opponents might be of interest to folks.  It follows:

To those that oppose the Oakwood Hills Power Plant:

We have 10 weeks to prepare for the next step in our fight to prevent the approval of the Oakwood Hills Power Plant.

Remember, there are 6 people that will make this huge decision for all of us, and they are the Trustees of Oakwood Hills.

We are working this issue on many fronts, and this email will focus on the most important one: Political Action.

After last Thursday's meeting before the crowd peacefully dispersed.

After last Thursday’s meeting before the crowd peacefully dispersed.

The Oakwood Hills Trustees say they are unable to speak about this issue in public.

However, they still need to understand how the residents of Oakwood Hills feel about this project.

You decide how you want to communicate this message to them; some will put out signs, some will attend events in RED, and some will call/email.

Do what makes you comfortable, be polite, but DO NOT let up on the political pressure!

It has gotten us where we are today.

The elected officials in the surrounding communities can provide us with a public stance on the project.

We are aware that Cary and Prairie Grove have been approached by Northland Power and Enventure Partners, and that to some degree they are (or were) investigating the impacts of supporting the project.  Were you aware of this?

We need your help!  

Please help us get our public officials to tell us where they stand on this critical issue. As far as we know, Prairie Grove, Crystal Lake, and Cary are considering allowing their “gray water” to be used in support of this project’s massive water requirements. We need to know from our public officials if they are with us in the fight to ensure this project does not get built.  We want public statements!!!

We’ve have received strong support from IL

  • Representative David McSweeney and
  • Senator Dan Duffy.  

We’re looking for additional, more local, representatives to add to this list of support.

Please be on the lookout for two additional emails after this: 

  1. Why Elgin’s and Minooka’s power plants are nothing like the proposal in Oakwood Hills

  2. To the Village of Oakwood Hills: Threats, Elections, and the open Board position


1)     Oakwood Hills


Prairie Grove:


3)     Cary:


4)     Crystal Lake:


5)     McHenry County:



Power Plant Opponents Call for Political Action — 19 Comments

  1. If you have access to personal emails please do it that way I order to reach them directly

  2. 1. Who will pay the costs of modifying plants, and building the pipelines to transport grey water to the doorstep of this private partnership’s facility?

    2. What route would such pipelines take? What easements would be required, through whose property, and will eminent domain tactics be used to force unwilling homeowners to give up easements?

    3. Who will be financially responsible for maintenance and repairs, and additional expenses on this pipeline and enhanced wastewater management facilities? Taxpayers?

    What water will be used when this grey water is unavailable? What mechanism will force the private partnership to use grey water rather than well water if well water is more economically feasible (more profitable to the partnership)?

    4. We still do not know the amount of water this power plant will be capable of using each day. Three different Enventure reps refused to answer this question (although one engineer speculated it must be 1.5 million divided by 24):

    “How many gallons of water PER HOUR will this 430 megawatt plant use when fully operational? How many operational hours per day are assumed in water-use projections made to Oakwood Hills?”

    5. Why should a landlocked county give away even greywater for free, even if infrastructure does not become a taxpayer burden?
    ALL groundwater in the county is an asset of local homeowners.
    By what logic should a county be eager to give away a precious asset which it will need at some point in the future?
    Greywater is sold for significant prices in California. And their property taxes are less than 1/3 of those in McHenry County.

  3. It was very reassuring to see this on the Saturday, August 2nd, post on the NoPeakerPlant Facebook page:

    “We can be aggressive in our approach, but we can NOT do anything illegal. If anyone is making threats, we fully expect arrests to be made.. We’re looking forward to seeing the arrest reports for these threats so we can be sure to avoid those involved. We want nothing to do with that type of approach at any time during our fight.”

    Hopefully, this message gets out and strengthens the opposition’s stance to their ultimate victory.

  4. I don’t think we want to avoid anyone involved in this..

    This is everyones fight…

    Though, you are right we do not want anything illegal.

    It is fully understandable as to why these people are upset.

    I have been told there were no threats, it was made up.

    If they threatened to have their resignations, then so be it.

    They have the right to do that..

    And, Kudos to the people that asked for the resignations.

    The Board members are there to serve the people, not themselves..

    That fact is, this plan has been in place for several years, and the community was just notified a few weeks ago..

    That kind of underhanded sneakiness will not be tolerated by our public officials.

    No one should be ostracized from these proceedings.

  5. Further, there will be no excessive force used by our officers.

    We will not have another “ERIC GARNER” case in McHenry County.

    Everyone, should have cell phones ready to defend the truth, just in case there are more lies and false allegations…

    Transparency, means they are being watched and they will conduct themselves with professional integrity….

    We the people will not tolerate a system of false allegations.

    Don’t always assume that an arrest report makes it truthful…

    Gary Gauger, Lou Bianchi and others that have been falsely arrested and prosecuted can attest to that. There are many, many victims of the system.

  6. Amen Duncan.

    Everybody should attend the National night out on August 5th.

    Not sure if Oakwood Hills does this but Cary, Crystal Lake and Prairie Grove do.

    A chance to speak with local officials, take every opportunity!

  7. The board members that supported this plan should have their as..ses paddled.

    My children were never spanked, but this is warranted.

    They’re like a bunch of little kids that don’t know how to stay out of the candy jar.

    The plan for this power plant has been in place for years, and our residents didn’t even know about it…

    You bet they should resign.

  8. It was always my understanding that “grey water” could not legally be diverted in McHenry County – at least not residential.

    Was I wrong on that?

  9. CU, they don’t want YOU using YOUR gray water to irrigate YOUR lawn, but I’ve heard that there are some golf courses using gray water.

    This would be piped to the plant at the expense of the developer LOL.

    The kicker is that the Oakwood Hills PUD ordinance basically states that once the development is approved they can do whatever is necessary to complete the project, they have said they are going to dig the deep well, in case they need it (they will).

    Why will they pay to buy ROW and install miles of sewer line when they already have the water they need? (they won’t)

    They’ve dangled the carrot of repaving roads after the sewer lines are installed to buy the silence of neighboring towns elected officials.

    Just one more story they’re telling and they’ve told a bunch of …..stories

  10. First of all the conglomerate of these wishful thinkers and energuspeculators must think as they can just run rough-shot over all of us here in McHenry County.

    If one take a scant look at Enventure Partners LLC and Northland at the internet you find that they appear to be made up of Bazilian and Canadien based financial entities who think they can plop down any profit generating plant wherever they please, and anywhere in the world.

    As we supposedly are shutting down our old and dirty coal fired power plants here in Illinois and elsewhere and with intention of installing more environmental acceptable electrical generating plants.

    I ask myself, So why would we want to build brand new plants at different locations when at these old coal fired power plants have everything in place to distribute the generated electricity?

    Instead of using dirty boiler they just have to tear down the old boilers and put in these new clean gas drive turbines.

    I can even suggest several plants in the vicinity like in Lemont, Chicago and Waukegan.

    Also, based on the fictitious data presented over how much cleaner the Waukegan 7&8 units would be, I would suggest starting the process tomorrow and take a look at

    Secondly, according to the presented information and I am sure they did not make a mathematical error when they would sink two wells a 1380 feet and deeper than Cary’s three deepest wells.

    They would be pumping 2,200 gals per minutes and just multiplying 60 and 24 for twenty four hours we get 3,168,000 gallons not the 1,500,000 gallons presented.

    The reason for talking about “grey” water is so they instead has a place to dump the still quite hot process water back to the different treatment plant, not treating “grey” water.

    Third, would the hooked up treatment plants be able to handle addition 3 million gallons of water into their process?

    Fourth, I have not seen that these people has done and air pollution studies as it pertain to the EPA based AEROMOD and CALPUFF modeling and data collection and its impact on nearby residents and schools.

    And I just have got started.

  11. Sure does smell FUNKy. Flat earth I have to tell you they won’t be returning the millions of gallons per day back to the treatment plant, this super duper co-generation plant will turn that water into steam! Yummy gray water steam in a giant plume falling back to earth and freezing in the winter

  12. Really nice job, all you super sleuths out there.

    Turns out all the “elected” officials really are dumb as a bag of hammers.

    Simple folk reading this blog can figure out what a criminal enterprise this is while the people making the big bucks to legislate “for the people” are a bunch of dumb clucks.

    Are you getting angry yet?

  13. Jeff, that probably depends on the weather but I would guess its going to mainly fall southeast of there and in the winter it will cause a lot of freezing, a million or more gallons of water turned to steam from a 185 foot smoke stack.

    What a lovely addition to our community.

    Please help fight this in Crystal Lake

  14. Some individuals have been playing those games “Let’s Make a Deal” because “The Price is Right” for a very long time.

    The tax payers have had enough..

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