County Board Votes to Continue Hiding Audit Results

I was off to a luncheon before the McHenry County Board voted on whether to make public an audit performed by the office of McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer, so I didn’t hear the discussion.

I did get the 14-8 rejection roll call, however.

At issue was an audit of how the Nunda Township Road Commissioner spent a senior services grant to subsidize bus service.

Specifically, the agenda item read,

“Resolution to Waive a Freedom of Information Act Exemption Relating to an Internal¬†Audit of a Senior Services Grant to the Nunda Township Road District”

Those voting to release the audit for public inspection were

  • Diane Evertsen
  • Joe Gottemoller
  • John Hammerand
  • Jim Heisler
  • Ken Koehler
  • Donna Kurtz
  • Nick Provenzano
  • Michael Walkup

Voting to keep the audit secret were

  • Michele Aavang
  • Yvonne Barnes
  • Nick Chirikos
  • Tina Hill
  • John Jung
  • Mary McCann
  • Mary McClellan
  • Anna May Miller
  • Robert Nowak
  • Carolyn Schofield
  • Ersel Schuster
  • Mike Skala
  • Paula Yensen

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More background may be found here.

There is also a bill that passed which will require the posting of audits on county web sites.  I believe it goes into effect on January 1st.

The Northwest Herald’s Keven Craver stayed for this part of the meeting. Read his article here.


County Board Votes to Continue Hiding Audit Results — 16 Comments

  1. The ones that voted against transparency should find a hobby.

    If they can’t be open with the public, then there is no reason for them to be seated as board members..

    Our tax payers have the right to have transparency in government.

  2. Not surprised by the way the votes went.

    VERY disappointed in Ersel.

    She has turned a corner and not for the better.

  3. My question would be WHY these people voted against transparency ?

    What is there to hide?

  4. Doesn’t the fact that it is a Grant give the grantor the right to attach conditions for grant recipient?

    County taxpayers voted on a referendum that was specifically worded as to the use of money collected from that increase in property tax: senior citizens.

    Doesn’t that convey responsibility to the stewards of that money?

    Perhaps a condition of receiving any grant money should be submission of receipts for purchases, and a clawback provision with a 2x penalty in cases of misuse?

  5. So Don Kopsel once again gets away with no accountability, and he has a nice new county job as well.

    It’s still hard for me to believe that there are people in Nunda that will continue to vote for this guy.

    And the new Highway Commissioner covers for him as well by hiring Don’s wife and not releasing this potentially incriminating audit.

    Well done, Nunda voters, well done.

    Could someone please stand up for transparency in Nunda?!

  6. Agree with all of the comments above; Ersel has always been a fence sitter, but wonder what Yvonne Barnes’ reasoning was.

    I always thought she gave a serious look at the issues and this one is puzzling.

  7. Looks like Ersel has an axe to grind since she was defeated and her candidate for Sheriff was defeated.

  8. I, too, am surprised by Ersel ….

    I thought she was one of the good ones!

    Shame on her! ….. and pleasantly surprised by Joe Gottemoler’s vote ….he’s typically a hack.

  9. “My question would be WHY these people voted against transparency ?”

    They’re covering for Don Kopsel.

    If the audit ever sees the light of day, expect to be released sometime after November 4…

    But, you know what?

    I’m happy they’re covering for Don.

    Anyone with a Bronze Star deserves a cushy government position for life.

    If someone has to have these positions, I’d rather see men like Don lapping up the gravy train than the the other members of the county board who have contributed exactly nothing to the world during their adult lives.

  10. Don’t forget the Office of the Public Access Counselor at the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

    Sic them on this.

    File a Request for Review.

  11. If I missed it, I’m sorry, however, what specific exemption/exception did they use to refuse to turn over the info?

  12. That the audit was an internal audit. The FOIA allows that to remain hidden.

    I figure it’s a “protect the guilty” measure.

  13. I have been denied a copy with the same “internal audit” exemption cited. I have appealed the decision because it is clearly an external audit for Nunda Township.

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