Nuns Get to Hand Out Bibles at McHenry County Jail, But Gideons Don’t

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The Aljazzeera America logo.

Yesterday I ran a story about how local Gideons, the free Bible people, have been denied access to distribute Bibles in the McHenry County Jail.

After my story went up, I found one that mentions Bible distribution is allowed by a couple of nuns. They have formed a not-for-profit called the Interfaith Committee for Detained Immigrants.

McHenry  County Jail cell

McHenry County Jail cell

I found it on Aljazzeera America in an article by Naureen Khanabout about the two 80-something nuns’ helping illegal aliens.

Although mainly about Broadvierw, where buses leave taking illegals various places, the story has a Woodstock dateline.

This sentence in the eighth paragraph of caught my attention:

“They bring the prisoners what they can — a pair of eyeglasses, a Bible in their native tongue, perhaps a world map.”

The get religious access because of a 2008 Illinois law.


Nuns Get to Hand Out Bibles at McHenry County Jail, But Gideons Don’t — 4 Comments

  1. So does the law cover them but not the Gideons (if so why), does the law actually cover both and somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or does the law cover them both but somebody at the jail is illegally denying inmates access to something?

    And you’re sure these nuns and Gideons are talking about the same thing–distributing on a cell-to-cell basis?

    You mentioned the Gideons are allowed to drop off Bibles in bulk.

    Are you sure that’s not what the nuns are doing?

    Are you sure the nuns are distributing them to everybody and not just illegal immigrants which is what the Aljazeera story is about?

    Maybe there’s a difference in laws regarding illegal immigrants in jail and citizens in jail and this has nothing to do with Gideons or nuns.

  2. The article says the nuns were rejected in what they wanted to accomplish and got law changed through the legislative process.

    Maybe the Gideons should talk to the nuns.

    Aljazeera has some good articles.

  3. Why don’t these nuns accompany the illegals back to wherever they came from.

    That would be rather nice of them.

    It would also be nice if they prayed that the corruption, mayhem, freeloading, crime, exotic diseases, the jamming of our highways, schools, hospitals, jails and welfare offices would stop.

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