Chris Christensen Asks County Board Members to Represent Him on Oakwood Hills Power Plant Issue

Christensen, Chris looking left talkingCary Grade School Board member (and Republican Precinct Committeeman) Chris Christensen was the first up for public comment at last week’s McHenry County Board meeting.

Christensen revealed that three weeks before he had called Oakwood Hills and been told,

“Hey, you don’t live in Oakwood Hills. Call McHenry County.”

Christensen lives in Lake Killarney east of Oakwood Hills, but outside the village limits in unincorporated McHenry County.

He quickly summarized the concerns he had with the proposed gas-fired power plant:

  • Schools – one within 330 feet, two others within a mile
  • Safety – no fire hydrants
  • Air quality – “Why a 180 foot smoke stack if there is no problem?”
  • Sound – “won’t tell model [used]”
  • Water – use of graywater and aquifer, potential problems with pressurized pipes for graywater.

Christensen noted that Oakwood Hills has closed its government and says it will re-open when “things cool down.”

Two thousand emails have been gathered by opponents, he pointed out.

“This issue isn’t going to cool down. We have no government.”

He said he had asked Village President Melanie Funk to resign.

In response he received a message asking who would

  • finish painting the signs
  • plant the flowers
  • clean the graffiti from the park
  • replace the park benches
  • call the snow plow driver

Christensen said the list sounded more like something a homeowners association president might do.

He pointed out that Funk was elected by 182 people.

He asked County Board members to represent him.

And he did all of this with a three-minute time limit.


Chris Christensen Asks County Board Members to Represent Him on Oakwood Hills Power Plant Issue — 6 Comments

  1. I hope the county board members answered him in the affirmative.

    We know we can’t count on Joe but how about the others?

  2. Real leadership right here by Chris Christensen.

    Cary residents were wise to elect him as a committeeman and as a school board member.

  3. The fact that Melanie Funk lied about the project that was already in process and then denied it, brings viable cause for her resignation.

    If she refuses to resign then the community needs to petition for her resignation.

    She clearly has no place in Oakwood Hills government.

  4. Great job Chris!

    Start training your replacements for the D-26 board, we need your help at MCC.

  5. Ms. Funk has already shown the public the extent she will go to continue her abuse of power.

    The hoax shut down and deception is just the beginning.

    I am glad that the county board was addressed…even though this will never be before the county board for consideration as it is a LOCAL Zoning issue.

    The county board is currently too busy with crazy ideas of regulating boats and RV parking in unincorporated areas….they have to stay “busy” right!?

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