Lakewood Trees Under Second Day Attack

My neighbor's oaks were the "bad" trees attacked this morning.

My neighbor’s oaks were the “bad” trees attacked this morning.

At nine o’clock in the morning Commonwealth Edison’s tree hackers were back at work on the block where we reside on Lake Avenue.

Although branches were being fed into a chipper, ones in front of our house remained untouched.

The lead guy said a chipper on the other side of our lot would get them.

That’s when I noticed trucks had returned for a second pass along the street.

The worker was putting many of the branches he cut into his cherry picker.

The worker was putting many of the branches he cut into his cherry picker.

This time, the cherry picker lifted the worker high enough to get branches above the highest lines.

Previously, the trees above the lines that run between my neighbor’s and our home were trimmed


Lakewood Trees Under Second Day Attack — 9 Comments

  1. This isn’t an attack!

    Don’t call the National Guard!

    ComEd is fighting global warming because, as Reagan said, “Trees cause pollution.”


  2. Particulate matter is defined as pollution by the EPA, and Reagan properly identified pollen as particulate matter, and plants as the source of particulate matter.

    He did this to show how rediculous the environmental wackoes demands had become.

    After 15 years of no measurable increase in the planet’s temperature, Global Warming Hysteria is still the centerpiece of Democratic Party environmental policy.

  3. Don’t I remember that trees produce oxygen and take CO2 out of the atmosphere?


    …Just as president Ronald Reagan said in 1981. “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do,” he opined.

    A little later, environmental scientists ruefully confirmed he was partially right. In hot weather, trees release volatile organic hydrocarbons including terpenes and isoprenes – two molecules linked to photochemical smog. In very hot weather, the production of these begins to accelerate.

    This week Natural Environment Research Council scientists warned that as summer temperatures rise in the UK, the isoprene output from trees could make a small but noticeable contribution to human discomfort.

    Isoprene serves as a catalyst, driving the rate at which sunlight breaks down oxides of nitrogen – mostly from agriculture and cars – to produce atmospheric ozone.

    Ozone is a triple molecule of oxygen.

    High in the stratosphere it is a godsend, screening out cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation.

    But in the lower atmosphere it is a toxin: it causes stinging eyes, prickling nostrils and aggravates severe respiratory problems.

    Statisticians calculate that in August 2003 – the long hot summer that caused an estimated 20,000 deaths in western Europe – more than 500 British deaths could be attributed to ozone pollution.

    But the experts say the trees alone are not the problem.

    The real villain is the motor car.

    Trees soak up carbon dioxide, and respire oxygen, doing far more good than harm.

    And finally, as one forester observed: why worry about a few harmful natural chemicals? In a truly antiseptic world we would all be dead.”

    First, there is nothing wacko about the EPA properly stating that ozone can be created by pollen particulates.

    Regardless, you are the wacko for denying that since the dawn of Industrialization, the globe has steadily grown warmer.

    Second, watch the Cosmos series with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

    He states that many scientists since the 1800’s have said there are grave concerns for emitting an unfettered amount of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    He puts the burden of proof on you not to focus on weather, but climate.

    Effectively, Cal is right, trees take in C02, but oceans do this far more; oceans which have steadily grown warmer over the years, are causing permafrost to melt in the arctic and antarctic ice shelves to break off, like the one that was the size of Manhatten.

    This is not a liberal agenda.

    This is the environment responding to increases in c02 in the atmosphere.

    Where do you think this is coming from? Trees or automobiles/industrialization?

    What do you do to fix this? Invest in sustainable technology.

    There is no excuse for why you would be against this.

    When Americas first began to become technological innovators, we created the science behind the bomb.

    We went to the moon. We have studied stars.

    There is no excuse for why so many millions of Americans would be against innovating in an industry, such as solar, where the Chinese are beating us.

    Alternative energy is the future.

  5. Asplundh has never met a tree it couldn’t kill and they have a lock on every Gov. contract in the country.

    I used to wonder why the EPA has never taken on Asplundh, with say the 50 years of defoliation of thousands of miles of railroad.

    What are they spraying because I’ve never seen a blade of grass on a trafficked rail.

    But I think the answer lies with that $3 B yearly revenue and lots of pals getting abundant campaign donations through the years in D.C.

    EPA picks it’s fights you see.

  6. A tree that looks at God all day

    And lifts her mighty arms to pray.

  7. There have been some amputations and beheadings on Lake Avenue in Lakewood.

  8. The butchers are back.

    You can bet the trees where they live are untouched.

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