Family PAC Cruise Features Allen West

West DuSable Bridge

By coincidence, the Family PAC boat was approaching the DuSable Bridge (named for the first permanent Chicago resident, believed to be from Haiti) when this photograph of former Congressman Allen West was speaking. Sandy Rios is seen sitting.

During the two years after the Tea Party election of 2010, two spokesmen arose.

One was McHenry County Congressman Joe Walsh. (His wife Helene was present; Walsh was on his WIND talk show.)

The other was southeast Florida Congressman Allen West.

(A third member of that class–Bobby Shilling–seeking to return to Congress, was also in attendance.)

West was the star of the Family PAC Cruise on Monday night.

In his talk on the upper deck of the boat, West told the crowd that they were like paratroopers.

Paratroopers infiltrate behind enemy lines to cause problems.

Family Pac 2014 Don Wilson + West

Don Wilson, running for State Senate against Democrat Terry Link, introduces himself to Allen West.

“In Illinois, you are behind enemy lines,” he said.

Curry, Dan

John Curry, running unopposed for Cook County Circuit Court Judge in northwestern Cook County, chats before the cruise.

Ksifich, Larry looking right

Larry Kaifesh, 8th District congressional candidate.

West pointed out that he did not think it a coincidence that community organizer Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals,” was from Chicago.

West recommended conservatives read the book.

(I would point out the strategies are neutral.  They can be used by conservatives as well as radicals.)

He listed plenty of Alinsky acolytes.

Kendall Co Chmn Jessica Bannister

Jessica Bannister, the newly-elected Chairman of the Kendall County Republican Central Committee, attended with her husband Jerry.

Among them, of course, President Barack Obama.

Family PAC 2014 Keith Turner + Bob Grogan

Independent candidate for State Rep. Keith Turner, running in northeastern Lake County, talks with DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan.

“We cannot restore our constitutional democracy unless we restore the family,” he said, recognizing the purpose of the organization to which he was speaking.

Family PAC 2014  John Anthony, Ralpy Rivera Mattherw Proschaska

State Rep. John Anthony, having been appointed to a vacancy covering mainly Grundy and Kendall Counties and won nomination for the fall contest, chats with Pro-Life lobbyist Ralph Rivera. Kendall County Board member Matthew Prochaska can be seen in the background.

The out-of-wedlock percentage went from 6% when President Lyndon Johnson’s War of Poverty began in 1964 to 42%-44% today.

Family PAC 2014 Helene Walsh, Bob Biggins, Tom Morrison

Helene Walsh, former State Rep. Bob Biggins and State Rep. Tom Morrison mingled before the boat left the dock.

The Great Society welfare rules said, “Having fathers in the home was not important.” The rules precluded having a man in the house, if a woman wanted welfare.

Schilling, Bobby looking left Family PAC 2014

Former Congressman Bobby Schilling, seeking to regain his seat in the Quad Cities area, was a sought after destination by many on the Family PAC Cruise.

“Just because you believe in the traditional family does not mean you are a hater,” West said, not being able to dodge the raindrops on his uncovered part of the upper boat deck.

Family PAC 2013 crowd Oberweis, Pullen

In this shot of the crowd on the upper deck of the Family PAC Cruise, I sight State Senator Jim Oberweis, now running against Dick Durbin for U.S. Senator. Oberweis brought treats again.

“Single mothers can be successful, but it’s more difficult.

Schidler, Joe and Table, Family PAC 2014

Joe and Ann Scheidler and Dr. John and Mrs. Mary Jane Hackett sat at the same table.

Taking on the recent surge in unaccompanied immigrant children, he asked, “Where do the children on the South Side of Chicago go to escape crime and violence?”

Family PAC 2013 Pullens = Tom Morrison

Former State Rep. Penny Pullen was accompanied by a contingent from Wheeling Township.   Lisa Smith and Barb Raisanen are to her right.  Penny’s sister Pam Reed is to her left.  State Rep. Tom Morrison is seen on the right.

He reminded the audience of Ronald Reagan’s description of the conservative coalition:

  • Fiscal conservatives
  • National security
  • Social conservatives
Chicago skyline

The Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan was stunning.

“Our better angels are not killing our unborn.”

Chicago skyline with rain clouds Hancock lit 8-11-14

A closer view of the skyscrapers and rain clouds near the Hancock Building.

He referred to “this root of secular religion.”

Schneider, Tim Family PAC 2014

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider was on the Family PAC Cruise.

He wondered what type of a country we were going to leave our children, that values matter.

Family PAC 2014 Demetra DeMonte + Paul Caprio

Family PAC Executive Director Paul Caprio introduced Demetra DeMonte and announced that she was seeking the office of Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

West pointed out that government did not build Chicago, business did.

Trump Tower from Chicago River

After cruising on Lake Michigan, the boat took passengers up the Chicago River past Trump Tower.

He told of not being invited to family and friends’ picnics after he started speaking politically.

Family PAC 2014 family waving from bridge

A family on the Columbus Drive Bridge waved at those on the boat, who waved back.

During his service, he got called all sorts of derogatory names, which he listed. “Porch monkey” was one of them, along with “Uncle Tom,” “too white” and “Oreo.” There were more.

“When the other side is calling me names, I know I’m winning the debate.

“If they are calling you ‘racist,’ you’re winning.

“If you react to it, you’re not fit to be in this fight.”

Family PAC 2014 Crowd 5

Another view of the upper deck boat crowd.  In the foreground on the left is Republican National Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte. On the lower right is Gene Brown from Algonquin.  I see DuPage County State Rep. candidate Heidi Holan at the first full table on the left hand side of the photo.

Returning to the being behind enemy lines theme, West pointed out that the goal of paratroopers is to “cause confusion.”

“We need it here.

“They want to destroy your community.”

Moon Peregrine 8-11-14

After the event, the peregrine moon was hard to get a decent photo of without a tripod. Here’s my attempt.

Others on the cruise for whom I did not get a decent photo included former State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard, the newly-appointed Regional Transportation Authority Chairman; Danielle Rowe, who ran in the GOP Primary Election which David McSweeney won; and Susan Sweeney, Deputy State Central Committeeman of the 9th Congressional District, President of the Republican Women of Park Ridge and Deputy Committeeman of Republicans of Maine Township.


Family PAC Cruise Features Allen West — 7 Comments

  1. I hope they practice what they preach.

    Values for the country would be equal pay for equal work.

    If they want less unwed mothers they should bring up a bill for dna tests for father to get welfare and make the men responsible for creating a life.

    Also didn’t Joe Walsh’s ex wife have to go to court to get child benefits paid by him?

    Sounds like a deadbeat, the kind he likes to criticize.

    Also will they voluntarily raise their taxes to support the children they don’t want aborted but have to be born into a miserable life?

    Will they give children free educations and healthcare?

  2. With more pirates on shore than can be found in the Malacca Straights, I’m surprised at the risk you took sailing in Democrat controlled waters.

    No anti-boarding measures to be found anywhere in the pics.

    You are all lucky to have survived with wallet and purse intact, with the clothes on your backs.

  3. hey karma!

    Are you insinuating that American citizens have less right to a FREE elementary education than the thousands entering our country illegally?

    What is the abortion rate in Honduras?


    Costa Rica?

    El Salvador?

    How many Planned Parenthood Centers located in those countries and supported with U.S. taxpayer money?

  4. Like the analogy of paratroopers from Allen West…

    Paratroopers were used at Normandy, as a way of confusing the enemy so they did not have time to organize


    Operation Tonga was the codename given to the airborne operation undertaken by the British 6th Airborne Division between 5 June and 7 June 1944 as a part of Operation Overlord and the Normandy landings during the Second World War.

  5. Shoot DJ I had no idea Cal would be putting himself in harm’s way like that….
    lucky Cal is not posting from that isolated post off Michigan’s shoreline…

    You know the one….

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