Nygren Retirement Party Scheduled

Retiring McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren is holding a retirement party next month.

The date is September 25th and the place is Donley’s Banquet Hall in unincorporated Union.

The cost information is $60.

A solicitation is made for

  • “a contribution to help celebrate Keith’s special night” and
  • “a congratulatory keepsake letter to include in the Sheriff’s memories book.”

The details are below:

Keith Nygren's retirement party is scheduled for

Keith Nygren’s retirement party is scheduled for


Nygren Retirement Party Scheduled — 20 Comments

  1. A proper sendoff for me, would be a fraternity style paddling of his rear end, through a line of taxpaying property owners, about a city block long.

    47 years on the dole and he wants everyone to throw him a party. Geez!

  2. Would love to see those ” Keepsake Letters ” …

    Someone bought a cow at the 4-H auction and donated it to Sheriff Nygren……wonder if it will end up on the dinner plates……or is he taking it to Florida with him ?

  3. 60 bucks? I would burn 60 bucks before it went to anything having to do with Nygren.

    It will be interesting who shows up.

    Oh Happy, that cow……I herd Zinke was going to present him with it at the celebration.

  4. I think a nice new orange suit, a pair of silver bracelets, and a keepsake book of federal indictments would be a great send off.

  5. “voter” bet a million dollars theres going to be lots of bowls of that famous over buttered popcorn.

    Maybe, even a a flat screen Tv with some of those special editions of “Let’s Make a Deal” because “The Price is Right” Now, they add steak to the menu.

    Funny, thought, Nygren and Zinke already covered the cow part covered.

    After all, Nygren takes up the entire couch in Gordy’s chambers.

    Jimbo orange is his color…

    In fact, Zinke also looks really good in orange…

    Sure hope, they take their posse with them… errr um I mean the terrorists.

    Gosh, can’t wait until they go jingle jangle, while walking down the hall in their new suits.

    Just so you know, they’re going to need some assistance carrying that keepsake book down the halls, as it is already really heavy.

  6. Ha, best joke of the day…..”Over 47 years of distinguished service in Law Enforcement ” .

    Come on, What has he done in the past 15 years, besides hiring his pals Howie Parth, Sedlock, Hiedelman, Greg Pyle,.

    Mr & Mrs Pavlin, Gary Gauger, will you please write a letter to Keith Nygren for his keepsake book.

    Let him know exactly how you and others feel about him.

    Soto’s Law firm should probably be giving good ole Keith a very expensive keep sake gift for the hundred and hundreds thousands of dollar $ that they got from the County for defending Nygren.

    I’m sure some former Deputies will be writing him his good by letters too.

    And when Nygren sits down and writes his thank you cards, I’m sure a few Federal Agents will receive their little thank you notes.

    I would rather give the $60 to the garbage can.

  7. I Would pay the $60 even if my money was down to $1500.00-if that crew wanted me there.

    Probably I would want them to teach me a new word or two and/or find an FBI agent that shows a little how he or she thinks.

  8. This man and his wife are getting 3 big pensions!

    Why should he be sent of off with more?

    Is county time, phones and staff being used to set this party up?

    Just asking.

  9. Come to think of it. I have never been to a Retirement party where they asked you to pay.

    Still making money off the people

  10. Look at the address on the bottom of the flyer.

    The money is going to a sheriffs dept. employee at the sheriffs dept. .

    Obviously she is organizing this on the taxpayer’s dime as usual.

    This guy has been on retirement for years at full pay while in another state.

    This guy is old news.

    Why would anybody give him a dime. His big ego has cost the taxpayers so much money.

  11. What does this say about the County Board of McHenry ?

    Randy Donley, the owner of Donley also hosted and supported other losers …I mean other losers in a political campaign, Randy’s close ties with Nygren while also being a County Board member ?.

    Sounds like something needs to be change

  12. There is no indication that the folks organizing the retirement party are not paying market value for the food and use of the hall.

  13. Cal, Are you going to the party to take more infamous pictures ?

  14. I’ll pass on that, but surely would welcome photos from those in attendance.

  15. What happened to all the money that Nygren had in his campaign chest ?

    Wasn’t it over $100,000 left, during the time when he didn’t run for Sheriff anymore ?

    So what did he spend all that money on then ?…..

    I wonder what the Internal Revenue Service ( I.R.S) would find as damaging evidence if they looked into this ? Just saying, incase if anyone out there knows anyone that might look into this ?. jUST SAYING.

    And this guy wants us to give him another $60 bucks per person to him ?

  16. As long as I know he is retiring in another state that makes me happy.

    Good riddance you’ve done enough damage to this county.

    Take Zinke with you.

  17. You actually mean the Grand Poobah will deign to return to Illinois from his West Florida Palace.

    Wow ……….. will he be giving out autographs?

    Will Fat Al be there or is he still whining about how “Those idiots ruined my dynasty …. what took 30 years to build they ruined in 5 years’ time!”

    Will Zinke get to be his honorary caddy ….. or is Lil Andy in the doghouse for actually losing the race by 65-35% margin (forget what that creature Kathy Schultz said was the official count)

  18. There were virtually no changes on the day I looked at the discovery recount.

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