Dan Duffy Not Surprised by Corruption in Red Light Cameras

Red Light Camera sign in ChiThe premier fighter of red light cameras in the Illinois General Assembly is State Senator Dan Duffy.

Here is his reaction to the Redflex indictments:


Most people in Illinois know the whole red light camera system was developed and implemented using blatant political corrupt practices.

Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy

I have been fighting and pushing red light camera reform legislation for the past five years but President Cullerton and Mayor Rahm Emanual have stopped me at every turn.

These indictments justify my actions and I will not give up the fight to reform or repeal all red light cameras in the state of Illinois.


Dan Duffy Not Surprised by Corruption in Red Light Cameras — 5 Comments

  1. Another money maker for the city that daley got away with.

    Your best bet is to stay off the toll way and stay out of the city.

    If you must go to the city use the train and concealed carry.

    Remember this is Chicago.

    There is no safety in Chicago.

  2. In Illinois, follow the money.

    The following questions need to be asked when projects are being implemented: what is the motivation for a project, does the project benefit the tax payers or the people putting the project in place?

    Our government is about we the people, not we the officials making money off the tax payers.

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