Timing Morning Trip on Randall Road

Stopped on Randall Road at Miller Road light on the morning of Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

Stopped on Randall Road at Miller Road light on the morning of Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

Wednesday, when I hit the stop light at Miller Road, I decided to time how long it took to get to Algonquin Road.

Randall Road the morning of Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

Coming up on the stop light in Lake in the Hills on Randall Road the morning of Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

It was 8:37 AM at Miller Road.

When I got to Algonquin Road, it was 8:40.

Three minutes from Miller to Algonquin Road. (I started at Ackman Road, but didn’t think to check the time. There was no traffic delay, between Ackman and Miller except the traffic light though.)

I hit the left turn light, heading east on what would become Route 62 across Route 31.

It took two lights to get across Route 31.

Total time on Algonquin Road from Randall Road–six minutes.

The McHenry County Department of Transportation is reported doing a makeover of its traffic count on Randall Road. Guess the old numbers weren’t high enough to justify spending $130 million improving the road.

Certainly, there was no problem on Randall Wednesday morning at the end of rush hour.

The opening of the Algonquin Bypass is supposed to take traffic faster through Route 31 by lessening the time for north-south traffic and limiting or prohibiting left turns going south.

Now I have six minute benchmark from Randall to Route 31, I look forward to the opening of the Bypass to see if it lives up to expectations.


Timing Morning Trip on Randall Road — 6 Comments

  1. My personal opinion is that if the Harrison Street light timing was fixed that the Algonquin bypass would not be necessary.

    Poor timing to create unnecessary work.

    As for Randall Road, I never see it as a major problem.

    Worst case it takes me 2 lights to get through at rush hour.

    Better than the 20ish lights going through 31 because the poor timing on Harrison Street.

  2. If the traffic lights were timed better for rush/peak hours it wouldnt take as long or make people rush through certain parts of Randall exceeding the speeds limit.

  3. The governments should coordinate timing the traffic lights.

    What’s the cost of timing traffic lights compared to road construction?

    Timing traffic lights made a big difference on Dundee Road in Wheeling.

  4. Cost of fixing traffic issues to the government is expensive.

    The US Treasury estimates about 1.9 billion gallons annually wasted in traffic.

    That is A LOT of tax revenue that would be lost if traffic were fixed.

    Small fixes at huge costs are the way our government likes to fix traffic to ensure gas taxes are maintained.

  5. When is the Algonquin by-pass supposed to open?

    Looks like its been done for a month or so now; never see any workers when driving by.

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