Dennis Anderson Going to Harvard

A press release from 14th Democratic Party congressional candidate Dennis Anderson:

Jobs Outlook, Campaign Finance Reform and Congressional Priorities Among Key Concerns at Dennis Anderson’s Town Halls Come to the Harvard-Diggins Library on August 19th For His Next Town Hall

Dennis Anderson walked the Milk Day Parade route.

Dennis Anderson walked the Milk Day Parade route.

Please join Dennis Anderson, Candidate for Congress for Illinois’ 14th District, at his next Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, August 19th, from 6:30 – 7:45 PM, at the Harvard-Diggins Library, 900 E. McKinley, Harvard.

After 12 town halls, it’s obvious that voters want to know that their Congressional Representatives are accountable to them—not to big banks and lobbyists.

We need policies that benefit the greatest number of people and those with greater needs, not just those with the biggest lobbying budgets.

Some of the topics most talked about by voters attending our town halls have been the jobs outlook, infrastructure repair, campaign finance reform, tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas, and our dysfunctional congress. What’s on your mind?

Please join us on August 19th with your questions for Dennis. And bring your friends and neighbors—Republicans and Democrats alike. Everyone in the community is welcome. and Democrats alike. Everyone in the community is welcome.


Dennis Anderson Going to Harvard — 7 Comments

  1. Anderson is running for Federal office. Just remember a vote for Federal Reps has no bearing on State Speakers of the House being confirmed.

    But insure it fits neatly in your little world to blame everything on Obama and Democrats.

    God forbid the halo over Hultgren be tarnished.

  2. Hultgren is an empty suit, Frank, I agree with that.

    But Anderson’s platform sounds like one of class warfare and divisiveness, which yes Congressional Dems and BHO embrace.

    The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

  3. I wonder how many votes that clown who walks with Dennis will be responsible for.

  4. At least he is out slinging for a candidate

    And participating in the political system, not slinging mud on a blog.

  5. The choice is clear.

    Hultgren supports minimal government, stronger military, lower taxes, minimal investment in infrastructure and education.

    In contrast Anderson supports more effective government, fair taxes, stronger investment in infrastructure and education, and limits on military actions.

    According to my research the USA has a 16 Trillion $ debt, this is approximately equal to our 16 T $ GDP The ratio = 1:1

    On a personal level this is similar to a person with a 100k$ income, ie GDP, who purchases a 200k$ house, ratio = 1:2…makes sense to me.

    When estimatingb the risk of too much debt one must undestand the debt to wealth ratio. I rarely hear that the total wealth of the USA is ..what ? Household net wealth = 80 Trillion. Add in all other wealth = 150 + Trillion…some estimates are higher.

    This means that our debt to wealth ratio… About 10%…

    So the question is compared to China, or Europe… They have lower wealth, lower GDP, And much more debt to wealth ratio…

    I think the USA needs to step UP our investment in our People, Health, Infrastructure, Education, etc so that we remain competitive in the long term

    Dennis Anderson will support investment in America


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