The Stop Randall Road Robbery Handout — 6 Comments

  1. Great!

    Thanks Cal.

    The site address of the Group is listed on the flier is a wealth of information and provides an easy way to email the Board members (especially those on the Transportation committee)

    If you sign up on the site given there, they will pass along any Dates/Times of board mtgs where bodies showing up in opposition will be Important!!

  2. Mark, this is not surprising-it’s appalling but not surprising with this group.

    They keep saying they “haven’t committed to anything yet” and “we haven’t voted on anything yet”.

    They would like to pass it before we can SEE what’s in it!

    Two County Board members have voted AGAINST Transparency, AND Anna Mae Miller who is

    1)the Algonquin Rd. Commissioners Wife,

    2)Admin. Asst. (one of the highest paid Township employees),

    3)County Board Member and

    4)Transportation Committee member

    has called for a closed meeting WITHOUT most of her fellow Transportation Committee members!!!

    I hope you signed up on VotersInAction so you can be updated on suggestions of what you can do to help stop this over-priced/over-engineered solution to a problem that doesn’t exist! (and also to get dates on meetings etc)

  3. I didn’t hear that Miller was going to be at the meeting with the (three) stakeholders and the consultant.

  4. Maybe the project should go forward with one exception.

    Ms. Miller should foot the entire bill from her personal enormous bank account.

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