Algonquin Bypass Opening Next Week

Hearings on what to do with the intersection of Routes 31 and 62 (Algonquin Road) started after the 1998 primary election.

bypass sign 1State legislators were reduced to spectators by the McHenry County Board, even though State taxpayers were expected to pick up a large part of the cost.  (The County Board did, howver, place the campaign manager of my 1996 opponent, a man from Union, Illinois, on the committee.)

To the surprise of many, the option that had been advanced by Establishment types for years and years–a bridge across the Fox River at Haeger’s Bend–was not recommended.

Bypass sign 2Growth in Lake in the Hills and Huntley west of Route 31 during the 1990’s had changed the traffic pattern from what most older-timers perceived (down Rt. 31, turning left on Rt. 62 and vice versa) to East-West.

The most that could be justified in the way of a new bridge across the Fox ending up at about where the Northwest Herald building was a two-laner.

Bypass sign 3That did not fit the scenario that had been dished out by the NWH and local politicians.

Instead, the final report advised building a new by-pass west of Downtown Algonquin.

Trucks would be forced to go west of the current Route 31 down to Algonquin Road, where, if they wanted to go east, they would have to turn onto Algonquin Road to get through the old intersection.

Signs have recently showed up telling motorists that Monday the new bypass will be open for traffic.

It will be interesting to see how traffic patterns will change.

My memory tells me that the east-west light will be green longer and the north-south light shorter.

The goal is a more efficient intersection.

For the plan to work at its best, however, the Bolz Road Bridge will have to be built south of the McHenry-Kane County line.

Presumably, that will drain some traffic from Algnoquin Road.





Algonquin Bypass Opening Next Week — 3 Comments

  1. Hope that they change the Harrison St. light timing as well.

    I feel that is a major reason the 31/62 intersection is so backed up.

  2. YAY!

    This is actually quite exciting.

    Lets hope it works as intended.

  3. East-west traffic exceeds north-south traffic.

    So why are we building a north-south road?

    Makes no sense.

    The new diamond interchange requires the more travelled road stop twice for the less travelled road.

    Makes no sense.

    All those left turners who stack up as far as the eye can see will now be stacking up on the off-ramp, probably completely filling it during the AM rush, thus blocking the right lane of the new 31.

    Makes no sense.

    Right turners will no longer be able to zoom past the left turners as they do now.

    Makes no sense.

    The west bypass was a dumb idea in 1998 and it’s still a dumb idea in 2014.

    It took 16 years and who knows how many millions to get where we are today.

    How many more years and more millions will it take before we finally get it right?

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