Paula Yensen Handout

Paula Yensen has a piece of literature which appears to be one intended to be handed out door-to-door.

How do I reach that conclusion?

The white circle in Yensen’s head is probably there so that a rubber band can be inserted for hanging it on a door handle.

Yensen lit 2014 walk piece front

The front of Paula Yensen’s palm card touts the amount of door-to-door campaigning she has done to (barely) stay in office, plus undated endorsements from one or more past campaigns.

Here is the back of the palm card:

Yensen lit 2014 walk piece back

While the front of Paula Yensen’s literature stresses the campaign effort she has made (while telling newcomer Republican Michael Rein that he must knock on well over 5,000 doors), the back makes her part in “honest, open government,” keeping property taxes constant and cutting waste.

McHenry County government has received a dismal report card on transparency from the Illinois Policy Institute. (56.4% versus 100% in Kane County).

Yensen is Vice Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee and Chairman of the Management Services Committee.

Both the committee for which she is Vice Chairwoman and the one she chairs refused to share with the public that the Eisenman building on Virginia Street Road was under consideration for purchase for salt storage (reported only on McHenry County Blog and verified here.)

If selected, that would have cut Crystal Lake school and other governmental units’ tax take by about $100,000 a year.  The intended replacement, of course, would have paid no taxes.

Now the Transportation Committee is allowing a secret meeting with “stakeholders” next week on the final suggestions (a summary of which you can only read here) for what to do with the intersection of Randall and Algonquin Roads.


Paula Yensen Handout — 11 Comments

  1. If Yensen is listening, she appears to not be capable of understanding!

    Maybe the white hole means something else?

  2. “You want open, honest government.”

    And yet she was one of the 14 members of the County Board who voted against releasing the Nunda Township audit?

    Cal, how about you reach out to her campaign and ask how they reconcile these two points?

    I patiently await her official statement.

  3. She voted in favor of a prevailing wage ordinance.

    Because the Board voted in the majority against the ordinance (a gesture which causes people to talk about prevailing wage laws but has no other impact) it appears she requested someone come to educate the people of McHenry County on prevailing wage law.





  4. Endorsed by the Northwest Herald.

    Hmmmm Now that says it all….lol…

    Don’t be looking for Paula Yenson to be joining in any boycott of that sorry excuse for a newspaper.

    Gosh, Martin Luther King would be very disappointed…lol..

  5. Hey Paula, do you even know the difference between hearing and listening?

    Ok I will spell it out for you…lol…

    Hearing is the physical ability to take in information and listening is the ability to process what you have heard.

    You must be confused.

    You heard but you did not listen.

  6. She can hardly campaign as a “small government” candidate if she votes for the Randall Road expansion project that will cost $1,200 for every family in McHenry County and over $35 million per mile, and I hope her opponents make that clear to the public.

  7. Re: “She can hardly campaign as a “small government” candidate”

    Why not?

    She is a Democrat following the example set by their supreme leader in D.C.

    Say one thing and do the opposite.

    Keep telling people you are here to support the middle class while you decimate it!!

    Keep telling people you support transparency while you conduct the nation’s business in secret and fire anyone who dates divulge anything!!

  8. Isn’t this the same character that made that video about her own political accomplishments?

    Some it seemed predated my ancient memory of the 60’s.

    At that same time she was pontificating about some Dem. Party award they were giving to her husband for whatever.

    Or am I thinking of some other egocentric Dem. gadfly?

  9. VOTERS BEWARE-the least transparent politicians keep spewing lies, hoping you’re not paying attention.

  10. Obviously the odd aperture is supposed to demonstrate, quite conclusively, that she has an open mind …….. although, since she’s a drudge Demo, it really means she has hole(s)in her head ……… maybe its some kind of orifice into which she receives telepathic commands from her Dear Leader Obama, her Party Chief and quondam bath house-goer.

  11. About that Northworst Herald endorsement ……. isn’t that from a past campaign … did that tendentious ghost-town gazette (who really subscribes , let alone reads that filthy rag these days besides parents who care about prep sports?) already make endorsements for this go-around?

    If it was for some past race, than that’s a bit misleading ………

    I’m actually glad she admitted her NW endorsement which is nothing to crow about …… if the birdbrain understood actual politics, she’d hide that ‘accolade’ …. most sensate, non-zombified voters tend to see that as a big NEGATIVE!

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