Libertarians on Ballot, Green Party Not

Julie Fox in front of the movie theater at Fair Diddley in mid-May.

Julie Fox in front of the movie theater at Fair Diddley in mid-May.

An email from the campaign of Libertarian Party candidate for State Comptroller Julie Fox is down below.

I sighted Fox once in Woodstock and once in Harvard collecting signatures.

Julie Fox at Harvard Milk Day in early June.

Julie Fox at Harvard Milk Day in early June.

Most observers think having the Libertarian Party on the ballot will hurt Republicans, while, if the Green Party had been able to get on the ballot, it would hurt Democrats.

Fox has been in the Fox River Valley for a long time.  She is a CPA and ran for Comptroller when I ran on the Libertarian Party ticket for Govenror in 2002 against Rod Blagojevich and Jim Ryan.

Fox got more votes than any other Libertarian.

The Green Party slate was led by former McHenry County College Board President Scott Summers of Harvard.

Have you heard the wonderful news?

Earlier today (8/22), the Illinois State Board of Election declared our state slate of candidates eligible to appear on the General Election ballot!

Julie and her fellow candidates and activists have spent their very own time and money to survive the frivolous challenge made to our petition signatures.

Despite the uncertainty of our ballot situation, Julie Fox kept the faith and kept campaigning. We already gambled and ordered yard signs, buttons, bumper stickers and literature. Thanks to her faith and the faith of her early supporters, she kept the torch of Liberty lit and held high.

Now she needs YOUR help!

Due to the unethical challenge to the Libertarian place on the ballot, our campaign coffers are very low.

Can you spare a few dollars to help Julie carry the banner of Freedom and Responsibility through the November election?

If you are ready and willing to help Julie carry this fight to the end, please visit our donation page…

Every dollar you donate will be spent to further advance the cause of Liberty across the state of Illinois.

Please help Julie if you can!

She has been fighting the good fight for over 20 years!

Please show your appreciation by donating what you can.

Thank You!

Julie Fox For Illinois Comptroller 2014


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