Nunda Township Road Commissioner Spends $11,000 on Ditch Complaint

Mann ditch 6-13

The ditch Mike Lesperance deepened on Garden Lane.

Shortly after taking office, Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance started digging on easements on Garden Lane and Running Iron Drive.

Mann 6-26-13 letter to Lesperance

Douglas Mann’s letter of objection to Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance.

It was in violation of not one, but two parts of the McHenry County Stormwater Manatement Ordinance.

Mann floding end of 6-14

This is what happened when the rains came the end of June, 2013.

Changing the direction of storm water runoff is not allowed.

Mann flooding end o 6-13 2

Another view of what happened after the June, 2013, deluge.

Lesperance failed to secure the required permits from the County before beginning this work.

In addition no engineering was conducted to see if the major modifications he was making would help ease neighborhood flooding problems.

Over a year has passed and the new Nunda Township Road Commissioner has spent over $11,000 fighting McHenry County in order to avoid following the ordinances.

“If you are fed up with local officials wasting our money because of their lack of understanding of the term ‘fiscal responsibility,’ then call the Nunda Highway Department and tell them enough is enough,” urges Doug Mann, one of those adversely affected.

“Nothing will change until ordinary citizens stand up for their rights and actually take action.

Mann Iron Mike's Moat

Douglas Mann’s sign memorializing the Nunda Township Road Commissioner’s work.

“Once a trial date is set for Mr. Lesperance’s ditch work or ‘Mike’s Moat,’ as it is now called, watch how quickly this $11,000 of your money becomes mere pocket change in regard to what he spends on attorney fees.”


Nunda Township Road Commissioner Spends $11,000 on Ditch Complaint — 3 Comments

  1. Being harassed by him because I complained about a pot hike that took over a year to fix !

    Can’t wait till the next election to vote him out .

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