American Flag Planting Planned in Sun City to Comemorate 9-11

A press release from those in Sun City who will memorialize the 9-11 tragedy next month.

9-11 American Flag Memorial

Del Webb Sun City Huntley opens the 9-11 American Flag Memorial to the public from 9/8/14 through 9/11//14.

These  flags in Sun City commemorated 9-11 last year.

These flags in Sun City commemorated 9-11 last year.

The display of the nearly 3,000 flags are found on the hillside near the lake and fountain on Del Webb Blvd.

TAPS will be played at sunset each evening by members of the Huntley American Legion.

On 9/11 after the sun has set and TAPS are played, a candlelight and prayer vigil will take place.

We look forward to meeting you there.

We are often asked why we do this and our answer is that we must never forget what happened that terrible morning.

Our beloved country was changed forever that day and the threat still remains 13 years later.

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