Bob Anderson Asks Richmond Township Cemetery District about Plans to Merge with Richmond Township

State Rep.Jack Franks passed a quite minor consolidation of governments bill this past session. (See Jack Franks’ Push for Local Governments to Consolidate Allows Two Cemetery Districts to Die.)

Its only potential impact on McHenry County was to allow the merger of township cemetery districts in Richmond and Nunda Townships with their boards’ appointing authorities–the township governments.

Now township abolition crusader Bob Anderson of Wonder Lake has written a letter to Richmond Township Cemetery District Board President Donald May asking him about how his local government plans to deal with the new law:

Dear President Donald May,
On Monday August 18, 2014 Governor Pat Quinn signed House Bill 5785 into law.  House Bill 5785 will allow for the consolidation or the elimination of the Richmond Township Cemetery District.
Has the Richmond Township Cemetery Board taken a position on consolidation or elimination?
It is imperative that the citizens of Illinois work together with their local government officials for the reduction of Illinois’ vast number of the states’ 7,000 local governments, which is 2,100 more than any other state.
House Bill 5785 is a wonderful opportunity for government consolidation or elimination resulting in property tax relief and efficiency.
If I can be of any assistance I can be reached at (w) 815-653-7699 or         (h) 815-653-9865, Email the
 With warm regards,

Bob Anderson

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