Friends of NRA Dinner Tuesday Night

The details of the annual event, this year held September 9th at D’Andrea’s in Crystal Lake, are below:NRA Friends 7-9-14
NRA Friends 7-9 p2NRA Friends 7-9 p3This event is organized by Monica and Rich Young. Proceeds in previous years have gone to help wildlife rehabilitation, among other efforts.


Friends of NRA Dinner Tuesday Night — 4 Comments

  1. My favorite Reagan quote.

    Truer more today than ever, in just a few short years.

  2. When you add up all really fine pro-Second Amendment candidates and politicos stabbed in the back (to mix metaphors a bit) by the NRA, you’d come up w/ more victims than some of the libtard gun-grabbing PACs COMBINED.

    I used to belong and actually go to these gigs ……. then I started researching things.

  3. Watch your back with these two.

    Hijacking a Reagan quote, that’s low.

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