Notes on the Wednesday Oakwood Hills Power Plant Meeting

The Oakwood Hills power plant crowd Wednesday night.

The Oakwood Hills power plant crowd Wednesday night.

Observations by a friend of McHenry County Blog of the Oakwood Hills citzens meeting Wednesday night:

The other side of the Oakwood Hills power plant crowd Wednesday night.

The other side of the Oakwood Hills power plant crowd Wednesday night.

1. Political participants on side of opposition got lots of love tonight from over 300 in attendance.
Message conveyed that if plant gets its zoning approval, will meet opposition at higher levels.

2. The leadership team, Ryan Noonan, Joe Ricciardi and Chris Christensen, is executing flawlessly. They expressed proper gratitude to all helping, including you. Ryan talked money, they seem to be spending money wisely.

3. Results of door to door survey revealed 95% opposed, with 900 respondents (out of 895 polled: 45 no response, 7 pro, all the rest opposed).

4. Attorney Steve Cuda appears to be on top of legal issues and political irregularities at Oakwood Hills village board level. He plans to file a written objection to petition and closing argument, building a written record for zoning board to consider. He was appalled to read that village board had discussed this project in closed session.

5. The crowd asked questions centered around a criminal investigation of village president.

6. Expert witness Bob Abboud has excellent credentials, is good speaker and is personable. He touched on all risk issues.

He made sobering observations on massive water use, plumes radionucleides dispersion in steam release, six miles radius of project impact, one mile blast radius impact from a plant explosion with which he has personal experience, noise heard within a two mile radius, visibility of stacks in downtown Cary, light pollution, and massive air emissions.

7. State Senator Dan Duffy showed up and was greeted with a standing ovation. He has been working hard since first hearing of proposal. He is used to working with unreasonable politicians. “I will do anything within my power to stop this in Senate, if it gets that far.”

8. Ryan Noonan urges all to vote -for anybody running against McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller in the Nov. 4th elections.

9. Nomination petitions for running for Oakwood hills Board will be available September 23rd.


Notes on the Wednesday Oakwood Hills Power Plant Meeting — 5 Comments

  1. Running against Gottemoller are Donald Kopsell and Kathleen Bergan Schmidt.

    Say NO to Joe and everyone else who thinks this power plant is acceptable

  2. I used to work with Cuda, he did a good job in selling you guys some beach front property in Arizona with what you wanted to hear.

    Good Luck!

  3. The number of signs in Oakwood Hills is incredible.

    The community has come together for a common cause…

    They are now comrades in the fight against the power plant….

    You should all be proud of yourselves, as you are an inspiration to everyone.

    And, a great big thanks to all of the leaders, experts, politicians and lawyer who came out to represent the people…..

    This is what it takes.

    The Village President and others have certainly brought viable cause for legal action..

  4. Joe “the Fixer” Goat-emoller is a RINO, R I N O!

    He’ll always take the side he figures he MIGHT be able to get something off of later.

    That old pest and problem-child Virginia “the Psuedo-Environmentalist” Peschke also showed up ….but why????

    She claimed to be for the people once …. but they turned her out when she couldn’t hide her weird allegiances any more to the fatcats and alley rats of the collapsing Jordan Empire.

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