Prim Woodstock Fundraiser

Prim Red Mill signs

Bill Prim has just taken a photo of the Red Mill Tavern sign advertising his fundraiser in this picture.

Last Thursday Bill Prim’s campaign for McHenry County Sheriff held a fundraiser at the Red Mill Inn.

Prim Red Mill smiling

A smiling Bill Prim addressed the crowd. Sandy Salgado, County GOP Chairman, listens in the foreground.

This has been a place frequented by Sheriff’s Deputies since 1966-1970 Sheriff John Carroll bought the place.

Prim Red Mill Hill, Draffkorn, Miller + McClellan

Tina Hill, Sue Draffkorn, Glenda Miller and Mary McClellan chatted at one table.

Now it’s owner is fully on board with the winner of the Republican Primary Election.

Prim Red Mill Bianchi, Reick, Slagado, McCleary

Lou Bianchi, Steve Reick, Sandy Salgado and Mike McCleary braved the sun.

There was evidence of a coming together of the party.

Prim Red Mill Gottemoller + Walkup

McHenry County Board members Joe Gottemoller and Mike Walkup had a discussion.

Most of those on the countywide ballot attended.

Prim Red Mill Rabine, Sr.And one of Andy Zinke’s biggest contributors, Gary Rabine (the father), put a Bill Prim bumper sticker on his vehicle.  Rabine’s son was one of Prim’s biggest contributors and a leader of Prim’s Finance Committee.


Prim Woodstock Fundraiser — 10 Comments

  1. By all the talk that evening,people were excited and looking forward to the vote in November.

    Prim is not only an excellent choice for Sheriff because of his known reputation as a law enforcement leader and his past accomplishments but he is a man who wants the best for everyone in the community.

    A vote for Bill Prim is a vote for the people.

    #Cal almost got me in a picture. l.o.l.

  2. Great evening! I’ll miss all these fun get-togethers and parades!

  3. Don’t forget about the Pig Roast Bazinga !!!!!!!!!!! One thing about Prims parades and events are that it’s like a big family get together.People who are meeting Bill for the first time and people who know and support him all the way.
    Prim is so qualified but most of all He is a good person all around.

  4. Don’t worry Castronovo, K. Marzano and Nelson………a person can only color so fast. l.o.l. But I did hear that Staples has a sale on pea-green yellow

  5. It’s amusing that minds change, depending on which way the wind blows……..
    As usual, great turnout…….Vote Bill Prim in November…..Finally….. “The Right Man”

  6. The time to be transparent about the amount of his Des Plaines police pension is now.

  7. Mark you are so goofy.

    By making such unimportant comments your credibility is going down hill not only by this article but on all you have commented on lately.

  8. Mark, Voter is right put a sock in it!

    Go eat some popcorn or something….lol…

  9. Harrison is questioning Bill Prim’s lack of judgement, but I question your lack of judgement………Memorial Day signatures……$16,250 returned to State’s Attorney…..working for Gary Pack and Keith Nygren…….asking for help for signatures from McHenry County Democrats……asking people to Donate to The McHenry County Democrats on your behalf……..If you want GUILT by ASSOCIATION………..WELL……YOU GOT PLENTY !!!!!!

  10. Harrison questioning Prim’s lack of judgement is laughable!!

    Working and being associated with Pack and being Nygren’s attorney is bad judgement!!

    Being associated with dirty politics for all those years must make an impact on someone.

    If Harris is making a judgement call I think he should examine himself.

    Harrison is really getting desperate….

    Dirty politics coming our way?

    If it is it won’t be from Bill Prim.

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