Sheriff’s Campaign Contributions – Prim Scores Some Zinke Contributors

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

I’ve been remiss at looking at the summer campaign contributions of various candidates and office holders.

Today, we’ll take a look at the McHenry County Sheriff’s race, first at the man who won the McHenry County Sheriff’s Republican Party Primary Election first.

Bill Prim had $3,245.79 at the beginning of July.

He reported receiving $5,525 from April through June. (The election was the third week of March.)

$200 from from Greg Henderson of Cary.

$5,000 was contributed from the Stephens Political Action Committee of Rosemont, a fund closely aligned with the then Republican State Party Chairman Jack Dorgan.

$5,000 came from attorney Jerome Majewski as a loan.

$260 was received as an in-kind contribution from Paul Badofsky for a fundraiser at Coleman’s in Cary.

Expenditures totaled $7,220.

$5,549 was for legal representation in Andy Zinke’s discovery recount. It was paid to attorney Richard Means.

Other large expenditures included

  • $730 for renting the Woodstock VFW Hall for a victory celebration after the recount was completed
  • $400 for a radio spot paid to Woodstock’s Afterglow Creative Services
  • $350 for insurance to the Frisch & Barrett Insurance Agency of Cary

Since July 1st, the following contributions of $1,000 or more have been received by the Prim Campaign:

$2,000 on July 11th from Tom Cooper of Wonder Lake, who retired from Scott Forge about 20 years ago

  • $1,250 from Scott Cabay of Lake in the Hills on July 20th
  • $2,225 from Liberty Outdoor owned by Jack Schaffer on September 2nd
  • $1,000 from Vince Foglia, founder of Sage

Cabay and Foglia were contributors to Zinke’s primary campaign.


Sheriff’s Campaign Contributions – Prim Scores Some Zinke Contributors — 14 Comments

  1. Found an article in the March 12, 2014 Northwest Herald where, during the Republican primary for McHenry County Sheriff, McHenry County UnderSheriff Andrew Zinke stated Bill Prim’s Des Plaines police pension is about $76,000.

    Northwest Herald

    Zinke, Prim at odds over pension

    March 12, 2014

    Prim defeated Zinke in the primary, and now it’s Prim vs Harrison in the general election.

    Prim’s Des Plaines police pension does not cost McHenry County taxpayers a dime as it’s funded by Des Plaines taxpayers.

    Prim has stated he will not participate in a McHenry County Sheriff Police pension.

    Not sure what Jim Harrison’s police pension will be for the time he was employed at the McHenry County

    Sheriff’s department, or if he rolled the amount over to another retirement account.

    Don’t think Harrison is currently drawing a pension for that employment.

    Not sure to what extent Harrison would continue his private law practice if employed as McHenry County Sheriff.

  2. Mark you are not sure to what extent Harrison would continue his private law practice if employed as the Sheriff of McHenry County.

    No one does because he hasn’t bothered to tell anyone.

    Not sure about Harrison’s pension when he was at the Sheriff’s department.

    No one does because he has not been transparent about ANYTHING.

    Now how does that all add up.

    To me it adds up to Harrison not really caring about the people of McHenry County.

    Aside from waving at people in a few parades and having a few booths here and there…..

    Maybe it is just that he is too busy in his law practice to campaign.

    Is he going to be too busy to run the Sheriff’s department if he were to win?

    Is he going to give the department 100% of his time?

    His own supporters are asking him and I am quoting them, ” I hope your signs start to show up so McHenry County can see there is another candidate running for Sheriff” and another said, “Patiently waiting too Jim”

    Doesn’t sound like even his people are getting aggravated.

    So what has Harrison done for his own campaign to inform the people in what 7 months?

    How important is this to Harrison to be Sheriff.

    The people of McHenry County know exactly what Prim stands for because Prim has told them and Prim has been concerned about the people all along.

    Vote Prim in November for a Sheriff for the people.

  3. Sorry that is suppose to read ” Does” sound like his own people are getting aggravated.

  4. You are right. It doesn’t sound like Harrison is too concerned about us.

    He could have done a lot of things for 7 months.

    I’ll go with Prim.

  5. Im glad to see the republican party comming together.

    Its nice to see that the sides are starting to gel.

  6. Yes the Republican is coming together and will always come together.

  7. Now here comes the Harrison’s lies coming out.

    He just said that Bill Prim was illegally putting up signs.

    Harrison as a lawyer you should know better than to lie about someone.

    See folks it just shows he is not the one to vote for.

  8. Not sure what the starting McHenry County Sheriff salary would be for Harrison or Prim.

    Here courtesy of OpentheBooks is current Sheriff Keith Nygren’s McHenry County Sheriff salary history from 2000 – 2013.

    Nygren first became McHenry County Sheriff in 1997.

    2013 – $160,005.82
    2012 – $157,986.98
    2010 – $149,857.88
    2009 – $149,259.32
    2011 – $148,697.76
    2008 – $144,218.16
    2007 – $140,187.50
    2005 – $132,471.13
    2004 – $131,914.42
    2006 – $129,847.96
    2003 – $123,731.43
    2002 – $094,658.20
    2001 – $092,301.20
    2000 – $089,918.42
    Woodstock Advocate speculated in March the starting McHenry County Sheriff salary would be north of $145,000.

    If that were the case, if elected Prim would receive $145,000 McHenry County Sheriff salary + $76,000 Des Plaines Police pension = 221,000.

    Don’t have the time to put in all the disclaimers and speculations on what Harrison’s income might be as Sheriff given his private law practice.

    Also the Northwest Herald had an article that tickets are available for Nygren’s retirement party at Donley’s in Union on Thursday, September 25th.

  9. You are speculating and that doesn’t mean a thing Mark.

    People don’t make a judgement call on what COULD be.

    Someone once said you sounded like a lawyer but which lawyer? Hmmmmmmm

  10. Mark, why continue to beat a dead horse?

    Bill Prim’s DesPlaines pension is not our business and has nothing to do with McHenry County as we
    contribute nothing to it

    Prim will get the Sheriff’s pay and he has said that he will not take the Sheriff’s McHenry pension which will save the citizens money.

    Harrison’s law practice earrings have nothing to do with us as that also is
    non of our business

    Harrison would get the Sheriff’s pay plus the Sheriff’s pension which would cost the tax payers money.

    # the only thing I would be concerned about is that with a law practice would Harrison be able to devote 100% to the Sheriff’s department and to the citizens of our County ?

    Prim would give 100% as he has no other career responsibilities.

  11. Using the $145,000 salary figure the $76,000 pension is 1/2 the $145,000 salary.

    A lower salary would mean the pension is over 1/2 the salary.

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